A Human Rights Case against the Netherlands

“Start a tribalistic case against the Netherlands, so you can die on your own cross,” has been the overencompassing theme of the past 41 days. That I am obliged to be either molded into something the “leftist church” accepts or be “canceled” in real life (though the behavior that has been tormenting me for the past 41 days is comparable to that of cancellation, so it could be argued that I have already been canceled telepathically), while I know my views are strongly different in such a way that the reason why I’m still allowed in supermarkets is because I avoid socialization.

Unfortunately, I do not have the receipts. But from what I’ve heard telepathically, given that they want me to start a case against my country of birth and that in my daily life I’ve been hearing people telepathically tell me: “The Dutch government doesn’t want you to (…),” while in the context of human rights the government should not be deciding one’s exact individual behavior, especially not telepathically, I think the government of the Netherlands can be held accountable for what I have had to endure in the past 41 days and for what those who believe in the same rights I want to have be defended with this post. Usually, to let the public know something on a scale such that enough people are aware to ensure safety, mainstream forms of (digital) broadcasting are used. In the absurdly illegal situation I live in, however, statistically I see that I’m basically writing to myself (while this is public for a reason), while telepathy confirms that my content is seen on a far larger scale than I have been informed of. So though they might tell you that I have to use Facebook or whatever to make myself heard, you are reading this and therefore this is enough. Given my previous attempts at mainstream broadcasting and how that has been statistically skewed just like my websites, this is the only chance I have regardless.

The Approach

Given that justice for me in this case is not something that can be enforced because (unless you’re God, maybe) the way other people use their telepathy cannot be constrained, I think to consider this a problem solved, those who can find themselves in the strong desire to be free to exercise all constitutional rights should be allowed to do so in an evironment where no one is trying to change or limit that. (To end mental suffering. Given that the masses want to abolish the Constitution.)

My human rights case being a human rights case could be used as a universal starting point for your human rights case. In that way, whatever a tribalistic case is it is not, but it is still a case and one that is growing in urgency.

In this post, I will break down what constitutional rights of mine I consider have been broken in the past 41 days and tell you about what constitutional rights of others I believe have been broken in the past 41 days. I can neither confirm nor deny that the constitutional rights of others have been violated in my name, because I do not have receipts thereof (make sure you’re collecting evidence for yourself if you weren’t already), but I will write down what I think I know based off the past 41 days then you could use that format for your own case (and then perhaps Ben Shapiro could transform that into an official legal format and create a body of laws for the collective that prefers the cocoon of strongly defended constitutional rights) to then defend whatever form of justice you consider suitable for the suffering you are enduring (and then perhaps Hunter Biden could lead the centralization of this international effort, “this” free to his own interpretation of what that encompasses). Given that you are not alone in your suffering, it is safer and more efficient to make this a collective case (the individual to collective aspect thereof my unacknowledged biological father could oversee). Those who I have authorized may authorize others to do things within my spectrum of ideological acceptance.

So, this oversight here will consist of an A-section, which will be my case, and a B-section, which is the outline for your case for which you could use the A-section for universal reference (for the passage of time and the universal truth my testimony of my reality is). This could be used for legal justice through – if I’m correct – the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and/or symbolic justice through (collectively) raising awareness for yourself (not for me please not for me let me stay on the deep web please I’m too fangy for this type of (right-wing lol) “social justice”).

Section A: My Case

In the past 41 days, I have experienced the suffering and illegality of the following things: telepathic psychiatric experiments without consent (including limitations on freedom of thought and freedom of speech) (1), having cameras on the ceiling in my house without my consent (2), economic interference (3) and plagiarism (3).

A1 – Telepathic Psychiatric Experiments without Consent

Given that this is telepathic and therefore I have no official evidence of this having happened, it is hard for me to prove that this officially happened (but perhaps there could be some B-section additions here). It could, similar to my life in 2017 – 2019 be seen as schizophrenia, but I believe that it isn’t. In the past 41 days, I have experienced what I would describe as psychiatric experiments to influence my sexual behavior and my political views.

