Peaceful Solitude

Peaceful morning to you, my liefje ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

We had our breakfasttt. Ha it seems worse than yesterday but without this I would hardly consume any dairy at all.

This feels like one of those “I partied until 4 AM and class starts at 08:30” mornings (but of course it’s nothing in comparison to that). I started to try to go to sleep around 5 AM and then it still took me over an hour to manage to fall asleep.

Gladly nothing tension related was keeping me awake. I was just catching up on my YouTube subscriptions when the Timcast IRL stream began, which I didn’t see from start to finish – because at some point I took a shower – but I did see the beginning and the end. It sparked some more things I’d like to mention in this great appreciation for peaceful solitude, but I won’t go into that now.

Then I tried to lake myself to sleep like I do every single night. But it took me far far longer (ha no mention of privacy concerns here). The world is just so much more unappealing right now that it took me far more mental strength to tune out the awareness thereof well enough to lead myself to a climax. *sigh* Just another thing to get used to.

To clarify: in the process of trying to imagine something hot enough for me to succees, my thoughts kept wandering off to how dumb today’s reality is. Like people are so fxcking dumb and they just don’t realize it. It was disturbing me. I don’t masturbate to politics haha yuckkk. Just to make myself clear. (Hahaha I’m not that guy fron CNN.)

I fell asleep really late and then my alarm woke me up very early because it was time for me to feed my Bertje. (This all would not have happened if I had a Praesens. ( – 3 -)) So I’m going to take a nap. (And have cheese melt tuna sandwich for lunch yay I bought groceries for it yesterday.) I wanted today to be a “I used to be this wild catje and now though the construction that is keeping me alive and safe could collapse any moment I get up early every day and feed the birds and take care of a bonsai tree and enjoy my afternoon tea far too much in peaceful solitude” kind of thing you know like in the movies. But instead it will be bed pet day. Still winning, though. (Not entirely because the expenses I have now will become expenses for me again in the future. Something I have no problem with, but it does make it not really winning.)

Meanwhile the Netherlands are “debating” a covid curfew. “Debating” as in they will implement the curfew but they’ll be talking about it from sunrise to sunset so it looks “democratic”. (Like name one instance in which the prime minister says they’ll debate implementing something – and then the media ask what the effects will be and where when and how – and then a press conference later he says: “Well in the debate we concluded not to go through with it.” I can’t name any.) The United States can now also get involved in these federal gimmicks again haha hurrah.

Napping x

10:47 (AM) CET

*sigh* I can’t sleep again. (If only I could get some kusje. ๐Ÿ™ ) On the one hand I want to lay in bed and catch up on baby because I saved that for today. On the other hand I think I should make lunch first. But outside my bed it’s cold. 3: But I need to turn up Berts light for it to mimick tropical afternoon daylight so I need to get out of bed anyway. Okay I’ll simmer until 12.

11:40 (AM) CET

Or simmer past 1 PM… ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay I will wash some dishes (that’s the main reason, aside from the cold, I don’t want to leave my bed) and get to making late lunch.

13:10 (01:10 PM) CET

I had two of these. <3_<3

Cream cheese, spring onion, red bell pepper, drained canned tuna, salt (tiny bit), pepper, garlic powder and “Provencal spices” with some slices of Gouda cheese on top in a sandwich on the grill is so tastyyy. <3_<3 Meanwhile I’ve also washed some dishes and caught up on baby.

So last night I got some random news notifications from Google about the new era in politics, I saw the first press briefing and I saw Tim’s livestream. There are some things I’d like note as briefly as possible. I do these things as a concerned citizen who would rather take matters into her own hands, my views not 100% in line with any political movement that has ever existed, blogging about it as a hobby (or with a 100% free publishing company).

If the wish for unity and rolling out policies that are “good for the future” is true, then there is absolutely no reason to take revenge on the political opposition. I mean then you’d have something better and more important to do than dwell on the past, right? If you represent the one true ideology then why want to resort to such weak WWII-like acts? Sarcastically speaking, I very much look forward to the concrete agenda forward and to stop hearing every single action mirrored to “the absolutely terrible last 4 years”. (Which they themselves made terrible by choice.)

