A Correction

23:11 (11:11 PM) CET

If people had not applied interpretations of my content to their individual lives (and those of others), I would not have known the severely morally erroneous effects misinterpretations of my content could have.

I have not experienced this directly myself. I only say this based on telepathic observations of mine. Like if you need help with this unfortunately I can’t really help you because I am not caught up in it the way you (plural though so I’m sure someone else could help if necessary) could be caught up in it.

I can say some things about it (and that is only from my deserted-island-like point of view):

  1. Sexual Morals
  2. The Concept of Sex in my Personal Volta
  3. The Concept of Sex in the Fangyist Hierarchy
  4. Healthy Social Standards

1. Sexual Morals

In “Volta” I write, amongst other things, about replacing a conventional family life with a polyamorist one. I – though currently I’d advise against forming any (intimate) relationships at all – don’t say much about entry limitations to a polyamorist group. This could have led to a sexual epidemic.

If the “nuclear family” as a strife is being replaced by a strife for polyamory without valuing a limit on the amount of sexual partners, what is socially acceptable in terms of sexual morals could have possibly been changed to a point of no return.

Without my personal input, first impressions of my content do nothing against this potentially existing moral crisis. LilFangs.com could mistakenly be seen as a sex site. The domain name of this site could mistakenly be seen as the same thing.

Polyamory in which the amount of members in a group are limited, I suggested for the intelligent individual to live in an environment in which basically one’s personal choices can be understood better (I will elaborate on this in “3. The Concept of Sex in the Fangyist Hierarchy”).

It was in no way, shape or form written to create a sexual epidemic (in which people increasingly strive to add more partners to their polyamorous relationship). The psychological effects of living a sexual lifestyle one is not naturally designed for – or “that could be driven by peer pressure” to silence the leftist – could be unhealthy. I do not intend to encourage this.

2. The Concept of Sex in my Personal Volta

I was not that serious when I one day suggested, “Let’s just start a sex cult.” My personal Volta would lead to the assembly of a group from which an absolutist order could be established. To deflect political opposition, “sex” would be the stated reason for assembly.

Mistakenly, not knowing the sex was for deflection and not for pornographic entertainment, this could have been correlated with the concept of telepathic sex in the light of “The Inner Crown”. So “Volta is for sex” and not “Volta is for politics”. Not my intention at all. Better than being stuck in a real-life-ever-growing polyamorist relationship, though.

If people need “elaborately proven” facts to believe anything with confidence, how can people have faith in “The Source”?

Think about this.

Then there was this whole thing with instructions for what the scenario should be like, with very strict and distant authoritarianism. This was assuming that the people involved in the execution of the plan are more familiar with authoritarian customs, and could thus maybe even make suggestions to improve the scenario in terms of making it more comfortable to ease in to, rather than the improvement too having to come from me. I am not familiar with authoritarian customs. I am happy that it didn’t go through, especially in combination with the no-limitation-to-Volta-entry. There is an imbalance in the way personal responsibility is seen.

3. The Concept of Sex in the Fangyist Hierarchy

That sex has been mentioned in the same breath as the concept of Fangyism was pure lazy selfishness. When what is seen as obvious to me, others are oblivious to, then their collective obliviousness becomes common sense and they look at me strangely thinking that I’m stupid, it makes me horny as a form of self-defense.

Then there is love relationships are an absolute waste of time and it is better to masturbate when horny than to have sex when horny (if you are not at the top of the pyramid, for my selfishness). I’m guessing (given that masturbation for me with ovaries is satisfying but not relieving enough) that for my potential men not having testicles could make masturbation satisfying enough to live life (“feeling completed”) without a marriage.

4. Healthy Social Standards

We do not see eye to eye on what proper social standards are. I stand by the things I have said in you people’s telepathic Volta, regardless whether that hurts your feelings or not. I believe the way people speak to me telepathically is fucking ridiculous. When I said that “you can all get cancer”, I meant it. The fuck it would be better if the ability to communicate like that would literally be made dead.

Personal attacks are a taboo for healthy social standards. So are stating things as facts while they have not been proven at all. Those are just some examples of principles people don’t uphold anymore. As long as upholding these standards (perhaps amicably (thus that it must be amicable as another standard to uphold though my heart prefers rivalry)) is not a common goal (if they are known by everyone at all, unfortunately I can’t teach that because I am so numb to it that I do it (or humor myself with it) on auto-pilot.

These words could change the way all of my previous content is interpreted.

Watch out for people who use emotional arguments to influence your heart (feelings), because it could lead to you doubting yourself unnecessarily.

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