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Good morning liefjeee ( – 3 -)


I just fed Bert some spinach and recorded it. I’ve been thinking about making one quick reminder video and making one video in which I fill out the form, tackle the paperwork thingy, go to the pet store and share my piano progress. (Luckily I have enough left overs, so this could be something. As in I could do this all at once and not end up making dinner at 2 AM, because I don’t have to.) (Because it’s a fun occupation. Though I feel underrated so my yays are often not visible.)

So I guess I’m going to get ready and get started…

09:50 (AM) CET

In the reminder video I will be objective. In the other video I’ll be sharing my personal experience and that thus will not be objective. Given that the government only gives pro-donation arguments, I think it would be healthy to also share some arguments against. But I won’t be pushing that the way I’ll try to push the other video.

I’ll be filming nowww x

13:06 (01:06 PM) CET

Viddyay 1 is here:

Meanwhile I also went to the pet store. I’ll be *sigh* changing half of the water in Bert’s tank – also recording that – and then get to the rest of the things on my list.

16:55 (04:55 PM) CET

I’m editing the second video nowww. (I’d rather have all these things over with than make multiple videos.)

21:47 (09:47 PM) CET

A video of 1 hour and 12 minutes is currently processing. In it, I introduce you to my new roommate, go to the pet store, install Bert’s new plants, change 2/3 of the water in his aquarium, eat some soup (usually I eat with Bert but I’ve been active after a long time so I got hungry faster), fill out the organ donation thing, play the piano, feed Bert his dinner and play some more piano.

When that is online, I’m going to try to push the other video (the short one, of course) as a YouTube ad, to see if that’s a possibility. But that will likely be tomorrow. (I have the feeling that my weekends are like weekdays and my weekdays are like weekends. Oh ha wait this is eternal holiday 1.0. With some kusje would be 2.0. (And with the D.O.C.I.S. empire it would be 3.0) ( – 3 -))

Anyway, I’ll be taking a bath (haha) ciao x

23:34 (11:34 PM) CET

Photo from Joybynature via Google Images

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