I’ve said this often enough. I’ve mentioned it often enough. I’ve explained it often enough. I will be the last person to leave this building.

If you think that the collapse of a structure is nothing but a fun rollercoaster ride, instead of considering it a reason to feel fear of death all the time: you are dead to me.

Who the fuck makes the ignorant decision to stay in this building during Autumn in 2021 depreciation. If they don’t do this within 24 hours I want them dead.

Locals can find shelter within their own network.

My father is dead to me. Eating popcorn while this building could collapse any moment. Carelessly not doing anything to prevent my death. Father is supposed to protect am I right. =.=

I do not want to see the Titan slavery masochism entertainment shit you people do behind my back.

In my train wagon will be Victor Geskes, Dimitry Sarkozy and Hunter Biden. The first class one in the front.

Victor Geskes (Victishe) will be the first to leave the building for the (*sigh* Titan) evacuation. They must leave first because they will make the structure move so much that I do not want to be moving as well when they are moving. If they still behave like a bunch of kanker autisten then I can still choose to kill myself when they are outside.

When they are outside they can be the first to walk to the train. I will then still be inside the building. I will leave the building when they are inside the train.


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