Telepathic War

I’m starting to get the hang of this. There are a bunch of people (mostly women) actively commanding those who I had once endorsed as potential ideological allies.

They aspire the permanent suppression of my telepathic powers. In such a way that I’d become submissive to them and use them only by their command if ever. I will never give in.

That they employ mostly Fitzgerald to suppress my outgoing expressions is ridiculous. His current diet makes his energy levels the most scarce of all. When I say “his own feces” I don’t mean that he should be eating someone else’s. It is not knowing how to go to a supermarket and then his survival instinct makes him eat his own feces rather than supermarket food or pizza for delivery.

His only (graceful) way out of the apartment he somehow ended up in, to start living a normal life again, is by accepting the resources I have on my couch waiting for him to start putting effort in loading them in. By making the curtain crane. And then travelling to Russia with me paid for by papa Czar.

They reroute my responses to subtext to the wrong people. Reroute it to the right people and it doesn’t lead to fights. =.=

I can easily reach whoever but they keep me from doing that because of my social status of peasant. (I am величайший. That they dare say the opposite makes me want to physically attack them.) One moment they say I’m not worthy of anything and the other moment they address me as if I have all authority in the world and I’m not showing enough leadership initiative.

So “Hunter Biden” is basically held captive by the Dutch and he has been eating nothing but feces for like more than a month, and simultaneously a headline about him is that they want to sell his art (opens in new tab)? And then, worse, this piece of propaganda (the CNN article) is just about how to express classic hate for his art? Should they not be writing about his whereabouts? Maybe trying to find a way to get him home?

Him moving to Russia with me is really the only way for him to live a normal, more private life in which this demonization of him in the media ends.

Meanwhile, papa Czar’s telepathic penis is attached to the lake. It always has been. I learned this recently. Fitzgerald is actively telepathically obstructing his search for me. He keeps saying something about “promiscuous incestuous relationship with her father”, thinking that spending time with my father in person will get me harmed. This while the people Fitzgerald is siding with are actually the ones who want to harm me.

It is a telepathic form of abstinence I was born with. Likely during the police interrogation in 2017, the Dutch (already) discovered this. That was likely when they claimed my telepathy as property of the Dutch government. He (Russian) has then been involved in the interrogation when I was missing. They likely blamed him, then. I did not know that he was my father.

Now, in the name of the Dutch government, they are trying to – given that everyone feels our touch – change the idea of what our touch means. “This is the feeling of love between father and daughter so strong that it is naturally sexually abstinent,” is what they want to change to: “This worthless slut fucks anyone (who I’m then allegedly fucking is who demands telepathic attention from me in that moment).” (They hate my dominance.) They keep trying to change my narrative into that, not realizing that that is impossible because that is not in my character (personality).

They tell my father when and how to use his telepathic penis. Along with that, they tell him to inflict pain on me. In Fitzgerald’s alleged advantage because allegedly I would then never want to get to know my father, but I know that he only does that because he has received that as advice and is told that it is something good, pleasurable and/or rightful. If entire herds of people weren’t telling him to hurt me, he would not be hurting me. I’m striving to make the pain stop, working against the interception of my telepathic messages as a first step.

My father thinks that my fits of rage at home are for him. Fitzgerald thinks they are for himself. They are actually directed at the people who tell them that they are directed at them. It’s funny that of all people Fitzgerald is pleading for having my phone and laptop and such taken away because allegedly I am the one who is spreading disinformation. He doesn’t see that that is self-sabotage.

Do I really need to explain this? He believes in showing love to the public and things like that, not knowing that he is demonized in the media and with that those convinced by that propaganda do not believe in showing love to him. Running for president and things like that are things he should forget about. I am trying to take revenge for the both of us. He doesn’t see that he is helping his enemies. Dude, the Jimmy Kimmel interview… (That wasn’t even him, that was either a deepfake or an actor.) Isn’t it obvious??? They talk so much trash about him.

He is rerouting my telepathic messages to whom the messages are irrelevant. Then they say that my telepathic presence is a problem, while I did not want them to be bothered by it in the first place. Then they get mad at me while they should be getting mad at who has rerouted it to them.

He is bothered by me writing it down here instead of talking about it with him in person. I consider him too dangerously brainwashed to talk to him. His hateful sense of humor directed at me makes me want to strangle him. My confidence about him being very far in the wrong likely makes him want to do the same thing. So no I avoid contact with him to avoid fighting to the deaths of us.

Divide and conquer strategy by the book.

