Improving Bert’s Home 3


The interior of Bert’s territory has had a makeover.

Haha here I was almost done for the day.

More about that will follow later. I figured given that I’m just about to sleep for a while after having watched Tim’s livestream, let me just say something here given that I’m awake and didn’t say that much yesterday. I was busy. And napping.

Also, having given the FvD situation some more thought, I think it’s better if I just revoke my membership. The reason why I insist on hearing something still is because the box to type questions in had a text with it that said that all questions would be discussed during the meeting and they didn’t say anything about not answering certain questions live, so I feel discriminated against and find that it is their responsibility to answer me. But I see I don’t have to expect anything here. I’ll wait until tomorrow, but I’m set on unsubscribing if I’m simply ignored.

Other than that, it’s a great time to be a vulture.

Good night x

05:05 (AM) CET

Good morning.

I took that picture at 9 of course. I’m busy currently, but I thought let me take a moment to share some more insight into my vulture agenda.

We all know the leftist extremists are getting ready to commit genocide on everyone who is the slightest bit of a centrist or a right-winger. Of course it is less personal to me, but there is not nuch of a difference between how the genocide of the Jews started in the Second World War and what is happening to conservatives (this will include Jews, given that I’ve already seen them in newspapers as covid deniers too frequently), if you’d ask me.

Currenly they’re “just getting started” by marking everyone who is complicit with right-wing ideals in any way. Everyone banned from social media et cetera “will be a marked Jew”. Everyone who is not marked, thus, is a (globalist fxcking) nazi.

I, vulture eating popcorn, am waiting until they’re done marking the divide. Fxck social media anyway. If you require that in your life you might as well kill yourself right now.

For self-defense, given that we Fangyist vultures of democracy value our freedom and they want none of that, we should, as far as we haven’t already, mark those who are complicit in the marking people process, for an easy future clean-up. There’s your insight into my silence.

11:36 (AM) CET

Also, consider tomorrow’s revoking of my FvD membership not (solely) because of being ignored for apparently being the only person who knows how to behave in a meeting, it’s also because I just can’t be a member of the same party as that one weird bureaucrat nazi, for starters.

Like the previous NPCs that betrayed Thierry at least knew how to pretend to not be a racist. The current NPCs are even less intelligent. I guess, instead of firing everyone (as if there will be elections; though by firing everyone you do keep political power outside not sticking to what people agreed to while one of the questions that was answered was “What’s the party’s standpoint on (…)?” while that can just be read in the program concept in preparation for the fxcking meeting) the better advice I’d give is to just jump ship like I said when the Julius Caesar’ing was taking place.

For further vulture clarification, by the way: so there’s this “left versus right” (globalist nazis versus nationalist nazis) battle that has reached its boiling point and will not stop boiling until one of the two sides does not exist anymore. And given that social media will basically cease to exist and corona is just getting started (I saw Van Gucht on the tv screen at the media building near central station earlier today, he had the whole “dead man walking” look on his face), I’d say just let it happen. Not a single vulture of democracy is a socialist, given that we want an economy strong enough for no one to depend on government hand-outs (especially not in the name of “purifying a country’s race”).

“Democracy is a catalyst for genocide.” Your thoughts? There’s nothing else for the NPCs who need social conflict to feel anything for anything, so it’s best we just let them have at it. I don’t want them in my society anyway.

I hope I don’t have to remind anyone to think twice.

So meanwhile, I already needed wool for my fence because things weren’t going neatly, and then yesterday when I installed the gravel (after having rinsed it multiple times) the water turned out turbid even after giving time “to let potential dust settle”, so I now also had to buy a tube for cleaning the aquarium because doing that with an empty jar is terrible).

I’m glad it isn’t too heavy on Bert as in he was doing the paralysis thing again when I put him back in the water first.

But now he’s “just” trying to fight his own reflection the entire time.
So I got some stuff (and am wearing these dead shoes because the other ones wrecked a foot of mine).

13:53 (01:53 PM) CET

Having an economic agenda for a former colony as a political standpoint is extremely unsettling regardless what country it’s about, I think, by the way.

13:57 (01:57 PM) CET

It’s extremelyyy turbid.
Haha it’s always great fun catching this lil guy with a fish net. 🙁 (We’re still just getting acquainted and I don’t like that he doesn’t trust me. 🙁 )
What’s better than one suction tube?
Two suction tubesss.

– – –

Okay quite some time has passed since the previous update I forgot to give a timestamp (because my bucket was full so I had to empty that and do other stuff and my laundry was done etc so I forgot that I was typing an update).

But Bert is back in his home now.

First gasping for air relatively frequently.
Now he’s exploring (which he didn’t do yesterday man it was almost like he was about to die), looking for food. Dinner time is at 9, though. I want to feed him now but his instincts have to remain sharp and I shouldn’t end up risking to overfeed him.

There are pictures I’ve taken of the progress, which I’ll share. Either today or tomorrow, it depends. I’m extremely tired right now and I still need to start cooking and fold my laundry… Aside from typing some before I go to sleep, I don’t know. x

18:43 (06:43 PM) CET

Before oven. (This is a hybrid version of a Surinamese Creole recipe for steamed fish, which is traditionally steamed in a pan, but I steamed it in the oven and it’s one of the if not the tastiest steamed fish I’ve ever made/eaten. <3_<3)
Before eating.

I’m so happy to see that mijn Bertje is happy. <3_<3 Overnight last night I was terrified that he was going to die and/or jump out of his aquarium because of the turbid water (and bubbles coming from the substrate¿), so after breakfast I immediately went after getting a suction tube because doing that with a cup was just terrible (and I also got a bucket for clean water, randomly bought socks in my awkward process of trying to follow “the covid arrows” in the stores while searching for wool and I bought wool for the fence I’ll be working on tomorrow).

I chose to buy a small suction tube because I remembered the struggle to not suck up gravel in my guppy aquarium, so now I could work with better precision.

More about that and the revoking of my FvD menbership and vultureism tomorrow. I’m going to make my bed, rinse myself and pass out.

Nighty x

21:55 (09:55 PM) CET

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