Do I need Air Support?

The first day of The Head Cuddle 2.0 I had been able to get “the Council in formation”, but not long afterwards it became total anarchy. To have those who I’d be in regular contact with if my business were established speak from a fixed location so that it would be much easier to have a good ongoing discussion with and our shared mind could be organized and peaceful. But it seems like other people can’t accept that they would then be in the background of the conversation, so they authorize themselves to speak and the Council is not in formation anymore, instead, to this day still, instead of having a conversation it’s still a bunch of mind anarchists calling me a stupid bitch and touching me against my will. (If they were dead, they would not be able to do that to our shared mind, given that they don’t just listen to me when I ask them. They’re ruining it for all of us.)

It is as if the people I feel love for are being held hostage by my parents and other people who once were part of my life. That they find that they should have the right to be part of the future D.O.C.I.S. International, while I know I cannot trust them, causing them to mistreat those I do trust and think I’m crazy for wanting to start a new life with people I’ve never met before. Jealousy is a dangerous thing. Especially when apparently I’m idolized. (I mean given the state of my physical life I wouldn’t say so, but the way (these cancerous) people behave inside my mind makes me think it might be true.)


I can’t tell what’s going on. Especially because when I ask these motherfuckers a question all I get in return is silence. It’s as if the people I’ve drafted are being tortured sexually while people try to talk the idea of the Volta’d D.O.C.I.S. International out of my mind.

We might be in an alternative B3 situation. The original B3 situation is when we get caught and captured in the process of running away. Now it seems like we’re already all held captive while my mainz haven’t even reached me yet. (How am I supposed to know?)

My parents seem insane enough to disturb the drafted members of my organization. I know the spiritual connection I have with them is quite serious, which is something they might be jealous of given that once you’re used to having me in your daily life it’s very easy to miss me to the point where you’re in constant pain when I’m not in it anymore. This might be a weird question, but is the hidden camera I have broadcasted on a Big Brother like TV channel I don’t know about?

There are people who see my future in being a telepathic sex object and there are people who see my future in taking over all political leadership. Regardless I believe that I should go where people treat me without hate. (Moving fast now that regular people who won’t be a part of this are part of our shared mind too.)

It seems like my parents want to turn me into a telepathic prostitute. And every time I fantasize about being intimate with Hunter I get complaints, while that’s my mental happy place I wish were real. It’s not physically impossible to make it real. There are too many people who only speak of me hatefully while believing that they love me in the area to be able to leave my house, so therefore I should be relocated to an off the grid rural location together with the people I trust regardless. Even if it’s just for general safety.

If it is true that my parents are keeping my loved ones as slaves while experimenting with the way my touch works on them and torturing them (out of jealousy) – which is just an intuitive conclusion I’ve drawn, not having any way to confirm this – then I might need air support to be able to complete the international Volta.

To put a permanent end to the mistreatment of my drafted members and establish a community in which my Fangyists can live safely and comfortably, I think we must treat this situation like an alternative B3 scenario for all.

The great transition is done when:

– We have moved from our temporary collective living spaces to our Fangyist cities and villages.

– There is peace of mind in The Head Cuddle.

– The alternative “parallel” system runs smoothly.

The small transition is done when the drafted Council has relocated with me to the off the grid location.

Signals that raise suspicion:

– I haven’t heard my baby at all anymore.

– Hunter seems not allowed to say nice things to me in The Head Cuddle.

– Victor is hella confused.

– Sidney and Andrew are still alive being the ones who call me a stupid bitch the most often with literally nothing else to say to me. Like why on Earth should they be part of my life.

– People are still doing nothing but calling me a stupid bitch and touching me against my will/while I asked them not to.

The Alternative B3

This is an international effort I can guide only as far as my intuition shows me anything about this situation that has not (really) been confirmed to me in person (aside from my parents showing up at my doorstep while the borders are closed under corona still¿). The only person you should ask how to interpret my words is me in person. For this situation as well. But Fangyists: move accordingly.

Things are, again, split into local level and Council level. Regardless of which level, the end goal is that we set up our living camps (luxury or communism), without a single NPC zombie in it. All my aspirations et cetera have nothing to do with sex.

If my intuition is correct about the captivation and torture of those who think differently, genocide is more than rightful. Let us live for prosperity and not for idolatry. But regardless let us live in an environment in which we feel comfortable and happy.

Local, non or less high profile people must (literally) militarize against the people who are preventing me from gaining infinite global political power. What is alternative about the situation is that the scenarios were calculated from the moments my Praesens shows up at my doorstep and the 1 – 3 scenarios depending on how society responds to that.

But it seems like my parents have been in my way, having caused a B3 scenario (for the Council¿) way before we have even started. If so, there’s a serious mass violation of human rights going on for which the only way to stop it is violence given that mind control is not possible anymore. (As I’ve said very often, otherwise those people will talk us to death.) Also it would be unforgivable, it would show that whoever is holding my Fangyists back can’t handle our level of reasoning and it is simply extremely illegal.

This is war. And I guess I’ll make something to eat. No Praesens Hunter SkiB. kusjes = no desirable future for me a.k.a. suicide preference. Especially with the fun people still repeatedly calling me a stupid bitch inside our mind. Wouldn’t you like to shoot them?

Am I allowed to see anyone? I wish I was free.

My intuition is telling me – this is one of those moments in which I hope my intuition is just wrong – that the J*** cut off my baby’s male body part because he is sexually attracted to me which then goes against the fascist religious doctrine he is not allowed to go against. He has been indoctrinated in my name. I apologize, my dear baby. 🙁 Please tell me my intuition is telling me something that is not true. Because if this is true, genocide is more than inevitable.

Seriously though, what else aside from genocide can I do to stop hearing people call me a stupid bitch? I don’t know a more satisfying solution and I personally don’t want anything other than genocide.

“I’m so happy for your loss,” is what you say when you’ve freed yourself to free me.

I think that if I weren’t affiliated with the Dutch government, but with literally any other country, I would have been treated with more respect. With the exception of how awfully racist Jews are.

Yes, I absolutely do need air support. Get to work, please. (Like seriously, what do I need to do to get my message across? I’m tired of trying to explain myself to you hateful bunch of mostly on the selective assassination list motherfuckers. Who allowed for NPC zombies in The Head Cuddle? It’s not safe for us to talk there.)

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