Peaceful Solitude 2

Good morning <3

My breakfast has been postponed. Around 08:30 I turned on Bert’s light and noticed that Bert’s belly is still swollen like he just ate and he seems to do the floating thing, so I’m not giving breakfast and his dinner will likely be like one microscopic flake of spinach. There were a lot more bloodworms in the one drop of substance I put in the aquarium last night than I expected. Now I can stay in bed for longer hehehe.

Last night I saw a video that touched me:

Seeing someone be praised for doing something that was your idea and/or you can do better hurts. I find it sad to hear that this liefje of mine is going through that. But unfortunately it is no surprise. She is so one-of-a-kind in an industry in which nearly everyone else is literally the same. I rarely come across people with such a vibrant personality and such striking intelligence. It comes to no surprise that others plagiarize her ideas and that she stays very underrated, but it pains me to hear that she was more than aware of that all along.

Everyone who I’ve been following and/or endorsing/supporting consistently, I consider very underrated people whose creativity very often seems to be copied by others. Intelligent people in this society never get the acknowledgement and respect they deserve. (But I consider it better to stay an outcast than to be even more exposed to jealous people with fake smiles. It is my mission to create a living environment in which people like me are not outcasts anymore.)

I do not like drawing the race card and I rarely do, but I do (also) think that women of color are affected by this the most. The idea that we can be intelligent, creative and entrepreneurial is often met with disbelief. I have been voicing myself against leftist racial propaganda because it only makes the problem worse.

I agree with that people (all kinds of people, that is) should share more about what it’s like to be them. But what it’s like to be them individually and not what it’s like to be them statistically as part of some racial group, contrasting that which will globally be enhanced in the political sphere. Because there are far too many people who see a person’s race and other physical features of them and then makes assumptions about his/her personality and treats him/her based on that. If that doesn’t stop (and if that is enhanced) there will always be conflict and there will never be true progress again.

Rational white people are being encouraged not to be themselves anymore because of the leftist interpretation of history and statistics. White people who think freely, white people who don’t earn much and/or white people who prefer rural life are forced to behave like people they are not. (That does not mean that all of them are rational, especially because…) Those who think in racial binaries (now) consider (the existence of) all black people/minorities the reason why they have to suffer (because of the choices their politicians make). (This while in reality they often share common values with people of color.)

The real problem with racism is the white people who consider minorities the reason of their suffering and the white people who consider themselves good people by extorting people to submit to their incorrect interpretation of history and statistics. There are plenty of people of color who are riding this wave, taking advantage of white people destroying their heritage, not realizing that the society they are contributing to will set us back 500 years.

Yes, I’m pinning this on race, because this bullshxt is based on associating qualities of structure and intelligence with race. Having decent values is now – by the cult – considered a feature of “whiteness” and “whiteness” is bad. This while the haunted down values of those who have “whiteness”, are very similar to those in the traditional Surinamese culture and the way they have been fending off the racist globalists brainwashed by the leftist racial propaganda trying to invade their country. That is not “multiracial whiteness” (I swear if you want me to snap and physically knock someone out then keep saying shxt like that), because they are trying to fend off the (white) people who believe that only white people can be intelligent. They are a danger because they don’t realize how incredibly fxcking dumb and destructive they are. (All they do is crank the whip. The brains are not with them. (With their concrete and their plastic supermarket food and their imbalancing health care “solutions”. I healed my foot with just a stick and I cured my fish with just salt. Stay far a-fxcking-way from me with your fxcking vaccinations.))

In the end, the elite is still largely white and they are the ones with the most legal force in this world. They have full control over what is taught in schools, what is seen on TV, what you’re allowed and encouraged to say/do. (And it’s all bullshxt, but…) They believe that only white people are intelligent enough to make these decisions. (That is why women of color never get any credit and that is why I can’t respect the vice president and AOC for the weak, spineless and opportunistic ways in which they act.)

Here, I freely share the ideas of mine that I don’t consider my best ideas. Create some silent dependency and then choke them out and smoke them out. What do you think of my most recent policy ideas? :p I see corona is going great. They will definitely be able to solve the crises created by nothing but themselves. Surely this one woman of color can’t do better than thousands of racist and arrogant white people (and people of color with a slave mentality) combined. Best of luck. If not, I will be opening a souvenir shop soon if you know what I mean. Popcorn tastyyy.

I’ll be eating yogurt x

11:17 (AM) CET

I luncheddd.
People actually believe this shxt?
In case you’re Dutch and wondering which party to vote for. I told y’all SGP rules. (They also seem less likely to attract opportunists and more likely prevent further (hyper)urbanization.)

My words haven’t been reflecting the peaceful solitude I experience in my life. This because the workings of society are quite the stoorzender but if I tune out 100% I might miss out on measures like with the mask mandate. (It seems only a matter of time until cloth masks will be illegalized. But I don’t want to wear blue mask. 🙁 ) I can’t risk losing my peaceful solitude. In regard to yesterday: I’m not a citizen so I assume I can’t be purged like that? I think all corona related things are exaggerations but I do must say I like the innovation, initiative, collaboration and leadership I’ve been seeing observing this country. (I don’t understand why mainstream people in both countries consider the Dutch the better of the two.)

