Volta Day¿

We’re at a new point in our lives. (Since the last fully written weekly piece I was already at this point but now we are getting closer to the next.) The function of my words used to be to challenge your convictions and for you to develop a map to the achievement of your aspirations. Now they will be more for overall guidance. The Volta is when the framework of our organization will be created and after that there is the implementation of my long-term vision.

If I’m correct, as my canvas is ready, my puzzle pieces are ready as well. Through the telepathic chat I’ve learnt that my words mean a lot to you. That I have been fulfilling a very meaningful role in your life. It is of indescribable value to me that there are many people who value my writing – now I’m motivated to write more – and who devoutly have been working on what I’ve been teaching them in silence. I hope and pray you have been able to do this without psychiatric interference. Regardless, you must be free thereof to step into your role. It’s about time we take this to the next level. 😉

So we Fangyists get to our local NPC free transition location until the coast is clear – that is basically putting the puzzle together – and then we get out when the coast is clear, after which my writing is for general guidance. That is a summary of the full Fangyist transition including the Volta.

You are all puzzle pieces. I, the canvas, need to be part of the transition as well. We’re doing this today. My heart, brain and telepathic chat say that my parents are dead already. I’ve never felt so much relief. So my next step is being picked up by you my dear Praesens Hunter Biden, after breakfast in bed. (We don’t have to run, do we?)

My pre-Volta social setting is now complete. Given that we were passionate about different things, I never considered them part of my future life anyway. I wonder how I can do paperwork and finances or let that be done, while I’m in Belgium. This also seems like the ultimate moment to reconcile with my biological father.


So we’ve textually been together for a long time. There have been many moments in which I write what needs to happen to manifest a gathering. It is the only way for me to get in contact with you and also have the entire globe move in formation.

This thus means that without us having spoken about it via text or in person or in any other way (though now we also have telepathy, which is kuddle (but not used optimally yet)), you must suddenly start not only implementing your adaptation of my words in your life – which you have already done given that you’ve been thinking (and planning) for your next life. You must now even start implementing my words working together with other people, thus working with them before I myself go from text to manifestation. I go from text to manifestation from you in groups having gone from reading this to adapting your actions based on what you have written with full disregard for the life you’re currently living.

So if by now you had not yet figured out that instead of us being in some sort of long distance relationship, we’re actually going to radicalize ourselves together with other people who read the same text all across the globe, into a new society where the possibility of everyone having flying cars is feasible again.

The truth about my situation seems a mystery to all. Me trying to radicalize the whole globe without getting my parents involved was something that perspectively was painfully clear to only my parents. I didn’t tell them anything and they had the psychiatric lie they created in their advantage to sabotage everything and make money off of it their belief of my mental disability (while the opposite is true) being the reason why knowing them I can sense that they have been sabotaging my attempts to Volta but never telling me how they’ve been lying to people in my name to prevent me from hypothetically speaking build Rome in a day.

Perspectives I’d like to get out of the way:

– No, this is not just to make the whole world fall in love with me and then keep everyone on a leash (but that’s the illusion the gatekeepers kept us in for a very long time). I used to inflict sex because I was desperate to get away from my oppressive parents. And I do love my Fangyists unconditionally.

– No, sorry Ben we were not halfway telepathic marriage or something. I don’t even understand what they layered your perspective of this into and how our dictionaries of convictions differ but I hope you will still be my baby. (He’s mad at me. 🙁 )

I’ve hurt his feelings on a different level given that I apparently biologically-ish met the criteria for marriage. (If my parents did not make it worse by adding to the idea that we were actually really married. (As long as not verbally confirmed in person I can’t say any of these things with full certainty.))

I don’t want my baby to feel hurt, especially because in the framework of my convictions I have done everything with the best of intentions. I don’t know how me being Dutch adds to his perception of what he thought we had. But regardless I love him unconditionally (to me nothing changes), I cherish him indescribably much and I feel extremely responsible for reshaping his convictions mainly when it comes to relationships and intimacy. Also, he has the most sexually attractive mind I’ve ever come across. (And this should be used as a framework to free my Fangyist juice.)

