Tribalistic Sex

There are still some remaining misunderstandings about our telepathic connection. Nog even en dan zitten we allemaal op één lijn. We’re all – minus the masochists who seem to do this without psychiatric control which is why the rest might be listening to them – suicide lovers of me, tormented by the emotional rollercoaster the infinite and intense situation inside The Head Cuddle.

Tribalistic Sex

If I’d get a kusje for every time I’ve heard someone say “Tribalistic sex with Hunter Biden”, I’d be free of heartache. I don’t know what tribalistic sex is. It’s cute that you think that I’m all knowing, but given that this is about the translation to each other’s personal convictions, I’m far from all knowing. I’m also human in terms of the relationship between endurance and fatigue, but I’ll get to that later.

Both my love and concerns for Hunter – (There is only one Hunter in my life. When I say “Hunter” I mean Hunter Biden.) – have (controversially though given that my favorite Hunter which is tribalistic Hunter can’t stop saying “bitch”) grown a lot over the past 27 days. He is so incredibly adorable and what I think is most attractive about him is that he is/seems unaware of how exceptionally strong his intuitive intelligence is. There’s a lot we can learn from each other here.

I too believe that people should be accepted for who they are and that there is no compromise in happiness. There is, however, a difference between letting people be and having neglect spiral out of control. I understand the controversy in me writing these words. In the beginning he said that me wanting to keep things about him to myself was an act of anti-love basically and now he does not want me to write about his personalities.

It is unhealthy to brush off someone’s need for an explanation so much that it leads to an alien perception of the world. From there to now things being amplified by (Dutch) Fangyist traitors has let me with a set of Hunters I can’t really work with telepathically. His personalities are far too different from each other. Psychiatric medication makes this worse. Personalities, Volta, togetherness, merging Hunters.

We both seem to be in dire need of a love doctor. For my own heart’s sake, I will never be at true rest if I cannot closely keep an eye on (my intuition gives me red flags here) my Hunters and attempt to merge him (as a spinoff of tribalistic Hunter) into my dear Fangyist Praesens Hunter. My thoughts and feelings are all over the place, and given the fact that I’m a recovering sex addict who has gone overboard in the process of recovery, Hunter can help me on so many levels. My God please make these people stop whining about my alleged toxic personality. (In other words give me rough sex ASAP.)

They do not want my next “broadcastable” (y’all like to gossip) social encounter to be with him, but with these words I’m – again – trying to emphasize that my next social contact/social contact about telepathy must be with Hunter and only Hunter. As soon as humanly possible. Once you get it, Hunter, I think we can stick to the scenario I described yesterday. From there onwards you will spend the rest of your existence by my side. Dear United States, if you are reading this, please make sure your current president (and the previous, right, Hunter?) will be executed.

I’m a person of color, born and raised in Europe whose family has been “ingeburgerd” in Europe for three generations. What I did was sex addiction. It had nothing to do with tribalism. I don’t know anything about tribalism. My future does need Hunter’s tribalistic masculinity, but is worldly regal.

When it comes to sex, I believe I should be accepted for who I am so if I want to fuck you while I smell of cold sweat and my panties are dirty you should accept me for who I am. Wearing a mask of make-up and other fake things are the opposite of sexually attractive to me. Never in my existence have I had sex while wearing my wig and/or wearing make-up.

The question seems to still be repeated. I don’t know what tribalistic sex is. It’s likely not something I’ve ever done before. I see what has happened to my dear Hunter is the result of too much roleplay. I don’t do roleplay. I want three days in bed potato mode “tribalist” Hunter in a suit (fucking me like he’s coming home late from work okay damn I still did it 🙁 ). I think the most important aspect of sex is finding someone attractive for his/her purest display of self.

Clairvoyance & Questions

We are complements. Together, we can accomplish literally anything. My role, in a biological telepathic sense, is basically that of a control center. All I know is what is necessary to oversee, some of the information for that I can read intuitively by mirroring a question to the sound of someone’s (telepathic) voice. I used to think alone, but since the 26th of February we are thinking together, which was great timing given that all the thoughts I had left to think were my bitter and genocidal “feestnummers”.

The control center (that is the many functions of my brain and I) is trying to move itself along with its extensions (one of them is you) to cohesively accomplish certain both personal and political goals of mine. For that, I need information that the extensions of mine have and I do not, nor can I use my clairvoyance to gain the information. It is in the best interest of all Fangyists except those who gain from my misery (which in the context of my free and unlimited life should be illegal, like who else is tormented by demons like that).