Of course real peaceful solitude is found in something more rural and deserted. But still I’m living the pareto optimum given where I was financially and socially. Living in peaceful solitude in a more rural area would have been something for me if I had a car and savings (and a gun just in case).

I received more loooot. <3_<3
Including salty pirate meat and fa chong sausages that will take my fried rice to the next level. (Sent with ice packs. Mailed yesterday.)
And the essence of life. <3_<3

The soup I’ll be making for dinner will be exceptionally tasty. <3_<3 (I prefer things 100% natural, but if there’s only an artificialized alternative I’d 100% rather take that than nothing. (& Is it by the way just me or have supermarkets replaced all their E-numbers with chemistry/”natural” names?))

I also have to do my civic duty of filling out this form.
I wonder in which countries this is normalized. And in which countries not yet. :p (“In the unfortunate event of your passing,” something like that I’d suggest.)
Like does your government also do organ harvesting? :p
It’s odd when you really think about it. (Fam if you need this little explanation form right here… I really don’t understand why they say that Belgians are stupid. My God.)

I consider it a fun controversy to discuss. I mean it’s about a serious topic, but I enjoy deep conversations like this. I kind of like that they’re inescapable.

Solidarity is one of the core values in the Netherlands. I’ve always, especially because of my partly traditionalist upbringing, felt that there’s something just not right about my dead body being butchered. Like my soul that doesn’t die still needs to have my body intact or something. But saying “I’m 100% against donating my organs,” would then make me feel like I’m saying that I don’t care about my fellow citizens. (I mean I only 90% don’t care about my fellow citizens if they don’t bother me, so I do care. :p)

I thought that I once already filled this out when this was the topic for a high school assignment. I believe I only chose some organs, like kidneys and lungs, but to leave my skin and my heart intact. But now I will change this to a full “no”, for two additional reasons aside from it being against my traditionalist philosophy. (I mean mummification exists, but there still the body stays one in a way.)

Firstly, having plenty of first-hand experience of how capital driven doctors are, I have the feeling that if I’m terminally ill or if I barely survived an accident, that the doctor would think, if I’m on the donor list, that it is more profitable to let me die and harvest my organs. (Especially because they’ll also take into consideration the fact that I’m a person of color, that I’m unemployed and that there’s serious overpopulation and the health care system being “maxed out” and stuff.) On top of that, I’m pretty intelligent and I fear the event in which Bill Gates walks around with a piece of my brain.

And secondly, I don’t know any real-life “success stories” of organ and/or tissue transplants. I mean yes, I have the feeling that 90% of Dutch TV content is either “I’m so sad I’m on the waiting list for an organ and I still haven’t received it yet there are not enough organs available you should really sign up,” or “I just received my organs I am so happy now look at me smiling you should really be a better person and sign up as a donor and make someone happy.” But that’s all governmental PR/propaganda.

Always when I see someone whose skin has turned yellowish, someone who can never drink alcohol anymore because otherwise straight to hospital, someone who’s always taking tons of medication in a day, someone who barely has any physical capabilities etc. and I ask about their condition, they say that they’ve had an organ transplant. Somehow they believe that they would have been off worse if they kept their own organs. (But just like with transgenderism, I guess that’s just a state of mind.)

My last former psychiatrist, for example, had a kidney transplant. In the weeks I visited him, he started walking with a walking stick, had episodes of weakness and dizziness for which he was then prescribed (more) pills to simmer that down, and once took a break to lie down amidst a session. It’s difficult to bring up because it’s something you can’t undo. Name one instance in which someone who didn’t take medicines from the Western world had to get someone else’s organs to stay alive. I think that donating organs and tissue in the end helps no one (aside from the people cashing in, of course).

If I’m correct, if you don’t fill this out before February 3rd, your settings will be automatically (and permanently) set to: “Yes, donate everything.” Random purgery like this are reasons why I’d rather get rid of my Dutch nationality. But the Dutch government is (hardly) inescapable. (And it pains me to see the United States go down that same road.)

I’ve often mentioned the controversy in health care and what it means for the quality of life. Without saying too much, I’d like to show you something I came across recently. A news clip (see this is why they need American news) of a young boy who has been diagnosed with “being allergic to gravity”:

It is a taboo to respond to this with anything that is not “Oh how sad this justifies more money invested in health care (and we need more organ donors),” or “Oh, so brave.” I’m very sorry for what I’m about to say, but: this is a life that costs at least three lives (and plenty of investors apparently). I’ll leave it there.

I think I’ll devote tomorrow and tomorrow’s post to filling out my choice (or non-choice) for in the donor registry. Something else I’ll be doing then is (ugh) responding to questions about my tax returns from 2018. I’ll talk about it then ugh that’s enough Dutch (or real-life EU) politics for today.