For some reason it is considered a good idea for the United States to rejoin the Paris climate accord. Surely the success stories from Belgium and the Netherlands have been an inspiration. What policy are they planning to force down their people’s throats in an attempt to meet the goals? Over here they have basically already realized that it is unrealistic and unachievable (they might be nearing realization of it being 100% pointless), but instead of admitting that they have chosen to commit to something that is irrational, they prefer to do permanent damage to their country in an attempt to still make it. It’s like: “Oh no my finger is stuck in the shredder. Well, I guess I’ll force my entire body through it now.”

If they ever decide to enforce climate ideology in China, Africa or Suriname, I’d suggest starting with illegalizing environmentally polluting businesses that are owned by non-citizens. Also, to suggest that Vlad had anything to do with the Capitol riots is absolutely psychotic. And insulting. I mean if he were to want to do serious harm then he would not place his bets on a bunch of mentally lost mindless barbarians without a plan, am I right? Can you believe that a person suggesting something as dumb as that could have been president? “Cherry flavored cola is out of stock in the supermarket.” “THE RUSSIANS!!!”

But hey using your own brain and/or opposing the EU are now considered “a threat to democracy”, so I didn’t say anything. I’m not a threat to democracy, because I don’t want anything to do with authoritarian leftists and conspiratorial right-wingers. Let them have at it. I personally don’t see the idea of a “patriot party” be a success, given that I don’t think that the solution to bad politics is more politics. And also I feel bad for saying this but I’m kind of forever done with hearing people whine about that one person over and over and over again. (And I’m not a Republican or conservative, given that I don’t consider my nationality the centerpiece of my identity. My aspirations are the centerpiece of my identity. Some of my values, mainly respect for nature, are more in line with Republicans/conservatives/the right (I guessยฟ). I saw the SGP crush it in the debates earlier today by the way. Maybe I’ll still vote…)

Also, I’ve realized that I haven’t called the vice president by her title the way I did that with the president. Politically, I despise both of them. The one more destructionist than the other. (As a vulture I do feast on this stupidity.) But there’s just something that makes this extremely difficult for me. The current president, I’d say is still not the graceful visionary people wish to see in a leader, but in his undertone it is at least noticeable that he’s trying to be that person. In his vice president I hear someone do the female trick of using the voice inflection that sparks pity or worse. (Also one of the reasons why I absolutely can’t stand that one congresswoman who does the same thing.) On top of that to me it feels like she’s on the verge of a raging mental breakdown all the time. Though I consider the president a joke as well, I just can’t even say it. Especially not after they’ll invoke that one amendment that will cause another shift in power.


19:03 (07:03 PM) CET

It was tasty. <3_<3

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sit with Bert. But my meal was tasty. It’s my first time ever making this – but I’ve seen my parents make it very often, though the potatoes are usually cooked together with the chicken and with that they’re flavored differently and are more of a gravy. (Which I love.) Tonight’s version was a very plain one. But I enjoyed it a lot.

To ensure that my cod fish stays whole, I steamed it in the oven with masala, cumin and onions and all that. Which is far from traditional, but still I really enjoyed it. (My aim was minimal cooking time and a minimal amount of dishes to wash.) Not eating this with your hands is considered a sin. Of course I ate this with my hands only and calculated my bites in such a way that I finished both plates simultaneously.

My dinner was such an experience. I was getting flour on my bathrobe, so I took it off. Later, there I was feeding my Bertje without wearing anything but my panties. Now we were both living without clothes on. It’s so relieving. Even though it’s winter.

Heyyy someone is graduatinggg. (opens in new tab) & In regard to this I hope that will be it and other than that if I’m still enough maybe I won’t be noticed. Ahahaha what is Bert doinggg. (opens in new tab)

I’m going to play Bert I some bedtime piano music and after that I’m going to sleep. Nighty <3

23:50 (11:50 PM) CET

A Pixabay image from Pexels

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