Lil Propagandist?


This feels like a hangover.

When I turned off Bert’s light at like 1 AM last night (and mine at like 3), I told him that we’re going to uitslapen. Because even Bert – who doesn’t seem to get tired of swimming all the time haha – needs his resting hours.

I woke up at 6 and then woke up at 8, having some terrible nightmares I don’t even want to write about (certain individuals looking at themselves in the mirror knowing they will die for what they have done and shxt (to me it’s like just get it over with man I hate the feeling of suspense here specifically because it hurts even more) (and oh my god a cramped Dutch vinexwijk where they still had Christmas decorations in April because corona made them feel like Christmas hadn’t come yet)). I stayed in bed until about 11.

The first thing I did was een beetje opruimen.

Looks a lot better than yesterday.

Then I fed Bert some brine shrimp. (That cup was from yesterday, by the way. I do not sleep with make-up on.)

At first we were both like “Is this the food?”, but I’m glad he ended up liking it. It must be odd having your food fall from the sky.

Going HAM.

*sigh* I have to clean his gravel. 🙁 But part of me wants to wait until the leaves have decayed. But he sometimes mistakes the leaves for food and then spits it out again. That better not get him sick again. 🙁 I changed only 2/3 of the water (ended up doing more than half ye) because some of his “old water” finally had some nitrate in it. It feels far too soon to start all over again.

I put the other video online last night:

I made it age restricted because I was swearing and ranting about my phycisian. And I, by the way, changed my pants when going outside because in this gloomy era it feels unjust to wear golden pants outside. Also clothes fit me but they never fit me like they were actually made for me.

What I want to do today is put the reminder on my other main websites, see if I can turn my video into a YouTube ad and figure out the reach and stuff (I mean my preference goes out to global, but often with my budget it then only goes to the (I’m sorry it’s like this) “cheapest” countries and that defeats the purpose of it being a reminder) and make dinner (fried riceee <3_<3).

I’ll definitely be doing this from my bed given that I’m in potato mode. So I’ll install myself in a few. But first:


Apparently I missed out on the story about Trump’s hyperpartisan Rolex? Oh jeetje. 🙁
Oh no he didn’t. 😮
Belgians just need to get wild (and science is a waste of money).

12:31 (PM) CET

Oh, by the way, apparently if you don’t do it before 3 Feb you can still change it. But it’s not like you can think: “Oh I’m going to die tomorrow, well better change that donor setting now.” Honestly it’s the same as permanent. Especially because you were given this in December with months to decide, so you’re more likely like “Oh yes I’ll get to that,” and then forget. If they were really campaigning for you to remember to register since then, I would have known.

Willen ze lijken op sterk water hebben ofzo?

12:51 (PM) CET

Haha I randomly scrolled through my old YouTube subscriptions and randomly wondered if Ownage Pranks still made videos. This was hilarious:

13:08 (01:08 PM) CET

I tackled one website:

I’m currently tackling LilFangs.com.

17:03 (05:03 PM) CET

My ad is onlineee. 😀

First I tried it…
…like this, but…

Using all-caps like that violates the guidelines. I could request an exception but I’m not going to wait for the approval (or more likely disapproval) of the people who have authority over things like this.

So you can find me…
…like this.

If you search words like “Rutte”, “toeslagenaffaire”, “Joe Biden”, “Trump”, “Hunter Biden”, “corona”, “2021” and other stuff like that, you’re more likely to find me. 🙂

Targeted places are Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Florida. 🙂

I’ll be making dinner x

19:38 (07:38 PM) CET

Apparently I wasn’t the only one visiting LilFangs.com non-anonymously today.

Haha heeeyyy. 😀

Also I see they’re loving the curfew in the Netherlands.

I’ve been missing out. (My dad sent me this.)
Aaahahahaha. I deeply miss those font effects hey Bill wtf.
We have enjoyed our meals.

I wanted to eat fish actually but after putting mince in the freezer it couldn’t close anymore so I had to defrost something that fit my rice.

My ads dashboard shows 0 conversions for my ad but the amount of views is rising (like way more than usual)(107 currently) so it’s likely lagging. The campaign will be running until Wednesday.

& I’ve been playing the piano and had some idea for something (classical) to play under a house beat (in the style of the beginning of the 2000’s). It needs some practice though maybe I’ll be rushing over that next weekend.

Good nighttt x

00:05 (12:05 AM) CET

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