Yellow Rice 2

Good morning <3

Haha I have no intentions of throwing out any left overs…

I hope you’re feeling as least as yayed as I. Having new things to invest my passion, love and energy into is making me feel a kind of happiness I haven’t felt in a very long time. When I started blogging I was always like “Get me out of here,” but now I feel like I’m set for eternity.

Of course I’m not literally set for eternity, but at least the idea is bearable now. At some point I will either be summoned to fulfill my duty and/or the construction that is keeping me alive and at a sane distance from society will fall apart. For that, I’m as ready as I can be. (As in it stays mostly intuitive. I can’t decide the state of society when it happens.)

Though every time my alarm goes off in the morning I’d much rather stay in bed (even though by that time usually I’ve already opened a window and turned on Bert’s light), I’m extremely happy to have a reason to leave my bed every day now. (With the coincidental luck that the reason has absolutely zero influence on my intense emotions.) And though it’s just a fish, and though it’s from a distance, I’m happy I’m giving at least someone a good night’s kiss. ( – 3 -)

So for today one objective certainly is to make apple tea. And tonight’s dinner will be hamburgers (topped with mushrooms, spinach and cranberry sauce <3_<3). Other things I should do are vacuum cleaning and tidying up. Other than that I’d like to play some Vice City and I’d like to play the piano today.

Starting with playing Vice City in my bed because I consider it too early to vacuum clean. :p

11:10 (AM) CET

Tea has been madeee.

All that is needed for that is some apples, lemon, cloves (kruidnagelen), ginger if you have some (I’m out of ginger 3:), honey (or (brown) sugar if you’re out of honey).

Then boil thattt.

If I won’t finish it all, I’ll let it cool off entirely and put it in an empty bottle. It’s crucial to take out the slices of lemon after boiling it (which I did for like 10 minutes), because otherwise it will make things bitter.

I got this idea from cooking along a near-dead-dead apple in my pineapple tea. I liked the taste accent of the apple so much that I’ve now made tea with apple only.

Meanwhile I’ve been playing Vice City from busting Cam out of prison to the bank heist (which Cam unfortunately did not survive). I’ve been focusing on the Malibu Club missions only and will now respond to the other calls I got. (In the game that is, of course. :p )

I’ll be vacuum cleaning in an hour or so.

13:55 (01:55 PM) CET

Ha whooopsss. (opens in new tab)

Dinner was tastyyy. <3_<3
The meat was spiced up with baharat spices and Provencal spices, garlic powder, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, diced onion, an egg, breadcrumbs and corn starch.
I made cranberry sauce. <3_<3
Phat yaysss (letting cheese melt over remaining heat of fried meat).

In Vice City I believe all I have left to do is the ice cream missions and then the finale. And I vacuum cleaned earlier today.

Now that my food has digested, I’m going to do some exercises, wash my hair and play the piano until it has air dried.

Given that my posting is just dry status reporting on Bert and I and I, precisely because we’re in a crescendo of social conflict, have no intentions of sharing my thoughts on anything that is happening (it doesn’t make any useful difference (not sharing my insights brings vulture advantage)), I think I will refrain from posting tomorrow. (Or for a while.)

Nighty x

23:10 (11:10 PM) CET

A Pixabay image from Pexels

This is where Bert I is from. 🙂

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