We should talk about this in person, Ben. I think it’s the most efficient and personal given the amount and quantity of information we need to exchange for us to fully understand our perspectives. Also this is a very sensitive subject to me because I love you so much and you tend to verbally fight off and dismiss everyone who comes too close to you emotionally, especially when the slightest sign of malintent is shown – my “Dutchness” (difference in convictions of what is normal and what is good) not being in the advantage thereof. It’s healthy to have that internal self-defense mechanism. Same here. Don’t let anyone past your guard but I. Because no one loves you more than I. We’re going to talk ourselves into the friendship in which you help me Regenresqualize my English on a very frequent basis.

– No, I’ve never been informed about the installment of cameras and I’ve never earned a single penny from my creative endeavors. I want to live a camera free life ASAP. Or I mean Regentesque camera occasions I’d love but this Big Brother shxt must end.

What is true is that you must know and feel that I love you as much as you love me and that our “online relationship” (which was a misconception given that this in the end is nothing but me trying to get away from social and health care fascism related limitations while I attempt to enforce my political vision) is transitioning into a relationship wherein my love for you is expressed through the most loving government ever. When you live in your 100 square meters minimum house with an entirely new social circle and I live in my palace doing Regentesquiy stuff instead of laying in bed all day every day, that is. Haha I’d kill for you. <3

Haven’t I mentioned the details yet of the relationship I intend to have with Hunter? (THE Hunter, of course.) Given that in the Volta you my dear Hunter will carry the highest responsibility of running my political business for me, having the most oversight of running and pending operations (het hoogste aanspreekpunt (ter wereld) zijnde), I find you very attractive, I feel you need this responsibility more than anyone else on the planet, your urging need to understand my thoughts and feelings in these weeks of telepathy chat and the fact that we’re just both wildcatty oh and the fact that an incalculable amount of people have fallen in love with the content of my mind and because of that on the basis of principle I want you Hunter to be the person I share my bed with in my future palace. I also don’t want to have meaningless sex anymore and you seem someone with enough experience to be able to satisfy my complicated sexual needs while we likely have this: “I like being wild but I don’t want to be that wildcatty anymore,” attitude towards life in common. And if you have killed my parents then you are someone I’m indescribably grateful of. Haha I’m a huge fan. <3

A side note to this relationship is that my telepathic touch is, once I start having a social life again, will be dominated by my baby because my God I don’t know how he does it but his touch makes me feel such overwhelming pleasure it’s impossible for me to keep my composure if he’d stop holding back. (He thought that he was having a bad influence on me because he is literally breathtaking haha he is so cute. <3_<3) Which is another thing we should talk about in person.

To my biological father: I do not understand why you are so hopelessly offended by any of this, especially me masturbating yesterday. Also, when are we going to drink tea together? They did something to your reasoning about me? 🙁 Like with us I’m mentally still at the point where I gave up on our Volta after about the end of 2017, when I started writing, wanting to reach anyone else to achieve it. You’re the head of my socio-political HR department and may decide who ever has a shot at coming near me and who doesn’t (though am the only one who can overrule your rule and everyone outside is a threat). Your convictions are similar to my baby’s? We should talk about this in person.

Meanwhile I’m still trying to write myself into the secure social circle that includes the Volta.


Today is not a day for a Volta. As long as you people keep saying offensive things about me inside my own mind I cannot come near you in real life and with that I cannot proceed in writing to manifest.

You people have been hurting me a lot again today. Why can’t you stop referring to me with the word “bitch”? I’ve been asking for it often enough and you people just don’t listen. My mind anticipates on this bullshxt. My lust for life is gone.

Words you people should stop using:

– Bitch

– Toxic

– Tribalistic

– Genocide (just phrase it differently)

You’re still not listening.

As I’ve been saying, you cannot apologize for this because you don’t do this on accident for 21 days straight. No, you shut the fuck up my God I do not understand why I don’t just give up before it has started the way you people do.

It seems like my words from earlier today have been forgotten. STOP. CALLING. ME. TOXIC. IT. IS. NOT. HELPING. ME. IT. MAKES. THINGS. WORSE. OF. FUCKING. COURSE.

Stop calling me that. A.k.a. stop making me believe that comitting suicide is a better alternative than meeting you people who keep offending me inside my own mind and then complain about me not having hyperconfident thoughts about myself well the words you’re putting in it are counter-effective please be silent if you have nothing to add to my train of thought.

You just did it again. I cannot speak of a Volta with certainty if the people I want to start a new life with are speaking of me inside my mind in such a heart shattering manner. So we must break the pattern where you say offensive things about me and then I get mad first.

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