41 days ago, my brain that comes with the telepathic experience that I call “the Head Cuddle” went from me being able to think to myself freely and exchange thoughts with my biological father and his doppelganger, to (since February 26th, 2021) some social media-like experience where anyone in the world seems to be able to invade my thoughts and make demands on what they want me to think and what they want me to do. It’s like my brain is not my own anymore, worsened by the telepathic psychiatric experiments done to influence my sexual behavior and my political views. I consider this illegal because of the following:

> Violation by the Dutch government for going against the authority I have over my own body (schennis van de wettelijke integriteit van mijn lichaam)

In Dutch law, for participation in any form of experiment, the subject must sign a legal document in which the details (objectives, boundaries, constraints) are broken down and the experiment must come with a “stop-button” kind of option to end the experiment when the subject is feeling too uncomfortable (as a result of the experiment). Because I’ve been hearing: “The Dutch government wants (…),” I assume that the Dutch government is behind the experiment, which is very possible (yet still illegal in the EU) in a socialist country.

In the past 41 days, people seem to have done things in the name of the Dutch government, to telepathically influence my sexual behavior and political views. I have repeatedly asked for them to stop doing that, but they do not stop doing that. Legally speaking, asking once should have been enough. The experimental behavior has, after 41 days, still not been ended (permanently). If I say that I do not want to be touched telepathically and that I do not want to touch certain people telepathically, and if I say that I do not want people to telepathically try to change my beliefs or my attitude towards it, that should be respected. Beyond telepathy already, these are basic human rights. I have the right to say how I want my body to be treated and that must be obeyed. Given that it is not obeyed, this is a violation of the authority I legally have over my own body.

In addition, I have repeatedly verbally made clear that there are three people who are allowed to be in my Side Mind, which is a place in my subconscience where my utmost personal thoughts are, (it used to be a place for one and now, since yesterday, it is a place for three) – my unacknowledged biological father, Ben Shapiro and Hunter Biden – but random people keep invading it while I have not authorized them to. That they try to overrule decisions like this is another violation of my rights. (General human law applied as telepathic law.)

People justify their illegal experimental behavior by saying that my personality is toxic and that I need treatment for that. I may not undergo any form of treatment without having given official legal consent for that. To declare me someone too incompetent to know that psychiatric treatment is needed, still I must then be declared incompetent after a legal case (in which my physical presence is mandatory and I must be informed that it is considered) with authorization in the name of the mayor of Capelle aan den IJssel. Until then, I may not be under any form of psychiatric treatment given that (I can confirm with receipts) I fully freed myself from psychiatry on May 29th, 2020. I do not believe my personality is toxic and given that I do not have a social life and therefore am bothering no one with radiating alleged toxicity on them, regardless of what my personality is, I am in my private cocoon and therefore am bothering no one with it.

> Violation of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of political beliefs (under Article 1 of the Dutch constitution), as well as having undergone verbal abuse

I used to be free to think anything without any repercussions. Having chosen to do nothing about being shunned in real life, I used to be able to freely write and say the things I believe in in my own private quarters, without any repercussions. To be able to do these things without repercussions is what freedom of thought and freedom of speech resemble in this context.

In line with the psychiatrically experimental behavior to influence my views and behaviors, some thoughts and spoken words (of beliefs) of mine now come with the repercussions of telepathic verbal abuse used to change my thoughts and words. “Shut the fuck up,” “Stupid bitch,” “Toxic bitch,” and “Just shoot this bitch,” are examples hereof, when I voice my political beliefs or when I voice my disagreement with what I experience as the telepathic agressors. I feel the victim of a large group of people and defend my freedom of thought and freedom of speech with a language so hurtful that it is supposed to permanently stop them from repeating their patterns of repercussions. I have been pleading for their deaths and genocide as a political and personal standpoint because of this and many other reasons. Because they, after 41 days still, since the beginning have not shown the slightest sign of giving up, I have been advocating for the assassination of those who seem to have been telepathically abusing me for their own sexual pleasure (because they do not stop (spiritual mirror)) and not because the Dutch government has been constraining their freedom of speech inside the Head Cuddle.

A2 – Having Cameras on the Ceiling in my House Without my Consent

That there are hidden cameras in my house is a suspicion that has been confirmed by people, in these 41 days, complaining that I am not being fun in front of the camera or raising awareness on the things I write about and therefore know they read. I illegally reside in Belgium and, if I’m correct, under Belgian law insurance for house fires (and similar kinds of damage) is mandatory and with that my apartment comes with smoke detectors with a smoke alarm. Never before had I seen smoke detectors with a blinking red light on it, and (the light is annoying (at night)) I’m inclined to associate that with a “recording” light, but I have never given consent to be recorded, let alone have that be on some sort of livestream for the whole world to see. From people’s telepathic behavior, I have derived that the cameras are in some way affiliated with the Dutch government.

