Popcorn Day

Happy popcorn day, liefjeee 😀 <3

Today, the most popular president ever will be inaugurated. People must be extremely excited for this! I mean you wouldn’t just vote for someone because you’re high on hate for someone else, right? Because that would be a fxcking stupid thing to do.

You should definitely ask all Joe Biden fans to list their top 3 favorite policies. I mean personally, you know I’m more the type of person who prefers a government that does not interfere in people’s personal lives all the time. I believe that people should not only be allowed to but encouraged to own private property, that people should be allowed and encouraged to think for themselves, that race does not say anything about a person’s personality and that every government policy that insinuates otherwise is racist and illegal, et cetera et cetera. But apparently people would rather see the opposite happen. I definitely want to hear a top 3 favorite policies and reasons why they prefer this. Because I reallyyy don’t understand how the preferences I just listed are not something universal.

To me, it seems like people prefer to learn the hard way. Trying to force communist totalitarianism down people’s throats in Western society is going to be met with resistance. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that. A type of resistance textbook authoritarians are not up against. (I don’t mean a bunch of wild people storming a government building, of course. You know how I feel about the right to protest.) Please do not take my word for it. Just watch how things will play out.

The collapse of the dollar, the United States 100% submissive to China and Iran, all alternative thinkers going underground. I hope those who support this presidency – the presidency of Kamala Harris that is – are proud of the prospects.

I’m open minded and have nothing to lose, so I don’t mind the insane left having some “fun”. It might only be a matter of time until they come after me. I really do not care. I have nothing to lose. As a matter of fact, I look forward to it. I’ve been missing the thrill. This time, I am prepared. (I’m so prepared that I have even prepared you.)

Something I must admit, though, is that I’m extremely tired of the zombies of the leftist elite. The people when someone on TV can basically say: “Disown your child if he/she/it has right-wing views. Put me in your will,” respond with: “Okay. What do I do next?” (They’re with too many and that’s what makes this suppression possible.)

But other than that hey I’m very excited to see the new president of the United States in action. Or to read about all the moves he makes, because I can’t listen to him for more than 5 minutes man it’s disturbing to watch someone who behaves like he can get a fit of severe dementia at any time have so much authority and smear so many innocent people and have his own party members lure at him like vultures wanting to take his place. Exciting. 10 executive orders planned for the first day? Even more exciting. 😀 Above all I hope we’ll see much of his hot son. 😀 (The president and his son look like boeroes, am I right?)

Oh petition to bring back the side-parting in Joe Biden’s hair? Please. Like why did they ever stop doing that it makes such a different impression. A less vulnerable impression.

So ye happy popcorn day. May the United States have a soft landing. (And if not then may it fall in such a way that Fangyists can still take over smoothly.) And may we see more of Joe Biden’s hot son yay. 😀

My breakfast requires some explanation. I’ll be back in a while. x (Ha I won’t say it unspecified anymore yuck what an idiot.)

11:03 (AM) CET

Excitementtt. 😀

They should make notifications for when Hunter is on screen so I know when to pay the most attention. :p

When the time is right, I will of course switch to my native source:

Something a lot less exciting was my breakfast.

I mean look at this. (Ahahaha I keep violating my man’s privacy.)

I was wayyy out of groceries and wayyy careful with my spending, given that I spent more than twice as much on getting my Bertje settled and healthy. But today I tackled my empty fruit scale and almost literally empty fridge etc. (Though I also simply found my breakfast tasty.)

I don’t know if you can see it, but…
There’s a lot of excitement on my face.
Also my taking out the trash swag.
Now Bert has some extra exciting scenery.
And I snacked thisss.

The supermarket truce is real. I needed a new light bulb for the lamp next to my bed, so there I went getting that substance on my hand again. I’m such a puppet. </3 (And I picked up the conveniently small milk cartons they have and some things that weren’t in stock at Lidl (such as spinach).)

If I’m correct the big moment will be around 6 PM CET?

Because until then I won’t be looking for sure. But I assume every anti-Trump’er is glued to their screens right now being wayyy more excited about this than I am. (Of course I’m being sarcastic. But after 4 years of constant whining these people better be excited as hell.)

So yesterday I had a day off from writing. It was chill. Writing extensive updates sometimes takes me more than an hour. Yesterday I could spend that on other things. Not that I think writing is terrible. It’s fun and a good pastime. Also good for the time capsule.

I spent most of the day playing the piano. Touching up the pieces I’ve been practicing in my YouTube videos, practicing Nocturne (ha finally) and improvising some. Because I rarely play trillers and I want to keep improving my technique, I’m working on adding a fraction of Liszt’s 12th Hungarian Rhapsody to my “warming up” routine.

It is my intention to start playing the piano daily now. I’ve already been playing right before bedtime the last couple of days. Now that Bert is settled and healthy I don’t think I’ll have any seriously time consuming things to do any time soon. So that leaves plenty of time for practice. For jazz, too. 🙂 I found the PDF I once started using.

Behold the physical progress Bert has been making. <3_<3 (He’s a cross breed?)

For last night’s dinner I mixed my mother’s recipe for whiskey sauce with pomisitaire chutney, because I wanted the sauce to be spicy (experimentally), and it turned out very tasty. <3_<3

Today I’ll be making Surinamese style roti (as far as I am able to) with cabbage, cod fish and potatoes. I love potatoes for roti toespijs and will also fill the roti “pancake” with potato. But that will be later today. For now I’ll be playing some piano. At least until the great historic greatness that will take place in like 30 minutes.

I’m not the only one who’s exciteddd.

