Finding Justice

“Weren’t you making a case against the Netherlands?” is a question I’ve often received in the Head Cuddle (in the short moments of decency inside the chat). I was, yes. Living amongst those complicit in the reason why I was making a case against my country of birth, I threw a book into existence, like a flare, hoping that someone non-complicit would help me. What I saw was that it had reached no one, or no one interested enough. But if there really are cameras inside my house (where can you watch that, then¿) then I am under the impression that the country itself has flagged my case against it as a form of spreading disinformation, making it even more difficult for me to be heard. Another factor that made me settle for my exile in Belgium is that I noticed – in my attempts at online marketing et cetera – that when things become too scriptural, people don’t want to put their brains to trying to understand and will settle for any simple alternative that insinuates that what I say is a lie.

Being up against an entire country inside that country, where if your words against it become too loud you are arrested and indoctrinated into “normal” behavior, made me have to tiptoe around my underlying views. It was my aspiration to, using nothing but my intuition, a couple of books I inherited from my grandfather and the internet, to establish a PR empire in which voicing a pure idea is far more important than signaling complicity to what is trendy. This in a time when voicing something right-wing among the general public could have you shunned for life. I don’t know what people do and have been doing behind my back, and I’ve been extremely careful about with whom I share my views and aspirations, but in the culture of “you must have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible to place some tweets for a company” and “the intelligent must adapt to the stupid” and “pleur op naar je eigen land”, I don’t think people are that willing to accept my position in the hierarchy if the ramifications of the years of psychiatric indoctrination I was put to as a result of this had not made that impossible. It is impossible because they campaigned against me with the widespread disinformation that I allegedly am someone with a mental disability, in such a way that people do not see me as someone made to be on top of the pyramid. They have used that same lie to deprive me of all economic opportunity and still, as happened before the start of my case in 2017, hold me up to an unequal standard (a higher one) when it comes to my academic performance because of my high intelligence. They believe in equity, not equality.

I used to want to raise awareness for this, especially because I am just one of the many people who has experienced the horror (my experience was mild because I chose to play it safe by playing along with them), but not anymore. If it is true that my side of the story has reached an audience larger than I know of, then it is true that the masses prefer to look away and tell themselves that the historic suffering I live can not be real. What is the point of raising awareness for something if, for me to claim my official spot in the PR arena, people brush it off as “too much text”? (And it is psychotic to believe that one must pretend to be unknowing for me to raise the individuals awareness while they already disgustingly know. I don’t like those kind of eyes on me.) Especially given my political views, I never wanted to raise awareness to be liked or known. It was my intention to end the psychiatric industry in the inhumane way it is. This all in English, because – especially after the indoctrination I know – they prefer choking out ideological opposition than to allow someone to challenge the view of the masses. It is a pointless battle for me, especially because in the end – after years of forced psychiatry – all I wanted for myself (if my ascension is off the table) was to live without having people want to change my mind all the time. (And now I’m stuck with these annoying Dutch people inside the Head Cuddle and their indoctrination tactics that don’t work on me but they still haven’t stopped trying. 🙁 (They just said that they want me to be labeled a traitor. In my opinion the (haha “my” hilarious how much they are against me while I stayed within constitutional boundaries and they never did that with me) country betrayed me.))

My case against the Netherlands is about my career and my constitutional rights. But given the fact that they labeled the Head Cuddle a form of schizophrenia for which they experimented on me with all kinds of antipsychotics that do not change what I have naturally and I never learnt the full story behind the people who have telepathic access to the Head Cuddle, I have the feeling that they ask me about my case against the Netherlands because of problems of their own.

I’ve always said that I would be the happiest in a circle of the (kind of) people I have been writing about. I don’t believe in having to spend time only with people of the same age and race. I believe we should spend our time with people who think alike, regardless of who they are. If there are people in this world who want to spend time with me because of the telepathic connection we have, and I am (quite literally) dying to meet them, then that should happen. That being prohibited to me means that the world is a dark place. I believe everyone who believes that I may not spend time with them as friends (and colleagues) should die for their prosperity prohibiting ignorance.

I wish I could be more detailed here, but through touching souls and the Head Cuddle is (though unconfirmed) the following: The frequencies (layers 2 – 4 described in The Unyaying in yesterday’s post) of my reasoning reach (a handful of) people all across the globe. This might be because of my partially alien roots (my biological father is a mystery man to me). I believe my frequency of reasoning started around puberty, but it could be so that they knew about my existence before that already. They grew up with this or have lived with the experience of my spiritual presence for quite some years (I’m guessing at least 15 years). They parallelled their reasoning with my reasoning over the years and for years have learned life lessons from my intuition and thought frequency. Their experience of me spiritually is that of a friendship or far more than that.