If the camera has been an initiative of my unacknowledged biological father, that would be something I understand and respect. (I have no receipts. I can’t even prove that the smoke detectors are cameras.) It could be so that because of a misinterpretation of what has happened between my unacknowledged biological father (from whom I telepathically learnt that it is true that the man whose last name I carry is not my biological father like 3 days ago), his doppelganger (absurd height difference) and I in 2017, that in the name of the Dutch government now people are prohibiting us from bonding and that they are enforcing socialism for the camera my unacknowledged biological father could have used to watch over me by himself (thus no global livestream), as well as enforcing socialism for the Head Cuddle. If he would have asked my consent to be the one and only person authorized to oversee my hidden camera footage, I would have accepted (and rejected the idea of making it some kind of global livestream).

> Violation of the right to privacy

Because of what I’ve lived through in 2017 – 2019, I shared information about myself that usually must be kept private. To raise awareness and – with the awareness raised – stop it from continuing to happen (on inhumane psychiatry). That absolutely does not mean that the government would then be authorized to globally spread private information (as disinformation). This is a violation of the right to privacy.

In the past 41 days, I became aware of the severe violation of my right to privacy I feel powerless against. Given that I’ve been living here for far over 365 days, my nudism is well-known enough already for me seeing no incentive to suddenly hide that now that I know that the world is watching. I’ve also been using it to put greater emphasis on my defense of my freedom of thought and my freedom of speech against the telepathic agressors and to connect with those I do like, making the best out of the worst situation. I’d feel like experiencing justice for this here if I could experience real privacy again and if I were given the space to be on camera only when I feel that I’m looking representable (papa (= my unacknowledged biological father who should give me his last name and cadeautjes and cuddles and facilitate getting me out of this shxt help me pls)).

Above all, the illegal telepathic experiment and the camera recordings do not come with holidays or breaks. The past 41 days were mentally exhausting from the start (because of the great ideological differences). The only people I wish to remain in the Head Cuddle – and the acceptance (or appreciation even) of the lack of privacy that comes with that, are those who fully agree with my standpoint and can defend that from their own perspective. (Strategicus (a.k.a. dear unacknowledged biological giant father of mine) could then use section B for entry (or “remainder”) test.)

A3 – Economic Interference & Plagiarism

To free myself from the Dutch government in the most definitive way possible (because of oppressive psychiatry and absurd tax laws), I needed as much money as possible. I’ve been writing books, making music, writing political policies et cetera and branding this with social media marketing, in an attempt to earn enough to be able to move abroad (above sea level (Nieuw Amsterdams Peil)), afford myself a lifestyle that suits me (away from people) and to be able to have elitarian political influence. Given that there is continuous statistical tampering with my digital performance and digital perception, it is being made impossible for me to reach this level.

I am digitally shunned as a result of having gone missing in 2017 in an attempt to escape oppressive psychiatry, while having no patience to consider spending time with people whose intelligence is not comparable to mine as something enjoyable and writing this down on the deep web. Since 2017, people have been pretending that they don’t know anything about me (that I have not gone missing, that I am not more popular on the internet than I have been informed of, that there is no one who is stalking me that hard that they can hear it when I defecate and so on), while I know that after having gone missing, staying on the deep web is enough for me to reach them and that is more comfortable for the form of social anxiety I have gotten from the things I’ve gone through.

The past 41 days of telepathy have confirmed this suspicion of mine, for example because as I’ve been writing this, people have been accusing me of stealing their money while what I do hardly costs me anything and I have never earned anything from it. My statistics have been showing me that people have no interest in buying anything from me and in total (counting out my own purchases) I have never sold more than 5 copies of everything I’ve published in total. So if you people are paying for anything related to me, that means that I am the victim of plagiarism and you are being scammed likely by the Dutch government I try to rid myself of. I cannot confirm this, because I say this based on intuition and telepathy.

41 days ago, from the telepathic experience of severe inability to voice standpoints and defend them, my wish to for the zillionth time want to try to make a decent living, then under the watch of the group of telepathic agressors, has died definitively. The telepathic cancellation mob has left me no choice, given that I hate to entertain barbarians (individuals with no intellectual standards) and my desire for freedom of speech and freedom of thought is so far larger than my desire to be considered “nice” or “socially acceptable” or whatever. I believe that you should die if you do not respect my wish to stop being telepathically called “bitch”, because if you do not respect that wish then the only way to stop hearing that telepathically is if you die. I believe that to create new equal economic opportunity for all there must be genocide. I believe that race is extremely unimportant. Given that it is impossible to openly believe these things and make a living in the current system, it’s an absolute waste of time for me to try.

