The Holiday Season Combo

13:45 (01:45 PM) CET


I’ve been living like a nun. If I ever get ambushed I must be ready to counter ambush so I need to speak some. I’ll be making viddyay and given that whatever I’ll say is so impromptu instead of making a note with key points to discuss, I’m writing this blog post instead.

Before I start filming, I will be making glühwein now. It’s part of my Holiday Season Combo. (Not saying “the” for child-friendliness.)

The full Holiday Season Combo consists of the following:

  • Glühwein
  • Magic Truffles
  • Cannabis

I’ve been doing truffles in the past few weeks. Both large dosages (30 grams on my first try) and micro dosages. Truffles and wine as well, though the experts (or “the more experienced user”) advise against that combination.

It is common (aside from having been a sitter once, it is also what more experienced users say) not consume truffles for like a month or at least a few days before the next trip, but the effects have been so medicinal to me that I have been doing them for days in a row.

Because of reasons I want to indirectly vent about in the video I intend to record today, it has been more easy to find moments of true introversion under the influence of truffles. It also became easier for me to speak my mind in those same moments. (Mind you: speaking my mind as in elaborate thoughts in thought (saying “speaking” because my mind is like a café), not chit-chat.)

(As usual with this “pure” concept) not really a picture-for-public-display aesthetic, but I bet the wine will be tasty. 😀
14:17 (02:17 PM) CET

I intend to take my experience with truffles to the next level by combining it with cannabis, so I really hope that I will receive the cannabis I ordered. If I receive it (at all) before the weekend, I will include that in the video. Then there will be footage of me consuming the Holiday Season Combo. Otherwise not.

The true reason why I want to record a video is for saying something about the concept of “The Source”. In my view it has consumed people’s minds excessively. I just want to have said it out loud. The Holiday Season Combo is my way of tuning that shit out.

18:33 (06:33 PM) CET

It is here.

Leaving out the changing of intonation by other entities. Also leaving out the word play that leads to. The telepathic sex cult should really die man I hope people will start to agree with that.

I might still make a part 2 in which I consume The Holiday Season combo if I receive my “Violator” indica strain before the weekend. I could mention how it is scary that it shows that obedience to “The Source” could lead to a “zombie apocalypse”. And that without the great особленний I could have been dead by now.

But anywayy it’s time for GTA. Also best glühwein I’ve ever tasted, by the way. Very soft and sweet. I think I’ll just always make this instead of going for my regular red wine with ice cubes.

Doei x

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