Enforcing Constitutional Law

What would be the most logical to me (as well) is that the Constitution is a document everyone universally agrees on and universally lives by. But instead, some see it as a document that is “in the way” of the (illegal) things they want to do. Some wish to change the document, others ignore its dictats. Because there is no universal agreement on the content of (globally locally) a constitution or the existence of a constitution at all, while when they were created that type of barbarianism did not exist yet, there is no safety net for those who are constitutionally principled. There’s no “constitutional police” that says: “You people are infringing on the right to free speech. The consequences thereof will be that you (…).” My Iustises may fill in the blank.

Enforcing Constitutional Law

Leftism is – in my Fangyist opinion – a disease in every country in the world. It forces people to think and act in the same ways, overriding the ability people would usually have to follow their hearts. The Christian church, in Western Europe, used to limit people in what they were allowed to think about the Universe – all that is came from God as was written in the Bible (in Latin while the people could not read that, only people working for the church knew what was in the Bible), thinking, researching and/or publishing anything that went beyond that (such as cosmology) was punishable by death. Anything people did that went against the dictats of the church (which weren’t always things that were in the Bible – often just what was convenient for crowd management) came with some form of social punishment. The church and the government used to be unified in one legal body.

The Netherlands was the first Western country that became secular from the Christian church, with a constitution that gave the people rights that had never existed to them before (in their lifetime). Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, the right to (peaceably) assemble and so on were the new principles people were starting to live by. During the Enlightenment, secularism was normalized, free thinking was encouraged and empiricism (the scientific method) was used to define what is true and what is not (in comparison to the church defining that centrally).

Leftists today are showing the exact same oppressive symptoms as the Christian church back in the day. Somehow we went from the freedom and prosperity of the Enlightenment, the reason why “Western culture” is celebrated (or considered a reason for arrogance), to something as innocent as the Cat in the Hat being illegalized by a bunch of radical leftists. It’s like the Christian church, where what you may do and what you may think and such were centrally defined (with a governmental role) and everything that did not fit the central definition was illegal, is back in charge, because leftists and their “cancel culture” are just as fascistic.

What you may think about race (believing that race does not constrain any of someone’s optional capabilities is (some fucking how (being “colorblind”)) illegal), how you must behave in the context of race (“adapting your language” to someone’s race instead of to someone’s intellect is the norm), what convictions are centrally illegal (being against illegal immigration, being against prostitution, being against sodomy (and/or homosexuality even) are things that won’t get you on TV positively ever, so to say) and what deeds may get someone shunned for life are amongst the things that are globally centrally defined and enforced by the “leftist church”. Is it the exponentially growing overpopulation and the growing difficulty to manage scarcity that have gotten us to this point?

It is absolutely astonishing that the Netherlands (and its deep-rooted socialism) is one of the countries in which leftism these days is exceptionally potent, given that it once was so revolutionary opposing of governmental (which used to be the church) oppression. The government enforced goal of the subsidizing of making every Dutch house 100% “carbondioxide neutral” by 2030 is the most psychotic (because it’s impossible) and pointless (because one day the country will flood regardless) goal and I have ever heard of (Het Klimaatakkoord). If you’re Dutch and you don’t believe that the government’s climate change agenda (which should not be a governmental goal but a citizen’s initiative in my Fangyist opinion) is the greatest thing a country has ever done for the world, you’re a “klimaat ketter” (climate heretic). It is literally the oppressive church all over again, because the thought revolution in the Enlightenment had already made way for beliefs to be free of constraint. 10 years ago it was normal for everyone to bring along a form of identification when going voting and now it is suddenly considered “racist” under the leftist doctrine (the United States and the Netherlands, likely among other countries, have this in common).


Everything that comes with “cancel culture” is unconstitutional. “Cancel culture” is the unnecessarily suffocatingly oppressive aspect of leftism that could be paralleled with the punishments of the Christian church (before the Renaissance). There is – given how hard people are convinced that leftism (or conservatism as a form of anti-leftism) is “the way” and a general lack of intelligence – no way to deprogram people back into living along with the freedoms of the Enlightenment. Therefore, to (re-)establish a truly prosperous society, I suggest killing everyone who does not believe in freedoms that are associated with intelligence.

Permanently Muting People

In contrast to the usual, I have clothes on now while there has been no reason for me to leave my apartment all day. People talk far too much shit about me behind my back and whatever is happening next door sounds fishy. Like there are a bunch of oppressive leftists holding my liefje hostage and having gotten him high on hard drugs. (But I’m crossing my fingers for that being untrue.)

I told them they should stop talking about me, but of course they(‘re Dutch) don’t know how to shut the fuck up. I want to pay them a visit and wonder what I should use for a weapon. My anger feels level too low to succesfully go for it somehow. But I really want to quell the noise and I really want this telepathic torture to be over. If my liefje is there, I feel like I’m doing far from enough to try to end this situation. 🙁

“Will you please pack a little bag?” someone just asked me telepathically. They want to get me into an institution again. There’s no way I will ever live through that hell again. I want to kill these people so fucking baddd. 🙁

It really sounds like they’re holding my liefje there. 🙁 I should just ring the doorbell to see if that could get him out of there. It’s where the neighbor lived who I wanted to kill. The one from the trespassing and audio files. I’m talking about Hunter¿

Just in case Hunter is there, I put on some deodorant and perfume lol (I’ve been lazying all day). I had to laugh because the usual case scenario is “Oh no my love is in trouble *goes after it immediately*,” and I’m having hella doubts (because why would this all be real) and I need to have this logged in case of whatever happens next. Plus I don’t know about the passage of time and the pressingness thereof if we’ve been at this for 37 days.

Because I heard “We’re clipping your husband’s toenails,” I felt alarmed and paid a visit before I updated the previous thing I wrote. It’s the same shit again: “No, there’s nothing going on.” Though there were lying eyes (and new monkies¿), what else can I do or say? Besides, I’m sorry to reveal my own racism, being surprised about them being black? Also still I really thought I heard someone struggle as if in torturous captivation. Another thing that raised suspicions was the baby stroller that was placed right behind the person who opened the door – while they have been indoors for over an hour – like aside from my earlier death threat to then hide a weapon or cause a delay for if I’d look further. But is it all in my head then?

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