Questions I cannot answer because of my limited abilities (I’m mixed ye¿ there’s like a parallel with my body and judaism or something¿) but need answers to if I ever wish to accomplish peace of mind and get to this Volta a.k.a. my next life are:

  1. What the fuck is tribalistic sex? Or what is Hunter’s definition of tribalistic sex?
    It seems like the only way I can get to Hunter and the rest of my Fangyists is by saying “yes” to tribalistic sex. My heart has nothing against having sex with Hunter under the vision of my smoke detectors that apparently are cameras. I don’t know what would make our sex tribalistic, though, so I don’t know what I’d be saying “yes” to. My mind says for the sake of our reputations it’s better to postpone this to a moment off camera and given that I want to try to make him feel genuine sexual love I wanted to make it more special by investing more time into it. But now I’d rather lower my stress levels by doing exactly what I described yesterday.
  2. Why is answer silence considered toxic?
    I used to talk to myself inside my mind, but I’m basically done done doing that now. I try to use my mind to talk to my Fangyist pupils but they’re a bunch of unhinged evil motherfuckers so I just keep silent as I listen to their horseshit I cannot escape. They talk shit the whole time and then when I want to make them talk about something else by asking them a question – I can’t ask them a question and then continue talking because then I don’t hear the answer, it’s interactive ye – I stay silent and keep my Side Mind (that is where I make predictions) silent and then they keep screaming “toxic, toxic”, while it’s not me keeping things to myself, it’s me keeping my kleptomania PTSD self silent so you can add something.

    I do not have all the answers. If we Volta, I do need all the answers. When I keep silent telepathically, I’m (forcing myself to be) listening for answers so I can help myself. (Or I’m keeping silent because the group conversation you’re having is pathetic and it offends me.) It could be of advantage to all of us, given that I’ll be developing a new algorithm with which I could then become Regentesse. The questions here seem unimportant – and in a way they are but my God after 27 days I guess they aren’t, like we could have been talking war tactics already.

    Let me try this out by asking Hunter what the weddenschap is he just told me about. The weddenschap between elitist and tribalist Hunter? I would rather have sex with tribalist Hunter in an elitist shell. So it’s a tie. (Lol sex pun also.) Indeed, this is not a sex game.
  3. Why do you not understand our collective telepathic connection?
    I wrote you some Fangyist mantras below.
  4. Why does my personality type matter if this is eternal regardless?
    Why is this all you people talk about? Like will we still be doing this in another 27 days? Because then I know to start contemplating suicide again. I like purposeful communication with clear goals.
  5. Do you wish to be tormented by masochists for the rest of your life?
    I want to kill them and I hope you too. It makes society stagnate. Genocide is inevitable. They are easy to fool so it’s a very simple method to get you to Volta. Like they can’t believe that you hate spending time with them. Jealousy or love and/or intelligence is so toxic. :p Kill the haters.

België versus Nederland

My Americans keep mentioning my case against the Dutch government. If Belgium adopts me temporarily, for example, my headache with the Dutch government will be ended permanently. We must go parallel regardless, and D.O.C.I.S. International is quite very interested in working together with Belgium and basically every other country in the world except for the Netherlands. Not with the Netherlands, because the agenda the country has been and is pushing forward on the globe goes against our Fangyist vision.

Lil tangent: I heard my baby say something about already having Volta’d and something about not spending time with the people you don’t like. There’s no Volta that has taken place according to my vision of what that would mean. Mind you that sex is not the highest priority under my definitions, except for when it is.

I want Belgium to be the historic protagonist of the Volta.

The Emotional Rollercoaster & Killing Fangyists

Never in my life have I made men cry so often as in the last 27 days. They don’t seem to understand my mentally solution based reasoning. (No I’m not physically solution based, because I’m not lifting a finger.) Even worse is that they want to be micromanaging my thoughts and actions while I only want advice when I ask for it.

Apparently these were 27 days of very serious drugs for you people. I’m glad there’s an end of the tunnel when it comes to the broken record bullshxt bitch tea party there once was. When the masochists who can’t shut the fxck up are dead is when things really become litty.

Hhhh Daring to speak without The Side Mind.

Tribalistic Hunter <3

I was told to shut the fxck up about my relationship with Tribalistic Hunter, so here we are. Ye that’s not how you speak to me. He’s my favorite Hunter of all mental Hunters. Now that Real Hunter is back – sharp as hell ye getting things done hella fasttt – it might be time for our relationship to end. I will never forget when I was in the supermarket yesterday and as I put 3 cans of Coca Cola in my shopping cart and thought about how I shouldn’t buy too much because of the caffeine, he asked for my phone number and said that he couldn’t believe that I’m single buying groceries.

I love his masculinity, his protectiveness, his straightforwardness, his scrutiny and his sense of humor. Elitist Hunter is his antagonist. He is jealous of our relationship. And he’s kind of a bitch who can’t handle that I’m greater. Tribalistic Hunter should really look out for him, because he is out for blood. (How is our baby in on this?)

