A New Format – Week 5, 2021

Download it here.

I’m still pasting in “the exclusive” haha hang on…

Ehm the PDF says that it will be available in plain text here but fxck that, actually. (The graphs haha…) I’ll just show you exclusive GIFs and images here. 🙂

Bert on nose.

The first two pictures I took and then afterwards seeking less strong filters to see the products better.

Boxes extravaganza.

And finally I present to you this week’s masterpiece. The exclusive of exclusives:

Bert in plants.


Also the “ad text”, in case you missed out:

Daily blogging is a thing of the past (hahaha). From now on I, as the owner of D.O.C.I.S. International, will publish a(n extensive) piece of writing every Friday at 3 PM CET/CEST. It will also be available for download so you can easily distribute it if you like. 🙂

And the overview:

In overview, this week’s piece discusses the new format, Bertje’s habitat, the future of stock trading, political synchronicity, the donorregister ad campaign, a recap of what got me here, my latest acquisitions, D.O.C.I.S. International’s ceteris paribus situation, the emotional side of the Volta and future society through the scope of moderate “cultural traditionalism”.

I hope it will be nice weather tomorrow as well because I’ve had like 3 hours of sleep and I can’t seem to overcome the barrier of actually taking the steps to expose myself to the city life stimuli once again. Nap time it isss.

Anyway fijn weekenddd <3


A GIF image from “GIF Images Download” via Google Images

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