Where is my Praesens?

In this what seems to be a never ending mind control hostage situation (there is no exception in regards to people saying the utmost awful things inside my own mind), Hunter suggested electro shock therapy in order for me to change my attitude and behavior. Maybe it’s my ability to read minds, maybe it was something about his tone, given he’s not the only one who has suggested that, but something made me think that he was speaking from experience. So I asked him if he were speaking from experience – this is in The Head Cuddle chat a.k.a. telepathic communication – and, though as long as I haven’t spoken to him in non-telepathic person I cannot confirm that this has truly happened, I deducted that he has undergone electro shock therapy under Donald Trump. Given that I’m unable to deduct more information, all I can do in further expression is talk to this in the light of, “Where is my Praesens?”

Though unconfirmed, maybe just like everyone else, he wants me to become a public figure. He believes that that is necessary for us to come into contact, though I’d say that – especially given the fact that we’re already communicating telepathically – sticking to the custom of only being in touch with people of a similar social status, particularly with the alien telepathic mind control hostage situation we live in, I’d say, for sanity, this could be an exception of.

“If you have a problem to me, then say it to my face,” he just said, if I’m correct. Yes, that’s the problem. And no, I’m not becoming a public figure. Not like that. I love that journalists don’t write news articles about me and I want to keep it that way. One of the many reasons why people call me selfish. The only public figure-ish status I want is – though I hear people saying that I don’t deserve that well then I think everything is perfect with me 100% out of the public eye – being rich enough to control the economy without being a politician. So if this depends on me becoming a celebrity-ish person – though I tried but that was more of a political trojan horse thing – then Sunday will be bleach with alcohol day. (Waking up to being hated inside my own mind is something I want to be free from and, aside from changing myself for them which I will never do just live your own life, that is the only option for me to end this mental hell. They call it a “thought experiment” (gedachtenexperiment), but the funniest thing about it is that it ends when I behave the way they want me to behave and they don’t even give me a solid reason to do so.)

Hunter can speak Dutch, if I’ve followed the chat correctly. As long as I haven’t spoken to him in person, I can confirm none of these things. There are plenty of things that could be done with this one piece of maybe very exclusive information – if it’s true but regardless it could be interesting given that I type this out of thin air (but I’m toxic so don’t try turning me into a celebrity) – including the option of just ignoring it like all else, of course. I know that Hunter knows I write this – hello, Hunter – as well as many other people who pretend like I don’t exist. I’m very tired of the mind control hostage situation and hope that I can use the piece of information mentioned in the first paragraph of this text to turn that around.

I mean society is running out of interesting news. (And somehow plenty of the uninvited want to get into my “monkey business” I will never be a public figure like that.) And you have a name to clear. I have trust issues. I only want to talk to you. (The amount of people saying “Just shoot this bitch” to me in the chat is starting to increase as I write this.)

Option A – Shoot me
If the chat were one person then you’re doing both the chat and I a favor. You’re the only person authorized to enter my little house. My Aliam should give you a key. (Fangyists only.) The mind control hostage situation could be ended by you shooting me – given that everyone is so convinced that I’m the most stubborn, evil and toxic person alive why don’t you just help everyone by being a hero and then you could maybe also have chance of clearing your name in the aftermath. The Dutch in the chat have already been suggesting I be injected with cyanide so you, like, I’d rather be killed by you if I could have a choice.

Option B – Talk to me
Is it impossible for you to come here unnoticedly? Allow this organization to be a rather unbiased source. I want to ask you some questions. Given that you’re ranking #1 of the people calling me selfish inside the telepathic chat for not wanting to talk about myself, you could ask me questions as well if you’d like. What, when, where and how you may decide if you want, whatever suits your preferences if you have those or I don’t know like I’d love to say, in reference to earlier in this post, those things to your face. You could even get me to undergo electroconvulsive therapy if you want. You could leave me to the dogs afterwards and then I’ll try to find anotherway to commit suicide. I don’t want any media people near me. Ever.

Option C – Run away with me
Yeah I don’t know.

We should meet on neutral ground a.k.a. in Belgium. And then either go to Eastern Europe or go our separate ways. Or of course Sunday fun day.

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