The amount of times I keep hearing people say, “You stupid bitch,” to me is starting to become distracting, interrupting my train of thought, so I’m writing down my answers here.


Q: Why are you acting like you don’t want to live forever anymore? (Asked by Hunter B.)

A: Because currently I do not. In all I do, I live and work towards a Volta. If the Volta does not take place, there is no reason for me to live. No train I interpreted as it never happening. On top of that, my mind used to be a place where I could reason rather undisturbedly, and now it’s where I receive the hate I was able to avoid by not using social media. It’s like torture to me. (If Sidney, Andrew and Denise were dead, that would be reduced by a great percentage.) Therefore, suicide sounds like a great way for me to return to silence in my mind.


Questions I’ve made up:

Q: Why did you suddenly stop writing (and doing things in general)?

A: Because I feel screwed over for people invading my mind unannouncedly and then turning it into anarchy. It’s a sign that there’s a lot happening behind my back, which makes me think: if you’re basically “with all of society” stalking me next level, then why do you keep depriving me of social warmth? I mean I was already shunned, but to realize that there’s so much money involved in this is just too hurtful to me.

On top of that, if you can hear my thoughts directly now – which I usually write down for you – then why would I write them down? I write to reach you and spark a Volta – and never become a celebrity type of person (given the unforgivable way I’m treated inside my mind, I don’t even consider that an option anymore if there were no Volta). Also, the canvas is done.


Q: When will you ever stop thinking about genocide?

A: If you’re familiar with my writing, you might have noticed my obscurity in regard to the treatment of non-Fangyists. There’s a reason why I don’t use social media and don’t share my deepest thoughts anywhere but on my websites.

I’m quite unhappy with what has happened to The Head Cuddle. It’s even more saddening that I can’t just have a peaceful conversation with those who do like the way I am. Now the thoughts I usually keep to myself are suddenly directly received by people I’d usually never share them with because I know they would respond with nothing but hatred (and zero argumentation).

The balance between suicide or genocide for me feelings wise was that in my mind I used to be able to think freely. Now everyone wants me to think whatever they want to think. That’s why I want to die. My mind was the last place where I could truly find peace. The only way to restore that now is either suicide or genocide. (Or people starting to accept the way I am.)


Q: Why do you fend off your telepathic touch?

A: First of all, because people are disrespectful to me. It’s indescribably offensive to first insult someone and then force oneself on that person sexually. (That’s why I kept generally saying: “Do not touch me.”)

Secondly, though it was different in the 2016 – 2017 laky days, it mentally feels the same as being forcefully being passed around sexually, which is awful.

Thirdly, I’ve been trying to end the clinical trial experiment that is administered by what seems to be my relatives. My touch responds differently depending on the compatibility I have with someone. If I’ve been squeezing you off all the way, it’s best you stay far away from me.

I’ve been asking not to be touched mostly because a lot of people are trying to squeeze through by letting someone I’m compatible with in for a second and then letting through someone I’m not compatible with to then be able to say that they also went through but I notice how they cheat the experiment. It’s hard for me to masturbate or even relax with the wrong people trying to enter me all the time.

Lastly, Sidney seems addicted to me and the thought of that is extremely uncomfortable to me (which adds to the inevitable train situation).


Q: Why are you such a stupid bitch?

A: That’s an opinion of many which I disagree with. Personally, I think I’m the greatest person on the planet. But if other people want to think otherwise, they are free to do so. That they think I’m a stupid bitch is not a surprise to me and (especially because they’re not arguing their standpoint) does not change my mind at all. On the contrary. Like are they trying to do the same thing for days on end expecting a different outcome? To do what every person who has access to my mind says is not only a form of submission that does not suit my heart, but also an unmanageable form of anarchy I cannot allow inside my mind and must fight. I don’t get how people think they can invade my mind and then think they will agree with every single thing they find there (or anything at all, maybe). I’m allergic to the mob mentality so it’s endlessly fighting fire with fire. (Plus it’s mostly people who have chosen my parents’ side and see me as nothing but a sex doll.) I’m not a stupid bitch, in my opinion. You should ask my haters why they believe the opposite. It’s nothing but a mosquito sound to me.


Q: Why have you been making anti-Semitic statements?

A: Because all I’ve heard 99% of Jewish people say is that they’re Jewish and therefore believe that they have the right to touch me and they’ve also been the ones saying “You stupid bitch,” most often (so convinced of being right). I believe Jewish Fangyists exist, but the rest seems quite a priority if we want to create peace of mind in The Head Cuddle in the process of elevating the bar through cleansing. When I tell them “Don’t touch me,” they tell me I’m being offensive for going against their (quite very sick apparently sex) culture.


Q: Why do you threaten to kill everyone who calls you a stupid bitch inside your mind?

A: Because they’re being a disturbance not only to me but to everyone else who now has access to my mind. The only way to permanently shut them up – so we can have decent conversations, silence, peace and unity – seems to be by killing them given that they don’t wish to obey my rule inside my own mind (which is fxcking insane to me like I didn’t even invite them and the only way for them to leave is through death).


Q: Why do you play Puddle?

A: I was hoping that, given that allegedly the people inside my mind love me, people would stop collectively being nothing but offensive to me if I’d drown myself for every time people don’t do that. I keep saying that it’s a group chat but I respond (respond, not talk) to people one-on-one and with that people get offended by me swearing back at people’s insults and telling them that they should challenge me instead of swear at me when I speak of genocide (as them disturbing my train of thought, my mind that was where I could be myself, alone in the best way possible), that there would be a group effort trying to establish some sort of balance in the mind we now share.

