Alien B3

Today I woke up to a lot less “I’m watching a “one person Big Brother” kind of TV show and am delivering my hateful and toxic commentary straight to the subject’s brain” in my Head Cuddle and I noticed that my biological father had taken control of my Side Mind. Though it’s only fractions of seconds that he uses his truly natural voice, I notice when he manifests other voices (and different hearts in my Side Mind over his own to figure out the truth of my situation), have been telling him often that he should just be his natural self (when it’s calibrated with my intuition which is how I recognize the same person in the multiple people) and I hope that at some point he will. (He’s not the only one forgivably figuratively catfishing me in the Head Cuddle.) At some point he confirmed that he is my biological father and we’ve been having quite a nice day this far.

The nuance is that there are moments where there’s this crescendo of people whining about my personality as they are watching me on my prison cam and then I punish them by taking away their last source of entertainment. I think I get along with my father quite well. I told him from the start that – though the April Fools (or any other day that is not November 1st (given that though he hasn’t mentioned this to me I know he knows when my birthday is because my intuition wildcatty)) thing was a faux pas – I don’t hold any grudges against him for his absence in my life (as long as he doesn’t join the crescendo of whining cancerous idiots who should better just shut the fuck up instead of deliver toxic and offensive commentary) and that I’d (too) consider it difficult to after 24 years make contact with your child who (if my intuition weren’t wildcatty) doesn’t know that you exist.

In this post – if I get to it given that I have some big cooking plans and after that I might be playing some Super Mario Deluxe – I want to (but you’ll sort it out yourselves given that you have nothing better to talk or think about it’s better to then have more mystery to solve than to consume plenty text) first appetize you with some text about bonding with my biological father in the Side Mind and beyond, what I want our relationship to be like and how I see our future and everyone else (no further family) in it (Volta). I love the guidance he gives me.

Then I want to go into perceptions of Head Cuddle, given that everyone’s understanding of reality is different. I’d use three people I’ve been keeping a close eye on throughout these 38 days, as aggregate situation descriptions and pathways to understanding for everyone who has this experience. Starting with my father (I’m saying my father now and by that I will never again mean the monkey) given that the Head Cuddle is not something alien to him and all he needs to know what to do next is a confirmation of his interpretation of my text (and he will stay in my Side Mind until my future (figurative) husband has been educated on how to be a Side Mind). Then there’s my baby (Ben Shapiro) to whom the experience of the Head Cuddle is normal but the path to physical freedom isn’t. Then there’s my (figurative) future husband (Hunter Biden) to whom the experience of the Head Cuddle could be considered a form of schizophrenia and the path to physical freedom is something easily imaginable.

Our perceptions being all different and kept different by the forced shallow topic that is my personality as well as my convictions that no one can change, plus the absurd interpretations the Dutch give to my texts and you for some reason listen to (I’d call that disinformation given their conflict of interest), while the Head Cuddle is, in the light of the mission I give you, the ultimate communication device (when it’s used with decency), creates an alien kind of B3 situation we’re in (though the way I described it in the piece any scenario starts when measures are taken to physically get me to the same location as where my Council members would go). Given the fact that none of us have our convictions and perceptions fully aligned with me (but my father is almost there), that is what has to be fixed before we can get to anything. I didn’t know that we were so not aligned when it comes to what the future of us should be.

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