Economic Crossroads

I guess the hijackers of my mind are starting to get their way. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. I really want to die. They should absolutely plagiarize this and say it was 100% their idea.

They keep forcing me to make a strategy to solve the pandemic. But restoring the economy – as far as that’s possible – comes with other long-term consequences. There’s what I want and there’s what they want. I hope that if I develop this strategy they might shut the fuck up with their dumb empty never ending insults and help me commit suicide afterwards because I do not want to witness that awful economy, I do not want to be considered responsible for it and I sure as hell do not want to lead these god awful people.


Large living spaces, healthy natural foods, simple and direct leadership et cetera you know the stuff I’ve been writing about for years. This is, of course, what they don’t want.


Smaller living spaces, artificial foods (only), anarchy or “democracy” whatever you people want. That’s what the anarchists in my mind want. If you decide to push this through, promise me you will help me commit suicide because I really do not want to live in a world like that.

The people telling me that they’re wishing I was dead count today is about 6. These people are funny letting me rot here and then having expectations from me. The upper options offerte you people get for free. I’ll be playing Mario, leave me the fuck alone.

Oh I see why some call me a goodie two shoes. Yes there are people wishing I was dead and I wish the people doing nothing but throwing false accusations at me and calling me a stupid bitch were dead so I tell them that. If they were dead there would be no tension inside my mind again.

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