I am also illegally telepathically held accountable for the handling of the coronavirus “pandemic”. Those who are the publicly acknowledged handlers (the WHO, sections of your national government and such) should be held accountable for the handling of it. If you want to hold me accountable, then you should have publicly acknowledged me in the same way. The symbolical acknowledgement was no legal consent for plagiarism. Plagiarism is illegal and so is economic interference (by the government).

Section B: Your Case

The types of cases we are dealing with, especially because they are mostly telepathic, are extremely historically unique. This comes with some complexity, namely that my case is nothing without your testimony and your case is nothing without my testimony. My testimony is, summarizedly but you can use my other writing (blog posts, books, videos and such also) for reference, section A of this post. You could consider it the receipts I have for you.

Maybe what I will be outlining for you here will be completely unrelatable. I can’t prove that what my intuition tells me has happened to you has happened to you. But if anyone has violated your constitutional rights because of your unique connection to me, you deserve justice for that. Regardless of the way your justice is compensated for, it must stop that (if my intuition is correct) your constitutional rights are violated because of your belief in me.

My suspicion is that the Dutch government is and has been throwing a wedge between us. That they don’t want us to get to know each other – because of the information we possess – and that that is why they are spreading disinformation about me and incentivize people to violate our constitutional rights (and beyond). I will, in this section, list which rights of yours I believe have been violated and then you could – if I’m right about the injustice you are currently or have been living in – fill in the blanks and use section A for further reference. If something that has happened to you does not fit any of my descriptions, you could add a new category, such as section B1.4 or section B4.

A made up example: “B1.1: My freedom of speech has been violated, because I signed up to participate in the experiment mentioned in Section A1 and a bunch of psychiatry people kept close tabs on my behavior inside the Head Cuddle, we were only allowed to use fixed talking points and opinions on those talking points and I have experienced strong repercussions (violation of legal physical integrity) for every time I did not.” (If these things are emotionally difficult to write about, I recommend reading Acknowledging Worthiness and Finding Justice.)

Genocide. I am political oligarchy leader. Haha wor. Everyone who does not have a case like this should ded.

B1 – Violations of freedom of speech and freedom of thought

  1. It seems like the people with access to the Head Cuddle have only a bunch of fixed talking points they may address (my personality, what is wrong about my political standpoints, what is wrong about my career, tribalism (…)), while there should be no limit on what we could discuss and what ideologies are allowed. If you want to talk inside the Head Cuddle about something else or voice an opinion different from the mob’s, you should be able and allowed to. If there is structural prohibition of this, your right to freedom of speech is being violated.
  2. The Head Cuddle mob has been saying that some views expressed inside the Head Cuddle are “too right-wing”. Though just plainly saying that is just an opinion, of they are for you also actively doing things to prevent such views from being expressed, that too is a violation of freedom of speech. The right to political freedom exists under the Dutch constitution and under freedom of thought you are allowed to have any belief. Anything that is done to limit you in this is illegal.
  3. If you are structurally prohibited from expressing love, your right to free speech is being violated.
  4. Freedom of interpretation of my content.

B2 – Violation of the Right to Decide how one’s own Body is Treated

  1. If you have experienced any physical form of torture because of your belief in me, your right to physical integrity is being violated severely.
  2. If you have undergone (forced) psychiatric treatment because of your belief in me, your right to physical integrity is being violated. (If you’re being told that your personality is toxic (because you have right-wing beliefs) and are forced into treatment for that…)
  3. And if you are one of those authorized to be in my Side Mind and you want to be in there as well, you should be free to do so persistently (especially because of the suffering I go through when you don’t).

B3 – Freedom of Association and the Right to Gather

  1. If you publicly want to say that you like anything about me, you should be free to do so without any repercussions. If this is not the case then your right to freedom of association is being violated. (Especially if you can watch me write this and you thus know that I exist and thus do not have to pretend like you don’t know that I exist especially because I already know that would be a lie.)
  2. If you want to meet up with me in person and I have given consent for that and/or if you want to meet up with people with a similar attitude towards me, you should be free and able to, if not your right to freedom of association and your right to gather are being violated.
  3. If I have ever written something about you, that was me writing something about you for the fun of it and is not something written in your name. (It would be quite stupid to think it is written in someone else’s name.) If you wish for me to take it away or to talk about it with me, you should be free to do so.

So now you are going to write down your case as soon as possible, not allowing anyone to give their opinion on what you write. Then you will make sure everyone is aware that you have this case that is intertwined with mine and then you will run away from the severely jealous zombies. This is done well when I am digitally if not physically (not telepathically) informed about this.

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