I don’t know why I have not been informed about any of this in person yet. Chances are that they have talked about their experience of me with others and that they have become involved with psychiatry as a result of that, or that they (still) keep it a secret because they know how most NPCs work, or that they are actually able to freely talk about this with other people and their loving perception of me is accepted (though I consider that option statistically less frequent). Given my experience of the Head Cuddle – where now I can hear their thoughts as well as they can hear mine – of the past 32 days, it is as if they are indoctrinated into suppressing their affectionate feelings for me. I sense that my perception of them is far different from their perception of me. And, though controversial given that I just take the niss but kusje, I believe that we should unify in my perception which is that they are my Fangyists and they possess snippets of information with which together we possess all present and future knowledge in and of the universe, and we find each other attractive. The idea of the snippets of information might be alien to them and their perception of my spiritual extension is alien to me, which is why we should meet in person, so we can lead each other to higher insights. (I’d say in private.)

If they are prohibited from meeting me and all ways in which that happens and all things that are prohibited from happening along with that, then my people need individual justice. (It seems to be like a “me too” kind of thing, then. Something you should make known punctually simultaneously, then, to ensure your own safety. Volta.) You could cite parts of my case against the Netherlands to create your case against the Netherlands. Then don’t do this via the legal route because they stir that into their advantage so that would be a waste of personal risk. (If the camera is real then that fits into their lie of a narrative about me, given the fact that I have been uninformed and would never agree to such an inhumane thing. I hate it. (The Dutch in the chat keep whining about “Why don’t you look into the camera,” so I guess there really is a camera, which hurts me emotionally. (What is even sicker about them is that they want to force me to do some disgusting repulsive kaboela shxt which I will never do.)))

What does justice look like? In this case where it’s justice for a political minority, I’d say we’re speaking of justice when we’re chilling together. The trophy of justice is us getting wildcatty together at a pool party as we have left a trail of dead bodies behind us, in my opinion. The world is overpopulated, the flesh is weak, they lack ambition and vision, so in the end it doesn’t matter if the public knows or not. The things we need to do to get there are forms of justice every step of the way.

Unfortunately I can’t use this medium here (yet) to break down, for example, a more detailed summary of how, with receipts, people have been put through injustice in my name. That is the very highest priority for now. For me, too, if there’s anything I can do. (That doesn’t involve the public please.) In the light of 2017, I have found my justice in my exile in Belgium given that in that way I’m free from psychiatric indoctrination under surveillance.

I’m under the impression that maybe since the Head Cuddle 2.0 and my loud demands of being taken out of this “figurative” prison cell (but with the combination of being deprived of equal economic opportunity and being shunned it’s basically a real prison cell) I live in, that people were actually starting to do things for the Volta of the both of us, and that that opportunity has then been strangled by Dutch psychiatry and indoctrination. I’m guessing it has slowed down, given that I haven’t heard the chanting of “stupid bitch”, “make amends” and “toxic personality” anymore, and my “tribalistic husband” seems to be gone.

People will be less surprised by me having some sex than me taking a stroll to the top of the pyramid of intercontinental power – though in the end it comes down to the same thing given the fact that the consequences will be the same – so given the fact that I’m flying under the radar in the official public eye, I’m keeping my foot down (also because my feelings grow by the day) on sex with Hunter. As soon as possible. No talking. Then we leave. (Doing this kind of writing on Dutch territory – haven’t you noticed I became more outspoken after moving – would have gotten me far too much unwanted interference.)

So now that the Head Cuddle chat is completely silent – you have been listening to the misinterpretations of those traitors again have you – aside from the god damn people who should be assassinated still whining in the chat (still faking other people’s voices sometimes), I have no idea. I can’t touch souls to – even when they seem to be saying lines they have been fed under Dutch indoctrination to which I have been responding with emotional self defense – figure out more about this to see how we could get together. Only if we’re together life seems bearable to me. I mean that I’m not screaming all the time for how unbearable it is so they can put me under psychiatric hell again doesn’t mean that I keep feeling like dying but you’re right there. End deze tantaluskwelling for all of us. The Dutch should not be involved. The reasons to end that country are infinite.

Unconfirmed telepathic leads:

– Hunter Biden has been experimented on with hard drugs and indoctrination to make him settle for my telepathic experience in which he was only allowed to speak as a “Smokey the Bear” kind of character about tribalistic sex.

– Ben Shapiro has been scammed into a fake telepathic marriage with me for 10 million dollars.

– George Vonhoff (Corpse Husband) was convinced that the experience of me on the surveillance camera was our relationship.

– Is my Aliam held captive upstairs (still)?

– My biological father has been forced to behave like a Dutch barbarian and downplay my abilities.

Maybe my mind has been playing tricks on me. Maybe it really happened. If these things are true, then those are examples of the fundaments that could be used for your “me too” case about your suffering in my name.

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