There Is No News – Week 6, 2021

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The “ad text”:

There is no news. But you could download and/or read my most recent weekly piece if you’re interested. I upload a new piece every Friday around 3 PM CET.

The overview:

In overview, this week’s piece discusses “my little saltwater visje” and his leafje, what seems to be pending for a return to normalcy, the fact that there is no news, an updated draft for D.O.C.I.S. International, the code red, an orgasmic casserole, a continuation about D.O.C.I.S. International’s ceteris paribus situation, universal moderate “cultural traditionalism” and Fangyism versus capitalism.

I’ll do images first, then the GIFs and then the video. Mind you as I’m writing this I still need to upload the images, make and upload the GIFs and edit and upload the video (filmed with my (old Android) phone last night okay I’m telling you in advance haha).

Before walk.
During walk. I walked mostly alongside the park instead of in the park. Shoes are meant to be walked on but I wanted to use them without having shoe spray (apparently) so I actively avoided potential muddiness. Also it was raining and groceries and Saturday so my walk was short.
An illustration of the vacuum thing I improvised. (I throw all aquarium nastiness in my bath tub, which is why the picture is taken here, and then clean the bath tub (when I get to that lol).)
Doing this myself saved me 20 bucks haha.
Need to wash dishes but omg I’ve been dreaming of an empty kitchen counter. The cans are gone. <3_<3
Somebody please explain this to me because I’ve been blood thirsty for a very long time. If this is the hate crime it looks like you better give me a license to kill. I haven’t been on my balcony in months. (You better pray that I don’t run into your bxtch asses in the fxcking hallway domme kk bokoes. I am soooo fxcking doneeeeee.)

Trespassing and the incredibly disrespectful violation of my perfect snow do not outweigh the insult that is a fact. I don’t get why people don’t file noise complaints either. It would be a relief to not only me, I think.

GIFs are uploading.

Tail pretty 1
Tail pretty 2
Only after I fed him, I realized his water level was low, which is why he had trouble reaching his food this morning. But as you can see he tilts himself sideways to eat here.

Now I’ll be editing the video I recorded last night.

The video is on its way. Something else I mentioned in this week’s piece is that I’d tag is this piece on deprivatization. (opens in new tab) And the video that comes with that:

And finally, my Minecraft tour is online:

If I forgot anything, I guess I’ll include that in next week’s piece.

Have a great weekend.


Featured image by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels.

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