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I’m thinking of doing weekly updates? Writing daily is very time consuming and with that I tend to neglect other things. And it’s starting to become extremely routinous. So currently I’m considering writing an update every Friday – and whenever I feel a strong need to write something that can’t wait until Friday. (Ha if there were people who’d like to write about their daily lives and perception on here in the meantime I’d consider that very yayed. (Of course not just anyone.))

Most of the main topics that occupy my mind I’ve already written about very extensively – my alternatives for running a society and the painful drama that is my personal life. I don’t feel like recapping everything when a new aspect is added. I don’t feel like sharing any insight into the progression of my personal painfulness at all. Especially because I’ve been able to cope with it an indescribable lot better in the last year.

Cuteness Update

So the first thing I’d like to update you on is on how cute my Bertje is.

Look at this adorable liefje of mine ( – 3 -)

He brings me so much joy. ( – 3 -) A dangerous amount of love and joy coming for such a tiny and fragile entity. 🙁

His health is decent again. (He was likely vomiting from trying to eat rotting leaves overnight the other day.) His plants are annoying me – I rushed the decoration of his aquarium the last time I did it – so I need to find a solution for that. But he’s making another bubble nest – one I’m hoping to not destoy for another full water change – near the plants so I guess if he doesn’t mind then I don’t mind either. His diet is now 2 days of bloodworms and 2 days of brine shrimp alternately.

I love how at night he swims to me for his good night’s kiss and then looks at his light pad knowing I’m going to turn his light off.

More Countries

Something I did yesterday – aside from filing D.O.C.I.S. International’s taxes for the last quarter of 2020 (nothing to report) – was starting another ad campaign. The main differences between this one and the previous one are: I’ve added France, Italy, the Dutch Antilles and Suriname to the list (crazy that I forgot about that the previous round); this is an untargeted ad (no keywords, no categories); the ad’s goal is now more to remind people of the advertiser than to gain traffic for the governmental website though, of course, the call-to-action is still there; the total budget is lower (€50 previous €33 now (websites, ads, publishing etc. are cheap if you do everything yourself)) and I’m using CPM this time instead of CPV. A CPM of €1 for 1000.

I consider it a unique initiative. I don’t do it for money: I don’t want your money and I don’t profit off of this. It’s just a display of what could be. Objectively, I remind you of a due date imposed by the government and explain what the choice to be made entails (in more detail than you’ll find elsewhere). Though incentivized by considering it my civic duty to share information when the government doesn’t, I love being that person in general. The underlying intention here specifically is for awareness to be raised further through word of mouth.

The rest I’ll share later today aye good night x

02:35 (AM) CET


I’ll keep this one short, I guess. There are still a few things on the list that my house needs before I consider it “100% finished”. A process for which I take my time. (Not that I really have another choice when it comes to that.)

Things I mentioned that were on my list were a fake plant, analog clocks and a new desk lamp now that I’ve spontaneously sacrificed my other desk lamp for Bert. Those things, among other things, I’ve ordered yesterday.

I’m sooo excited about these clocks. <3_<3 I’ve ordered one with a pendulum for the living room and one more plain one for my bedroom. Currently, when I’m not looking at my phone, I use the clock on the thermostat to see what time it is. (A watch is further down the list.) So I, with my intentions of spending less and less time looking at a screen, very much look forward to just looking at a wall clock the way I’ve been used to and also the way it will make my place look more and more complete. <3_<3

My next objective (priorities haha) is a closet to fix the construction on my living room floor.

The Fangyist Alternative

The last thing I wanted to do is further clarify my position on “the people’s revenge” on the stock market. I am not a populist. I’m anything but a populist. (Given my attitude that likely does not come as a surprise at all.) Principles guided by my heart and my logic – something that has reached consistency throughout last year – are the scope through which I consider what is right and what is wrong. So sometimes what I consider good is in favor of the people and sometimes it isn’t. (I’d say the constant here is whether it preserves the planet or not.)

The main reason why I’m not a fan of populism is that the people wanting it doesn’t mean that it’s good. Looking at the party I once supported, for example, the people voting for high speed trains to rural areas will come with serious demographic consequences. Doing “Do we want this?” “Yes!” “Do we want that?” “Yes!” seems to have a snowball effect that drifts further and further away from principle.

Being in favor of the people “winning” on the stock market is not what in itself preserves nature. On the contrary. Currently, it’s 1% of people being absurdly rich and the other 99% of people being “regular”, and the levels of consumption that come with that. (Statistically this is very abstractly described, but) if more and more people from that 99% become able to live and consume like the 1%, that will have more adverse effects on the habitability of the planet. What I’m in favor of is levels of consumption not changing too much but increasing quality within the level of consumption. (The less people, the more change is possible.)

I am not against the existence of an elite, I just think the current elite is absolute trash. They have the power to literally do anything without being stopped and all they do is enrich themselves over the backs of others, while leaving a path of destruction behind. And hey maybe like 3 people of all elitists are actually good people, who should be spared, but overall things would be better if the people who have the power but don’t use it for good didn’t exist.

And of course all mechanisms that exist within the system exist so that things don’t spiral out of control – that’s what distinguishes any system from anarchy. The stock market keeps the value of money in check in a similar way the law keeps politicians in check: if they choose to not ignore its workings, that is. Financial competition is what kept the stock market in balance, just like competition for voters is what prevents politicians from unleashing their inner demon.

