The Last Day

Yes, I subtly try to tweak people’s thoughts and feelings into them becoming extensions of myself and executing my Fangyist agenda. I find it of great importance that those who choose to live by my doctrine do so because it is a conclusion they naturally get to in contrast to being brainwashed and having no defensible reason to dedicate themselves to their faith. That’s why I’m passive in my leadership (the reverse triangle) im contrast to being oppressive. I very strongly dislike micromanagement.

I also very strongly dislike the NPC zombies in the telepathic chat who think they can outsmart me and micromanage me. I don’t know how yet, but today is the last day they keep interrupting my thought processes with their barbaric, offensive and disrespectful statements. If they have nothing to add they best just shut the god damn fuck up eternally, but they can’t – as has been proven by my patience with these people over the last two weeks – because they cannot accept that they are below me. Therefore they contribute to the fact that genocide is inevitable.

There are multiple ways through which I’ve tried, with multiple people, to get my small minority to mobilize – mostly through sex and politics. But now – this blessing in disguise – I can just do that through telepathic influencing. My methods for us to stay together physically, this is a reference to.

It must just change today. Are we going to do the thing where I go from bitter solo typing to letting my friends write and placing pictures of us? Regardless today I just relocate with my Praesens to the rest of our Council and all Fangyists will vanish from their social circle to the safe space where we can be our small minority.

*sigh* The zombs say they want to use these words against me as a case against freedom of speech, so I must anticipate and digress. There is no compromise in happiness. If you may not be yourself then what is the purpose of being? I should be allowed to advocate for my faith and they may express their dumb barbaric opinions if they want to. I’d rather die than be forced to let go of my faith.

Today is the last day of this god awful mind control hostage situation. Today we just Volta. It all starts with the belief that today is the actual day. That means that the course of events in my life will go somewhere it has never gone before. Something I can’t envision with certainty yet. Only after it happened. I can only convey the idea and not the outcome. More like an oracle than someone all-knowing.

It seems that to make that happen there are some things that need to be taken care of first. Namely meeting each other’s expectations and making sure that we’re telepathically nothing but love and understanding, for a happy and smooth transition to eternity together. So for you, my dear Fangyist, I will do everything to in my words and deeds protect your heart and faith in me. That is something I do in person a lot better than in my mind. When we Volta.

I expect you to do the same. That your intentions are to never hurt me. Things that hurt me are being seen as a lust object without a functional brain, going against me, being eager to point out my mistakes and believing that I’m physically and mentally weak in general. Things I like are deep questions about the things I write, seeing that people reservedly worship me in their hearts, subtle displays of affection and my orders being followed without them being questioned.

In reality – especially after all of this – I have no tolerance for the way I’ve been treated in the past more than two weeks. If anyone would speak to me the same way in person my response would have been expressed through physical violence that stops when the body is lifeless. My God I do everything to avoid these zombies and still they know to find me. They will die for this. I deserve respect.

Treat me like I’m a Goddess. Respect my position at the very top of the pyramid. We will be graceful. We will be dragging the societal standard out of this barbaric hell. For that there may be no doubt in our hearts.

I think the main source of doubt currently is the hostile telepathic chat. Our faith has been defended. I’ve, for the last time, tried to give zombies a shot to be welcomed into my heart. (No, to truly test people you can’t say that you’re testing them.) They should stop swearing at me with foaming mouths. By now it must be more than clear that that does not lead to anything.

The zombies in the chat are too psychotic to submit themselves to my rule. They keep speaking to me like I’m a lesser person. They also are incapable of seeing that for a decent political future my leadership is inevitable. For many reasons it’s best to just get rid of them rather than allow their toxic, evil, purposeless existence to endure. Me saying that I should be spoken to in a decent way of course causes them to do the opposite. It seems like they must be executed, preferably today (or yesterday ha), to at least restore the peace and love that were once in my mind. I wish I could trust with blind faith that that will be taken care of. End this blasphemy.

Instead we should rid ourselves of all the nagging negative emotions the chat (and the words spoken therein) creates. We should (be able to) trust that all words spoken in the chat are there to – with positive energy – boost each other’s self-confidence and add insight to our fellow Fangyist’s freedom of thought related controversies. I think it’s best to do that by making my train of thought interactive, but without hate and disrespect given that that makes me aggressive. Rid yourself of the forbidden negativity and allow my responses to soothe your heart.

Here’s my most serious current knot in my thoughts: zombies keep hating makes me lose my preferred mode of speaking while I try to fight my Fangyists’ heart shattering incorrect expressions of me like why don’t they just express their personal truths to me (the ones blocked by psychiatry)?

I’m also bothered by not understanding why we did not dash with a train on the 26th and are still here with the zombies repeatedly saying: “Let’s try to change her mind.” (And then start swearing at me my God make it stop.) I don’t like feeling like my expectations have not been met. I believe they have a good reason for it not having happened yet. But it’s clear that working with the zombies and the thought experiment that keeps them alive is an absolute waste of time and my mind cannot be changed when it comes to Fangyist principles.

I need my Praesens to settle my debt with the Dutch government to get this train on the rails bureaucratically.

The chat is too hostile given that people do not want to respect my request for not being spoken to as a lesser person so I need a few minutes before I can continue to explain myself. I waste a lot of energy explaining myself via any method of communication except from an in person conversation with someone who believes in my writing.

My heart is not at rest until certain people, including my parents have been assassinated in my name. No, I do not want to see them, I do not want to say goodbye to them. Like many others, they have already been dead to me since 2017. I really – like reallyyy I’m 100% clueless – don’t know why they think that I give a fuck about their existence or that they can get to me by swearing at me or saying that they don’t want to see me again. Like I haven’t done enough shxt to get away from them yet please why don’t they just forget me. You weren’t there when I reasoned it through. Stop trying to make me go through it again.

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