The Holiday Season Combo 2

01:06 (AM) CET

At first my intention was to completely ignore this to not cause confusion given that I want nothing to do with this shit, but to take away the suspense:

I don’t watch the livestreams (I wouldn’t even know where to find them), but telepathically I heard that “Stacey” is going into labor? And that my help is expected?

This shit makes me so indescribably angry. First of all how the fuck do you “make the rational decision” to get pregnant in the fucking disgusting apocalyptic situation they live in? That is including the plenty of options to commit abortion, mandatory health insurance and all that.

Secondly, regardless if this is planned or not it is your personal responsibility to be prepared for this shit. Anyone can have problems – that I consider “normal” – but this is ridiculous.

The practice of coprophagia (ah I accidentally said “corpophagia” in viddyay) sounds like hell to me, so giving them some groceries for them to start with I considered an acceptable (though that too is doing too much for other people (who speak ill of me)) thing to do. But this pregnancy shit is really not my problem. So much non-self-sufficiency I cannot stomach. I really don’t want to meet these people in person. (I do want to see Hunter set up some project to filter out male Titans only and get them to some place to stay, including food and things for personal hygiene. There too, however, I do not want to be present.)

Really I am so happy that the Volta has not gone according to plan because this amount of drama and non-self-sufficiency would have made me commit suicide. Anyway very bad anti-social of me to not give a fuck about a pregnant woman, but if anyone else (I heard you hypocrites say shit) wants to help them then they are on the 8th floor of the building I live in first door to your left.

04:41 (AM) CET

Hapje = faux -> slapp

05:06 (AM) CET

Hey I don’t hear crying from upstairs so if there’s a dead entity there they should oven it because otherwise there will be maggots. Odd rationality.

13:13 (01:13 PM) CET

Today’s telepathic theme (things I say out loud instead of in non-verbal) is really “faux or not faux”. The scale is as follows:

  1. Faux
  2. Sad
  3. Syntax Error

Accidental imperfection is faux. Conscious imperfection with arrogance or the intend to shame is sad. Imperfection that is so barbaric that I can’t retrace any logic, so much that it is to the observer as well as the subject unclear whether it is accidental or conscious is ranked in the category “syntax error”.

It is not funny as a personal attack, though as an “intellectual” subject it can be embarrassingly funny. It is not to shame people. When someone’s actions rank in the scale of faux, there is a (likely theoretical) lesson for the subject.

15:33 (03:33 PM) CET

I have happily received the 2 grams of “Violator Kush” I ordered.

The Holiday Season Combo I, however, will not consume on recorded camera footage.

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