As a vulture, I need the balance to be disrupted for me to be able to convert anyone to living under my rule. People must make their own mistakes and first fall incredibly near-deadly (or post-deadly) hard to be open to listening to my word of guidance. The point that they admit that they need me. (That I don’t say anything absolutely does not mean that things are good. It also doesn’t mean that things are bad. I just speak when people can’t try to take over my words of guidance without me being acknowledged as the person who is listened to. I mean look at how amazingly the corona stuff is being handled.)

Here, it is the game of the elite backfiring on the elite, followed by (over time) the game of the people backfiring on the people. (The elitist abuse of power interfering in the market here is just an (unacceptable but very predictable) in-between step. That’s them choosing to ignore the way it’s supposed to work.) It’s all temporary wealth.

The economy must crash into oblivion, because only then people will consider my alternative (without being seen as crazy, unless you consider anarchy a better option, to which I say the very best of luck please don’t bother me with that shxt). Now mind you that I only want that to preserve the planet. Again, I am not a populist. For me, the opposite from “the more people, the better” is true. For the well-being of the majority of people, it would be better if the economy would stay intact. But the elite is (intentionally, unintentionally) choking that option to death. That’s not on me. I allow for people to pursue their happiness and don’t interfere in that, but as soon as that fails and that allows for me to pursue my happiness, I will strike.

In my idea of a better world, there is no stock market at all. In the Fangyist system, every organization is a non-profit in which the ability to innovate is incorporated in the retail price. The ability to start a business you get from the permission and resources you then get from the government, without a loan. This permission is based on the criteria that determine that your business is fruitful (not if there are already too many of the same business (market coverage), not if it supports something that is considered immoral to a Fangyist). “Government” is here a handful of selected local Fangyists, not the bunch of morons that is running your countries.

In the Fangyist system, the entire stock market is replaced by the sub-department of analysts from the Economicus department, who monitor supply and demand and use that (with algorithms to) determine prices (partially centrally, while taking into consideration the amount of options in local markets and originality of products and such (like you could travel somewhere else to visit a store that sells a unique product)). The stock market has got to go. Only a negligible amount of people actually cares about the businesses they invest in. On top of that, it makes no sense to put the amount of value of a business that is off the “correct” value of a business into your pocket. (I mean then just allow a business to innovate or let the value it has be the value it should have, given that that is its value. (Would you valuate businesses for free?))

I agree there should be an elite, but that should not be people with self-proclaimed importance doing nothing but making more money by moving around money. In the Fangyist philosophy, money has no value until it manifests itself in something tangible. (Here, tangible is actually both tangible and intangible. Something that is purchased, basically. (Like you can’t see that someone has €50.000 in savings or stocks until he/she has spent it and you see what he/she has spent it on. Before that, the money is not “real”. (Not saying that you should spend all your savings without thinking about it.))) From that principle comes the ideal of centrally calculating prices that hold that philosophy into account.

Very often I (maybe used to like I don’t know because I just never pick up anymore) get phonecalls of people trying to sell me stocks. One saleswoman’s pitch was: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in the future everyone would make money just by investing in stocks?”

My reply was: “If that is the future, then I will kill myself.” You can’t tell me the purpose of life is to neurotically watch the value of a number go up and down all the time. The value of it is all in your head. It’s psychotic. Especially because it insinuates that anything purchasable just falls from the sky.

Finance, by the way, is not a science. It’s just a bunch of agreements. (Ugh don’t waste my time with that bullshxt. 🙁 )

And I’m saying this because I pursue what I consider good. Or the best I can do with what is available to me. Otherwise I’d be saying: “Buy Bitcoin! Buy more Bitcoin! Anything just make sure that more Bitcoin code is generated!” all the time. Because I guess that indirectly keeps me afloat. But still I think it’s a fiat currency and all stock market value does not resemble any real value. I don’t own any stocks and never will.

Oh and by the way: organized efforts of resistance are evidently far more effective than an organized protest where people scream into the aether and/or burn down a couple of buildings.


So that were all the main things I wanted to mention. For the rest of the day, I’ll mention whatever randoms come to mind until the day ends and then I’ll see you next week unless something comes up that can’t wait until next week.

Yesterday I made tortillas that were half all-purpose flour and half corn flour and they were incredibly tasty. <3_<3

14:57 (02:57 PM) CET

Zie dit schattige toneelstukje. (opens in new tab)

15:30 (03:30 PM) CET

I’ll be adding Moonlight Sonata to the pieces I practice. And it seems like I had an unjust first impression of Kiwi, in the sense that he doesn’t seem to be conforming to the self-neglectful kind of minimalism. I’m not sure yet because I tend to save the best for later. Like tomorrow’s breakfast or something. (Something similar goes for my sister by the way there it was more just a philosophical seventh. I still, however, know examples that fit my description.)

Other than that, I don’t have anything to say, really. So I’ll be solitude’ing and collecting interesting thoughts until next Friday. Unless I’ll have to use my beacon or something really crazy happens where I can’t keep myself from sharing the unique way I think about it. But collecting things for Friday is much better.

So ye ehm keep enjoying your coolness and happiness hard because otherwise I’ll strike. Bertje tells you “Good night”. See you next weekkk. Bye liefje ( – 3 -)

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Ha remember when I used to do that all the time??? Hilarious.

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