Time to make some souppp.

17:57 (05:57 PM) CET

Bertje’s belly is back to normal, by the way. 🙂 (He was making the motion of turning around here. Not lifelessly staring at glass or glass surfing.)

Sometimes I drop his food at the purple pebbles (something that (I’m happy to say because it feels quite boring) keeps fascinating him) in such a way that it slips in between it. He often wriggles himself in between them searching for food. (I guess last night he found too much, because his belly had turned all white from skin expansion.) It looks like how I look when I want to pick up something from next to my bed or on the ground but I feel like don’t want to leave my bed or move in general. Like his body touches the pebbles when he hovers over them and sometimes he lays on them. Sometimes when he does it I rush to his aquarium thinking that he has died and then he swims up like: “Nothing to worry about here. I was just looking for food.”

I haven’t started making soup yet. I was just scrolling through what I’ve written today, thinking: “This is more than just odd.” Like it’s pretty damn insane and the schizophrenia thing just an inconvenience (an extremely hurtful one (like hurtful because it’s absolute and unfounded bullshxt and you can’t then punch the doctor in the face because then becomes worse)) that in the end works in my favor. Because with that I can never be on the same page with them by default.

I was thinking that it had been quite a while since I’ve been harassed by the government. Also, I noticed that the url for the letter in Turkish is “/turk”. Which is odd to say the least, given that for all other languages it’s “/language name” like English and Chinese, but for Turkish people it’s “/nationality based ethnicity group”.

The Head Cuddle zegt: “Geef me rugdekking.” (“Cover me.”) Kleine mededeling. :p

I’ll be washing dishes and making soup x

18:55 (06:55 PM) CET

Soup baseee.

In a tiny pan, I first cooked a slice of zoutvlees to quickly take out some of the saltiness. (Like you really don’t want to eat this without taking some salt out of it first…)

Then, while the heat was turned on for that, I let half an onion get slightly glazed in some butter, added some pieces of chicken to it, salted that threw in some allspice granules and let the skin of the chicken change color. (From pink-ish to off-white.) Then added the slice of zoutvlees which I diced after it was cooked for a little while. (Like the pan was boiling for not more than 5 minutes. It was a really tiny piece. The traditional way to tackle this is by letting it rest in cold water for like half an hour. If you want the meat to, for example, have a more crisp texture, I’d recommend that.) because I’m wildcatty and I like my tayer (the like brown hairy potato that is white on the inside, not the leaves) soft, I added tayer and plantain to that and not long after that I poured in hot water and crumbled in some maggi stock blocks.

I thought there were still some cans of coconut milk in my ration, but apparently not. 🙁 So I decided to throw in some sliced okra. It might as well be some sort of okersoep. Then I put in a whole madame jeanette pepper and let that boil along for a while (but just a few minutes if you don’t want it to be spicy) to extract the flavor from it. (Mine is still in the pan.)

Meanwhile I’m on my second plate. (And it seems like my oxygen plants are dying. 🙁 I should get new ones. Hopefully they won’t be infected.)
He did the thinggg. Haha silly cute visje. ( – 3 -)

I already had a glass of yellow Fernandes in the afternoon. My all-time favorite. Later I might eat a slice of spekkoek.

Having spekkoek and fa chong as “cultural” (not traditional) foods I eat, reflects the cultural diversity of Suriname. Spekkoek is Indonesian (if I’m correct) and fa chong is Chinese. Mind you that Surinamese cultural diversity is absolutely not the same as multiculturalism in Western society.

Surinamese multiculturalism is different because the country of Suriname started off purely as a business. The indigenous people were quickly outnumbered by Caucasians and Africans, and the country was basically used as one big plantation. Or the fridge where to get resources from. Basically everyone living in it was an employee. Then there were the slaves who ran away and burned down plantations and stuff who settled in the inlands. Later, slavery was abolished and the people who were originally from Africa (but often already an ethnic mix) became citizens of the country. They then started their own businesses etc. to get by and that was when Suriname started to become more of a country then a business.

Instead of the slaves from Africa, cheap labor from India, China and Indonesia/Java was imported (I’m not too knowledgeable about this). Currently (apparently), according to (*sigh*) Wikipedia, the largest population group in Suriname is ethnically from India (about 25%). Then there’s the descendants of runaway slaves making up about 20% and then there is what I am mainly for about 15%. The country’s native language is Dutch but the inauguration was done partly in Hindi… Anyway, Surinamese multiculturalism is different from Western multiculturalism because the Western countries were always countries and never pure businesses.

For now I’ll play some piano and get some exercise, then go to sleep hopefully before livestream starts because otherwise I might end up staying awake until 5 AM again en dat is niet de bedoeling. Especially because it’s breakfast around 9. I totally forgot about Bert’s TGIF snack today, so I guess he’ll be having that for breakfast. I think tomorrow I will make viddyay?

Anyway good night in advance x

22:17 (10:17 PM) CET

Photo by Bri Schneiter from Pexels

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