But no. I’ve been endlessly sworn at since the 26th of February. (I can’t mention that the only way I see this end well with my dignity intact and me alive is genocide, because every time I say the word genocide people start swearing at me, but I can’t unsee the logic. I’m open to this view being challenged, but no one does.) So I drown myself for a couple of seconds – well, I did that yesterday and twice today – for every time someone hurts me inside my own mind, hoping that that would stop the hurting. The effect was, however, the opposite. I guess people don’t like to listen to me.


Q: What do you know about The Head Cuddle 2.0? (Indirectly asked by Hunter?)

A: All I know about it comes from recurring patterns picked up by my intuition. I don’t know if it’s a device or if it’s natural, but it’s been here since May 2017 and has been extended in February 2021.

It seems as if I have an extra special connection with Hunter Biden and Ben Shapiro. Hunter seems able to control half my imagination. Does he know that not everything I say is directed at him? I wonder why he keeps killing me in his imagination*, as if he’s suffering because of me. (Where is he right now?) The same goes for all people I thought I could call Fangyists. Like everyone is constantly hating and stressing about the things I do and say while all I’m trying to do is explain how The Head Cuddle works and how people should behave inside it.

I don’t know how people have responded to my last piece (the one with the packing list), but the noise in this neighborhood seems different lately (and the hate spoken by people in the neighborhood is more in sync with my thoughts in real-time) and sometimes it seems like I hear the sound of suffering nearby. What should I do with this?

Drafted members are abnormally silent lately. My parents were randomly at my house and I punched my mother? I taped off my fire alarm? Is it extremely illegal to be a Fangyist? 🙁

It seems like Hunter and Ben are some of the people who (biologically) have a spiritual connection to me. With that, it seems to create an instant need to surround oneself with people with such a connection.

Not only does Ben have the utmost intense telepathic touch of all for me (like Excalibur), he is also able to do a more extensive reading of my mind. Given that he is someone who is capable of questioning Jewish doctrine, these are worrisome gifts for him to have. Which is why I very seriously need my babyyy.

We have never met. Maybe I’m wrong, but if my texts work like a trail of breadcrumbs, me expecting you to one day become part of my life and afterwards never leave (because we’ll be living together and leaving our present lives behind a.k.a. Volta, running D.O.C.I.S. International) – given that my observations have caused me to trust you (which does not happen often at all), we already half met given that we are now in the group chat in The Head Cuddle 2.0. We are with many others. This answer is to be continued I guess given that this is much more efficient – nearly impossible without – to discuss this in person, where all of our stories blend in and such. (I’m doing this without a manual so it could also all be unconfirmed.)

Most people keep thinking that I’m talking to them individually while in fact I’m trying to manage a discussion in which I respond to everyone but while I respond to one person three other people respond and in that way there’s no oversight and people think everything they hear from me is directed at them personally while it is not.

* It was like he believed that he already visited me according to plan? Like he was misinformed of that and that his experience of The Head Cuddle is one-one-one while it is a group chat (where all is directed at me or is about me). That he thinks the hidden camera footage of mine is CGI and all my words are directed at him and that the train scenario has failed while it’s just still pending.


Q: Why do you keep suggesting for the Netherlands to be flooded?

A: Currently repetitively because most perpetual haters in The Head Cuddle are from there and they also mostly see me as nothing but a sex doll (who should be sworn at for not glorifying the Netherlands). Also to settle climate change.


Q: What does it feel like being aware of being so many people’s #1 person in regard to sexual attraction?

A: It seems like after the last political era in the United States, there’s nothing else left to talk about that is genuinely interesting (for now). Idolatry is not healthy. I wish it was someone else. Especially because what I wish to accomplish and the fact that I can be someone’s #1 while that person doesn’t even exist to me. (It makes me concerned for the people I endorse.)


Q: Why are you being greedy with touching yourself?

A: Given how disrespectful people are to me and intellectually worthless I am to people, I feel disgusted by the thought of them, after people doing nothing but swearing at me for days on end, pleasing themselves in the midst of me being taken over by thoughts of suicide and my inner peace being disrupted entirely. My telepathic touch is something very special to me, which strikes me very deeply physically and emotionally. I prefer to close that off from people who endlessly keep swearing at me instead of trying to understand me.


Q: Why did you stop masturbating?

A: Because people keep telepathically touching me without my consent. Now when I masturbate, I keep hearing random people tell me “You stupid bitch,” and then touching me telepathically while my walls reject them. It takes even longer than usual for me to get an orgasm and I’d rather not touch other people and thus myself in this state of sexual group psychosis.


Q: Why do you not want to become a celebrity?

A: Mostly because people think I deserve “tough love” and I think that’s extremely unjustified. I’d rather not have people like that, also capable of carrying so much unending (as in not killing but the feelings not vanishing either) hate for an individual, be involved into my “9 – 5” way to pay the bills. They’re calling me a stupid bitch already, in other words I’ve been canceled (twice) already before even having started anyway and I consider this unforgivable from my side.

Maybe in a couple of weeks they will be tired of hating on every single thought I have. If I haven’t found a decent way to commit suicide by then. This is unbearable.

DO. NOT. TOUCH. ME. Filthy kanker haters.

We’re doing 48 hours of rest. You don’t talk to me or about me and I don’t talk to you or about you. Go focus on important things. Leave this stupid bitch the god damn kanker kanker kanker fuck alone.


Question from me: Was Hunter B. touching his nose recently?

Question from me: What makes you people think you can change my mind from the inside out? (Like why, not say “you stupid bitch” some more.)

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