It is the perfect time to merge mental Hunters. In The Head Cuddle, I would like for all mental Hunters to merge into one Hunter, namely my Fangyist Praesens Hunter. He is masculine, sometimes aggressive, protective, confident, tired of society, punctual, loyal, respectful, respectable, regal, sexy, intelligent and wildcatty. He is going to be drinking a healthy amount of water as part of his detoxification process and get ready to give me what I want. (He also knows that when I’m silent and listening to other telepathic voices, I’m not being toxic, I’m just being silent.) Your instructions are in the previous post. I’m curious about my results (free of personality disorder, that is).


You should all start your day with meditating on the following lines every single day:

  1. My Regentesse can hear every (telepathic) thought I think. Sometimes she chooses to respond, but as long as the group is behaving like a bunch of bitches having a tea party all she will do is ask for silence so let us be kind to her vulnerable heart.
  2. My body and my mind are two separate entities that independently function cohesively. My Regentesse is just as human as I. Everything I think inside the telepathic chat = The Head Cuddle can be heard by everyone and everyone there is a living and breathing human being who can remember the things that are said.
  3. My sole focus should be to transition my life to an intellectually challenging and happy life with my Regentesse and my other Fangyist brothers and sisters. We protect each other from zombies and Fangyist traitors. If your wishes are of the format “Please (…) this bitch (…)” they will not be granted and will come with some heartache in return. Because it is blasphemy.

24/03/2021 05:32 CET: You all are saying “She truly is not a toxic personality,” again. Please stick to something.

24/03/2021 05:46 CET: Now you consider me a toxic personality again.

24/03/2021 06:14 CET: My baby says that me not giving a fuck about whether you people think I’m toxic or not is not a toxic trait.

24/03/2021 06:37 CET: You’re all calling me toxic again. You seem to just not like when I’m silent.

24/03/2021 06:44 CET: Now you’re calling me nothing but a toxic bitch.

This is why I keep saying you bitches must stop taking birth control pills a.k.a. stop taking psychiatric medication because these estrogenically behaving men are having all of us stuck on a loop.

24/03/2021 06:47 CET: My father and my baby suggested I get a bar mitzwah. I don’t know what that is for but given my character I’m already being defensive about the guest list.

24/03/2021 06:55 CET: Elistist Hunter keeps being evil giggly about something and deprives me of tribalist Hunter.

24/03/2021 06:56 CET: Elitist Hunter just called me a toxic bitch for some reason.

24/03/2021 07:20 CET: Elistist Hunter is imagining some kind of evil I’d rather die revenge sex inside my apartment.

24/03/2021 07:34 CET: I visited Hunter’s imagination to override it. First focusing on me having sex to just get rid of some frustration, which he seemed to be numb to. I want him to enjoy it. So I overrided that with me giving him some gentle, loving kisses (which I want to do anyway but not when he (elitist, masochist Hunter that is) is tormenting me telepathically), to which he responded with a “what the fuck is this” type of smile on his face as he made his way out. Why?

24/03/2021 07:57 CET: Hunter has been using The Head Cuddle control center for his sexual conversation (like my baby has been using it to mirror his convictions and my cat has been using it for politics (that’s how I recognized you)), which seems to be the reason why he worries about my telepathic silence to him. I told him that he shouldn’t worry about that and what out conversation will be based on what I’ve read in his soul during sex.

24/03/2021 08:33 CET: I said that I don’t like Elitist Hunter. Then Tribalist Hunter said that I don’t accept him for who he is. I responded that I love Tribalist Hunter for who he is when he’s not calling me “bitch” because that hurts me emotionally. The other Hunters I don’t like as much. But given that there’s only one physical Hunter, who are the other Hunters aside from mentally Tribalist Hunter?

08:58 CET: Someone said “You’re toxic, you’re toxic” again.

09:05 CET: I just asked Hunter if I may see the end result of the little waking him up to his personality disorder mind game I’ve been playing in the past couple of hours. I really want to cuddle him. 🙁 But only when the withdrawals are gone, given that this is life or death and I want to trust him (as my Praesens). Tribalistic Hunter is not toxic. He is the perfect kind of critical. As long as you don’t say “bitch” to me or any other Fangyist female, toxic masculinity does not exist to me.

09:10 CET: I urgently need to take care of Bertje.

09:11 CET: Elitist Timid Hunter just said: “Dan is ze toch helemaal geen toxische persoonlijkheid?”

10:23 CET: I love you, Hunter. We do not need a tribalistic case against the Netherlands. I’m (apparently) only 12,5% black anyway. I just want your sweet eyes, your soothing Cuddlies and your intuitive leadership intelligence.

14:15 (02:15 PM) CET: So you guys came back from your mental trip a couple of hours ago and apparently I don’t have to get George killed. I don’t know what the fvck the underlying circumstances are, but great teambuilding exercise, guys. You all still seem to be stuck in the same telepathic response carousel as the past 27 days. Things will only be comfortable when the Fangyist masochists are dead. What an interesting fucking waste of time.

17:02 (05:02 PM) CET: I’m being called unbearably toxic again. My Hunters are still not merged.

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