Nope. Nope nope nope. I’ve been “Improving Bert’s Home’ing” for some days now and though I’m not done, I’m not going to continue to use the theme and I’m going to “take a day off”. I’m in need of overall rest and the neatness of my house has been lacking after having been so busy for lil Bert all the time.

I really need to clean my shower. Like last night I was about to step into the shower and thought: “Eh should I even step in this…?” I need to drain it again, but think of that at night every time while I need to do it during the day because of the scent of chlorine and keep a window open. There was shampoo residue along the inner sides of it from the water draining very slowly. So that is one of the things that will be tackled today. Haha so much for a day off…

I also really need to fast my boy. His stomach is bloated as hell. So no bloodworms for him today. I might even postpone his next feeding to his TGIF spinach snack.

So breakfast at 9, but this time unfortunately only for me.

Good morning. 🙂

08:53 (AM) CET

On the new impeachment case, by the way: at least this one seems reasonable. Though there are manyyy people who have indirectly if not directly incited violence and have not been held accountable for that, in a way the double standard here seems justified because it is about the president who should behave presidentially.

But given the broader agenda the impeachment will be used for and the fact that the current presidential term lasts until Wednesday next week, I’d say it would be very strategic for Pelosi to “strategically” hold on to the impeachment papers for a couple of weeks. Because of course the narrative “The 45th president of the United States was so bad that he only served one term and got impeached because he was so evil no Republican should ever have any authority again,” they will be using for genocide should not be supported. Unless that’s the type of life you want.

I don’t care which option reigns. I’m eating popcorn. (To be honest I’m eating plantain chips because I’ve gone through my popcorn ration and don’t shop at the store that sells it anymore.) If anyone wishes to bring up 2016 – 2017 to call me a Trump enabler I’d say please do. I will use it to permanently destroy democratic politics, end the annoying mosquito sound-like people whining that comes with it (read: better genocide) and shape the world to my liking.

11:40 (AM) CET

As for marking the divide, by the way, I think – like I’m living in exile so that’s why I said time was needed but – it’s already quite clear. Especially in the context of internet surveillance.

Also, on how to calculate the value of the Fangia: let’s say on 2020/02/14 it was $7 for a bag of potatoes. 7 x $1 USD = 1 Fangia. Let’s say now it’s $17 for that same bag of potatoes. Then now 1 Fangia = $17 USD. I do not accept crypto “money”.

13:19 (01:19 PM) CET

*sigh* Bert is sick… 🙁

I need to get kosher salt, rock salt or “aquarium salt” to cure this. I guess I’ll try to find either rock salt or kosher salt.

14:23 (02:23 PM) CET

I’ve already upped the temperature of the water to about 30 degrees Celcius, by the way, right when I saw this. This is ick or ich or ichthyophthirius multifiliis.

Bert’s behavior is not much different than usual. He’s actually more calm than when he was fighting the glass of his aquarium a couple of days ago. And, given that his stomach is quite back to normal, I gave him 2 bloodworms for lunch (which will be his only meal today) and he just ate that. He dashed for it right away instead of first just swimming around.

The disease hit him quite very hard overnight. I wonder where it came from. I hope he will recover. Also, I wonder for how long I should keep the aquarium’s temperature this high? Like until the disease is 100% gone + a day extra? That’s what I’m aiming for right now, but I don’t know if Bert finds that uncomfortable.

14:40 (02:40 PM) CET

Ugh I don’t want to go outsideee. 🙁 But now that my place has to air out anyway I guess this is a good moment. 🙁

16:35 (04:35 PM) CET

Lil store run

I guess I have a truce with the fascist corona policy of the Delhaize here. Their website said they have rock salt, so I could get what I was looking for and also get some popcorn.

Also, by the way, Tele2 has updated its 4G network and now I don’t have internet service outdoors anymore?*

Anyway, my tank is about 12 gallons of water. I’m using 25 tablespoons of salt currently.

About 1/4 of the salt I bought.

I dissolved it in some semi-warm tap water. For me it’s crucial the salt is used in the entire tank, given that the entire tank can be infected (so having treated everything at once saves me hard work on desinfecting the gravel later, like I’ll still have to desinfect it but it will be less of a “life or death” thing to do). Bert seems to not be acting too crazy, so I might add some more salt later on. The plants I have in the tank are not (that) sensitive to salt.

* Because bills are deducted from my bank account at random, I always put everything into my savings account and transfer money to my payment account only when I’m buying something. Sometimes the money I transfer to my account is insufficient and I need to transfer more, for which I depend on 4G internet. (I put everything into my savings account mainly because sometimes my health insurance tries to deduct €350 unannounced. (For fxcking what. Fxck universal health care.)) I put about €15 to spend in my payment account before leaving the house. I saw the “hooray new 4G” text message and that I didn’t have service when I was standing in line for checkout. The salt cost €4,69. So currently I’m using about 2 tbsp per gallon, but I guess I’m going to up it to 3. I might be using salt on a clean tank again, though (I plan to do a full water change on Saturday), so I have to be parsimonious. Like I can and will buy more salt if I have to, but I’m not going to randomly throw 140g of salt into my aquarium all at once.

So I’m going to add 12 tbsp to the tank now and after that it’s stew cooking timeee x

18:31 (06:31 PM) CET

Oh the first time I said tablespoons but I was using a teaspoon. The second time I did use tablespoons. The next time I add salt, after a full water change, I’ll have emptied the salt shaker.

20:37 (08:37 PM) CET

My unsubscription has been received and confirmed, by the way. I would not have done this if in the meeting there wasn’t voted to accept the program. Like in such a process, I’d expect a presentation of the program, then at that same event or a later event discussions about the content of the program and then a conclusion with the final decisions. Or just expect people to read in, discuss/debate and finalize. I still consider FvD the least bad political party in the Netherlands, but I can’t support a program that opposes something that I find very important (i.e. let rural stay rural).

Unfortunate symbolic moment.
Now it’s official.

I didn’t think I’d ever do this. Now I’m back at being “100% independent and unaffiliated”. Catthierry is still my pet catje thooo. Am I (and my parents and grandparents) the only one who doesn’t throw away things like this?

21:53 (09:53 PM) CET

Today wasn’t really the uneventful day I wanted it to be, but I do have some consistency up that helps me get things done. Since I got Bert, I have a “normal” sleep schedule and tackle things faster. It makes me feel a lot better. This liefje of mine. <3

We had dinner a while ago. I figured now that his body is fighting a disease he might have a more serious need of food. I’m starting to get the hang of portion control, in the context of figuring out how long I should let the frozen bloodworms thaw to get the right portion out of them. It’s still intuitive but better timed now. He had like 6 of them.

Anyway, good night x

23:16 (11:16 PM) CET

An image from Facebook via Google Images searchwords “nope images”.

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