Читайте от нового к старому. Потому что time. Kanker idioten. Given that I’m a verstandelijk gehandicapte toxic bitch: who’s gonna save you now?

“That is not something Dominique Elia would say.” You people better start keeping my name out of your filthy beaks.

My Jew counter has been extraordinarily low since Ben Shapiro left my Side Mind. Keep it that way.

“Apologize, apologize.” NO. GOD DAMN IT. Piss off.

Drool cups mean that together we must shield ourselves from the человекиs.

So I got the Jew punishments because I’m too much любов. Now I’m the горкиest person on the planet so you can stop killing my ovaries now. I’ll have them removed myself once I’ve had my week of rest in Russia.

OH BY THE WAY, I found my Praesens! He turns out to be in the apartment above mine.

Why would I apologize to you people or care about your existence, if I’d be happy if I were the last person alive?

Yes. End the illusion already. I do not god damn love you.

Fitzgerald Rockefeller. Is in Belgium (100 days), a bastard and the son of the president of the United States and so addicted to drugs that he knows my crooked relatives and doesn’t know what being sober is.

I Czarina.

Меня мужчини are going to withdrawals so serious that they must be put in an asylum rather than come anywhere near me.

Who the cancerous fuck are you and how do you know about the existence of my websites and I?

The most abandoned place in the world haha. 0 views. Sterf, kanker idioten.

They’re still my делегация. How’s my live stream?

Yes, Fitzgerald. Your “father” is an elected official. The United States are United. They should be decoupled, though.

Suddenly, just because I’m typing something here on this piece of trash I want archived (this piece of trash online concept is not even half of what I’m capable of), people (again, my god) think that things are different. No: still genocide, still go fuck yourself and still stay the hell away from me. Ad infinitum.

Someone tell the Jews to leave my anus alone. A.k.a. stop practicing witchcraft on me I’m in danger so my energy is powerful you pussy ass idiots.

They want me to feel sorry about the way they feel, but the whole world’s only focus is the telepathic hate cult that does nothing but blurt out falsehoods and double standard nonsense about me. FUXKING DIE YOU KANKER KANKER IDIOTEN.

Flood the Netherlands today.

You’re 100 days late. Use old reference. But even better just commit suicide if you keep falsely accusing me without even listening to my side of the story.


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