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Can someone be given a search warrant when the door is not answered?

Sure it can be argued that my actions on 2 Sundays ago were not the most stoic of sorts. But it hasn’t changed a thing anyway, given that nearly every night still I’m unreasonably disturbed by loud noise coming from next door. And not just any loud noise: hateful shxt directed at me.

Now they are not the only people speaking evil of me behind my back and thinking that I don’t know this, but still, it has to be quelled somewhere to send a message to the rest. I don’t even care that only 1 in 1000 people is capable of not deeply hating me. That’s something I’ve been dealing with at full steam since 2017, of course. Thanks mom and dad. 🙂

I’m just annoyed by the fact that people think they can say the worst things about me and then still think they’re better people. Like shut the fxck up you worthless piece of shxt look in the fxcking mirror for once.

And I just wanted to point out the fact that since that Sunday I’ve still been disturbed by loud noise, like a day after that Sunday I’ve said: “Say that to my face you fxcking pussy I didn’t hear you say that last night.” But yesterday, for example, I didn’t say anything. It’s a waste of energy given that they just don’t fxcking stop. But of course I’m seen as the bad person because I consider death a solution and I have my own websites. Whatever.

Since publishing my piece on Friday I already knew that they would be coming for me today. “Where does she live? (Referring to which door.)” (“Waar zit ze?”) I heard someone ask in the hallway on Friday around 4 PM. I thought they would be coming for me that day already, but aight preparation or weekend or something so today.

This morning, not long after I fed my liefje and went back to bed and, “unusually”, locked my bedroom door during daytime, someone rang the doorbell twice. Then I heard people talking outside, including a man saying: “But she’s home.” (“Ze is gewoon thuis.”) (Which is very correct ha I have not been outdoors – not even for groceries – since the 9th of February. (I’m tired of being outnumbered by haters anywhere I go again thanks parents. (I’m out of Spa bottles. 🙁 ))) I was playing solitaire, dodging a huge potential headache.

I don’t know if they will give up or whatever they’ll do next but I just wanted to say that I have been being cursed at and stuff after my 3 AM stunt and I’ve been calm on the outside ever since (I’ll admit while still feeling massacre level anger on the inside but when do I not feel that ha), with no intentions of wanting to try to kill anyone when I’m here by myself without anyone supporting me. So whatever they say or do next: I might feel things regular people don’t feel, but I still have self-control. I just wanted to mention that.

Also I caught my liefje sleeping sideways on his leafje last night. <3_<3

God <3_<3

Isn’t he the cutest entity who has ever lived. <3_<3

I also pulled this off on Friday night haha.

And that was about everything that could make it to the “life updates” section, which I don’t want to use in the coming piece anyway, so that’s out of the way.

Other than that writing weekly is great. It creates more of the idea of working towards something, instead of just randomly typing anything that comes up all the time. Unfortunately, however, as long as we keep doing this thing where people keep staring at how I’m struggling and my people who could have something far better to do are doing their routinous things they do with so much joy in their hearts, I can’t give you the real niss. If I’m not the one carrying out the policies then I can’t tell you what the policies should be. (There’s some common ground, which will be my focus for this week’s piece if things don’t change.)

Just leave. It’s not physically impossible.

Ciao x


I can still put together decent meals.

Eventually, when I really don’t have a choice anymore, I might decide to dash to the store. But I think I can still last at least a couple of days. I’m making a lot of pastries and stuff. I made scones the other day. And tuna pasteitjes yesterday. Later tonight I might make pigs in a blanket. (Frying them is very stupid. :p)

It’s my first time using a can of beans and carrots. Mind you that my rations have always been for me to at some point be saved given how essential I am. :p

The most annoying part of all of this is that the man knows he is a disturbance and if he’d just not scream and put all electronic sound on max there would be nothing going on here. But he just doesn’t give a fxck. (I should have gotten a discount on my rent, then.) I’d really like to send a message to all the NPC zombie fxcks out there. Currently I’m, however, quite very outnumbered, so if you’d just dash… 🙂

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