Fangy Notes

Hi Hunter,

Did you know that I can telepathically ask you to pleasure me in certain ways?

“You truly see she’s tracing my thoughts.” Yes, that is correct. I’ve been sheltering my thoughts near you in the past 25 days.

“Somebody said keep this bxtch from talking to Hunter Biden.” Yes. That’s why I’ve been saying that they don’t want us to get together and when we do they want to have sex with me as well and I really do not want that.

“Do you not want to try to take this out of context?” No. I love you, first of all. Secondly, I find it far more important to say it (if I’m correct) in the right context which is that the current president of the United States has trained his son to he a prostitute for political gain and his self confidence is in the perspective of him being a good prostitute and not him being someone who deserves respect for his intelligence.

“Aren’t you supposed to say: “I’d like to have sex with Hunter Biden”?” I’d like to have sex with Hunter Biden. Before 6 AM. “You’re saying that like it’s impossible.”

“Please give me her expectations.” (Especially after telling you what make-up sex truly means, though I’d like a manicure (did I get your perspective wrong here¿)) that is important, yes. So I’ll expect you to wear a black suit and tie and have a bouquet of flowers with you. You’re authorized to enter my apartment with a key. Make sure no one else comes with you.

“Toxic bxtch, she’s keeping her thoughts to herself.” Don’t be so impatient and it’s just because I love you and am scared to lose you you idiot. My fight or flight mechanism I guess. Also, though you people have been torturing me with this for 25 days and asking to not be called that ever again does not seem to work, do not ever fucking call me that again if you want to live.

So the key in the lock of my apartment door will, knowing my prey is delivered, incentivize me to walk towards you. There will be armed security coming with you until right outside the door. I will recognize your eyes and subtly pull you towards me on your tie for a kiss. As we kiss I put the flowers on the table. Don’t forget that you are not allowed to undress yourself given that I will be doing that for you. Because I enjoy the process thereof.

From start to finish, there will be no talking. I will flick on the little light next to my bed before I “attack” you with my no tongue kiss without a “hello”. In this process of kissing I will walk you to my bedroom as I take your clothes off. Then I will push you on top of my bed and climb on top of you. We’ll both be in our underpants. Wear black boxers. More kissing.

Then I will lie down on my chest and you, Hunter Biden, will be massaging my neck and shoulders and giving me spontaneous unexpected kisses while you do. Then I will need you to knead and grab loose with all the force you have the tension in my butt cheeks. Maybe some kisses also, maybe some playful bites. My calves too will need similar attention.

Then you turn me around and we kiss some more. I want some hickeys. And my nipples need a lot of attention. As in kissing them, licking them and sucking on them. My entire lower body needs kisses as well. I would extremely highly appreciate it if you’d give me special oral attention.

Then more kissing. I will lay you down on your back and climb on top of you. I will give you hickeys and kiss you all over, carefully making sure that I don’t miss a single spot. Then I will take off your boxers and unwrap the gift I will have created for myself. <3_<3 I’ve had spontaneous sex solely for emotional reasons often enough, so this is exactly what I actually want and need and there’s absolutely no need to talk about this. Please for my own sake. This approach is much better.

I want to lick you like a popsicle. After that I will get on top of you and give you the Fangs exclusive haha. After that we’ll see. I’d so love to try what you imagined. Usually I never get a real intense orgasm but with you I have the feeling that I’d find my climax far before we have even started. I love a man with experience.

If I’m correct we don’t have to hurry. No protection. As in no condoms. No toys. And I demand a lot of eye contact and grunting and moaning. I don’t want to have sex with anyone else ever again because I’d rather get used to someone than continue the meaningless, so I hope (and believe) we’ll suit (lol) each other well. I believe the world will approve of us.

Afterwards you will carry me to the toilet and then we’ll take a shower together. (Given that it will be equivalent to a workout at the gym.) I will soap you in with care and rinse you off. And you will do the same for me. You’ll also have to put oil/cream on my body. We might be having sex all the time still? I don’t have an extra toothbrush with me so you’ll have to bring your own, as well as towels, organic oil for the skin, fluoride free toothpaste, a sponge and soap.

Then we’ll have breakfast in bed, there will be clean sheets, maybe smoke a blunt and chill until our train arrives. We’ll be floating for the rest of the day and it will be the first day of us spending eternity together.

So I, Dominique Daniëlle Elia expect you Hunter Biden to enter my apartment with a key at Copernicuslaan 30G apt. 7.5 in 2018 Antwerp, Belgium as soon as possible to restore my heart with what I described above this paragraph and earlier. You have my consent. This includes that you must start a new life with me. For finances I’d like to refer you to my biological father.

No chest hair, no facial hair, testies may have hair if it’s grey the rest not. Sodomy illegal. You will relief me from what is clouding my mind and body when you do as I say, which is the above and will stay the above until it has happened. My body is craving for you so much it burns to be alive without you by my side. Please help me put a stop to this and make me happy again by giving me the best orgasm I have ever experienced. Otherwise my cuddlepains won’t go away. 🙁


My babyyy <3

After almost a month my ration has become so scanty – and I miss drinking bottled water – that I must run these errands today. It’s a lot more uncomfortable than usual now after having received telepathic death threats – I don’t even know/understand why – for almost a month.

Everyone uses my thoughts as an addition to their own lives. Apparently there are some Dutch people who plagiarize my thoughts and profit off of my failures. That is a conflict of interest (and should be considered a crime regardless). They outnumber me in the telepathic chat and keep sweeping up the crowd to just yell the word “toxic” instead of thinking solutions. Maybe stop saying “toxic” and voice yourself with more than just one word. The masochists in the chat enjoy that far too much. Everyone who adds to it adds to the snowball effect which is revived far too quickly now that we’ve been at this mental torture for 26 days. If they were not in the chat, maybe we could have trains of thought that do not invoke unwanted emotions.

I’m tired of these meaningless discussions. If my preference for silence is considered a form of toxicity then so be it. My mind cannot be changed on genocide. That I don’t mention it does not mean that the belief is still there. I think you really have a point suggesting I be assassinated because I don’t like my bitterness either. If only it ends soon because the chat makes me feel so much pain.

For peace of mind regardless of my future, masochists and overly jealous people do not belong in a peaceful Fangyist society.

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