17:23 (05:23 PM) CET

I was glad to see the side-parting is back. And this speech was a lot more steady than many of the president-elect speeches.

Will there ever be a moment they stop talking like they just freed themselves of 4 years of totalitarian dictatorship? Because that is a naggingly unjust claim. President Biden said something like: “If you disagree with me: so be it. That’s democracy,” in his speech earlier. It was exactly like that for the past 4 years as well.

The past 4 years were the most divisive years the world has seen in a very long time. But that is only so because they chose to make such a fxcking big deal out of it. There could have been unity 4 years ago if they were willing to accept that their views were different from the former president’s. Instead they chose to propagate hate and divisiveness. And now because they’re back in power everyone must suddenly unify again. It’s absurd.

Don’t get me wrong, to not show up for the inauguration is an extremely childish thing to do. But still every attempt made by the right to find middle ground was rejected without any proper defense. People on the left were unwilling to find consensus with the right when the right was in charge. I hope that people on the right won’t do the same thing now that the left is in charge. (Finding middle ground eh not throwing all their principles out the window. Finding middle ground means that both sides win some and lose some.) To not treat them in the same repulsive way would be the right thing to do. (Recreating the atmosphere in which you can’t even safely mention your political preference is quite impossible, though, so I’m not worried about that.)

Wanting to find real unity with people who want the exact opposite things, where radicals who want “truth and reconciliation” have the most power and where executive orders are not used as an exception, I find hard to believe is a real objective. But I’m always willing to negotiate a middle ground. (Not that I have authority or am American or anything. I mean that I always try to represent some sort of center.)

So knowing that people with non-leftist opinions are actively being silenced more and more often and that institutions and media are now free to push further to the left without any active opposition – I dare for that to even be mentioned by the president – ehm… I can’t even pretend that this is any good. When were people on the right silencing people on the left again? Exactly. Never.

But anyway yeah I hope people on the left will stop claiming that they’re victims because their former president disagreed with them. I mean now they have the president they want so they can start shutting the fxck up about that and start looking forward. Because I have not heard a single word about policy prospects. I haven’t heard anything about what they want to do to the health care system, to the tax system, etc. It was all about their victimhood.

When mainstream people can choose between terrible rhetorics and policy that benefits them, or “good” embraced-by-the-media rherorics and policy that is of disadvantage to them, they choose the latter. Now they can hear all the “they were wearing Ralph Lauren because that suited the sober tone of the ceremony,” and “Kamala Harris wears Converse because she is just like proletarians,” great stuff – I can’t pretend to find of any serious relevance – on the foreground, while as soon as you start to speak up about the harm that is done to you on the background your voice will be quelled before it has reached anyone.

I just had to voice this disturbance. But if that is what the people want then sure let them have at it. I have my piano, my visje, my satisfying cooking skills and quite decent meditation techniques. I really don’t care. (That doesn’t mean that injustice – real injustice that is – can’t disturb me. But it won’t take over me.) Congratulations once again. (Also why is Hunter so damn attractive? <3_<3 (Also I wonder how the purge, when that is at full steam, would consider him.))

Something I was doing while I was watching the ceremony was doing some web maintenance. I was responding to comments on LilFangs.com, some of which about the web hosting I use. Strato’s services are very quickly installed, it’s very easy to use and it’s quite affordable. Some comments were about how quickly the website loads, and I said that that was just Strato. But as I went to check my back-ups for this website, I saw a notice about PHP 7.2 not being supported anymore next month, and that I’d either had to choose a more recent version of PHP or pay for the extended support of 7.2. (It has been a while since I checked for PHP updates.)

Https://lilfangs.com and https://docis.international were running on PHP 7.3. I changed that to PHP 7.4 and also changed it to PHP 7.4 for this website. The reason why the other two websites load so much faster than this one, though, is because for those I’d activated a booster that makes the scripts load faster. I’ve activated that for this site now as well, so you may have noticed that this site loads a lot faster now as well. It feels almost as fast as Google’s search engine loads. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that Strato won’t ban controversial speech, because I’m loving this. <3_<3

Now it’s late and I’m full of popcorn. I think I’ll make a quick kapsalon (I haven’t had that in sooo longgg) instead of making roti. I’ll make roti tomorrow. For now I should get cooking so I can eat with my Bertje. It’s his feeding time. (The window between 8 and 10.) It’s a late time for me to have dinner but it’s still better than the crazy 2 AM dinners I used to have.

21:37 (09:37 PM) CET

We have enjoyed our meals. 🙂

Kapsalon is a very quick meal to make. It’s very good use of left-over fries. I don’t have lettuce at home, so this is quite the sturdy version. But all I had to do was let the oven warm up, fry some shoarma meat for a few seconds, put that on a plate, put fries on top of that, top that with some slices of cheese and while everything is in the oven make some garlic sauce. The traditional way is to top it with lettuce (and tomatoes, cucumber, onions, red cabbage, pickles/capers, whatever you like), but I just wanted to eat something quickly. It’s Rotterdam’s/the Netherlands’s chicken & waffles: food that springs from time-intensive labor.

I’ll be playing the piano until my food has been digested, then getting my sweat on exercising out what I just ate and then playing the piano some more and getting ready for bed and stuff. Good night in advance x

By the way the night I said I was going to take a day off, I randomly (was really bored watching random shxt) saw this short clip of Elon Musk crying about his idols opposing non-privatized space engineering and I found it so sad to see. Like they’re just hating because they’re jealous of you liefje kusjeee 🙁

23:17 (11:17 PM) CET

Photo by Mo Abrahim from Pexels

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