Decisions made, words spoken etc. have an impact on future circumstances. Things I overhear then need to inform person, but that then reaches someone to whom that is irrelevant (someone who has nothing to do with it). To my frustration.

It would be a convenience if people would realize that they should just do exactly as I say. The long-term consequences of their actions makes it inevitable, the way they are rallying up hate (groups against each other with an inevitable climax), so I’m just saying it because I can see it happening, but if people prefer to be stubborn I enjoy my popcorn.

The whole world is waiting for political policy that will never be made. Those who can fix the consequences thereof are only making things worse.

My situation with Vlad is hilarious. There’s “You’re making false promises,” , there’s a ton of messages that have not been received by him, there’s this thing about my father, Fitzgerald, him and I I have half explained to him contextually but not why the whole world basically depends on that (it seems irrelevant to him), but my feelings of bitterness are rerouted to him. Then it’s as if I’m telling him even more irrelevant things. But he reroutes that as an expression of love on his behalf I cringe… I’m not a toy.

A couple of hours into Spetnaz they already started obstructing me reaching you. They don’t want me to side with you. I’m trying to get myself free from them.

If they know they cannot consider the Dutch their allies, then why is my stress over the Dutch government not seen as the same obvious reason? I’m not a criminal. I have disapproved political views. We’re of similar descent.

I’m trying to break the telepathic thought/conversation loops. Another one I caught is I drool over fine Russian men, then I am pained, then they say that I must get Fitzgerald killed, then I say logically yes but strategically no, then they go wildcatty.

They are fine because they are pure logic instead of full of Western thought algorithms. And they are probably handsome. They are trying to kill them. </3 But I need them to prepare the country for my arrival.

Another loop: my “trying to changes fata (by eavesdropping with my sixth sense) self-pity” that is rerouted to my father, then when I say “but there is a solution,” then that gets rerouted. Then he says that he wants me dead. They need to stop both intercepting and rerouting.

Iets zei net “domme hoer” tegen mij, dus wilde ik diegene een bijna dood ervaring (het gevoel daarvan) geven, maar dat is steeds rerouted. =.= Je hoort niet zo tegen en over mij te praten.

Similar to the way I was raised, aggression is used to shape behavior/tame.

I was asking how many people do not understand the concept of controversial ideology. Like are they put on the same diet as my upstairs neighbor? I don’t need to hear an answer. But I do need to finish the question of course god dammit. =.=

Their sexual energy as a concern is funny because I am more in control of behavior. Distance management. Like the perimeter.

The fine men do not receive my Regentesque feelings of affection because of strict papa. On the other side, he is unintentionally encouraging the sexualization of me that is where he should rightfully be strict over.

They receive my inner rage cringing. Attempts are made to get me out of here (so sweet), but that would make Western people go wild with fear. Because of the rage. And the size of the operation. Fitzgerald must just take down his curtains.

I know what you need to know. When I try to tell you that, it is intercepted. Anything else (irrelevant for you, thus) is rerouted to you basically. It is frustrating.

A source of hate is “You can tell me anything,” while I say that it is irrelevant. I don’t like small talk.

Marshall arrived here for “purrechestvovat” (haha the rage). Then papa Czar Technicus pulled the vengeful prank (ill-tempered over music) of making car drive away with all his stuff in it. Человекыs on site injected him with heroine and started the process of radicalizing him into hating me. Thinking ahead he needs to get home or find a place to stay. But he’s happy to be near the source of my energy.

They want to kill him. 🙁 He’s of high value to me. Pure logical reasoning. He is from Russia.

He told my father who to them denies being my father to hide his treacherous double life that he wants to have sex with me (to get me out of here). On the other side there’s the people who deny their sexual interest in me but who want to make me their groupie.

He is amongst the человекыs now. (The allies of my father’s political stranglehold.) Likely feeling outnumbered. He openly expresses not being susceptible to their “your current misery is all her fault” hate indoctrination.

They are holding him for questioning.

His high makes him believe it’s not real that they just instantly arrested him. He’s not thinking about how to get home. Это не есть знаменитость is topic of conversation. =.=

Wanting him to stay safe and unharmed, my sixth sense keeps eavesdropping. But plenty to him is intercepted and rerouted.

He can clear up a lot of the controversy. Forced by Czar to be white supremacist to duck the telepathic successor, Czar not knowing daughter is female of color and how that is possible. Governments involved. Determined to not get home without me. Simultaneously Western civilization want their slave of plagiarism. And Fitzgerald doesn’t take down his curtains and is the one I must travel with. =.=

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