Improving Bert’s Home 2

Heeeyyy liefjeee,

Today is Monday, so you know what that means: my Mondayays. 😀 That I express myself about the pre-apocalyptic happenings in minimal fashion is for the better. But there are two and a half things about politics I want to state before I continue living my life like the world isn’t falling apart right now.

First off, if I do not hear from FvD before Wednesday, I will revoke my membership. I still think Thierry is a good person, but if the party’s standpoint about Suriname is not changed, I will have to revoke my membership. To me, protecting my heritage is more important than supporting someone I like.

If I were him, now speaking of the party as a business, I would fire everyone – literally e-ve-ry-one – except Freek. (Reading his name in English is sooo funny.) Especially now, NPCs do more harm than good. And it was quite clear – especially because of the severe emphasis on their curriculum vitae and zero about their personal political vision – that the new acquisitions are just there to fill their pockets en om een beetje interessant te kunnen lopen doen. You don’t want to go into rulership with these people either.

I voted against unprofessional indecisiveness. Like you can’t rely on someone who is not genuinely devoted to their position.

I also voted against a new high speed rail from the “artificial embryo district” part of the country to the upper rural areas of the country. The rural areas are the last bit of goodness (in terms of nature, other than that it’s all fxcked) in that godforsaken country. I don’t know what lobbyist got that amendment in there but hell no I can’t get behind that.

Because I voted against almost all amendments, except the budget for 2021 because why the fxck would I give a fxck about that, I wonder why I’m siding with this clique. (I wonder why Thierry does that even more.) Especially after that legal texts writing bureaucrat spoke of “the enemy” and insinuated that all black people consider themselves victims of Dutch culture and speaking as if the sole purpose of life is to blackface yourself in November – December and blow shxt up with fxcking fireworks. Not all black people consider themselves victims. I don’t consider myself a victim. Oh with one exception: I do consider myself a victim of jullie kanker slappe geouwehoer.

My love has become conditional. 😮 Teki waka nanga en dan een ander de schuld geven van de week nog wel even langs komen om te leven en dat is uitdrukkelijk inclusief het feit dat ik daar echt pissig en verdrietig van ga maken met de mozarella bolletjes op de plank te brengen en dan alleen verder of gewoon direct alles achter me laten Beste lezer kan bepalen wie er gewonnen heeft. That was my phone making sentences. If Catthierry wishes to remain Catthierry, he should fire everyone except Freek (or is he running a subsidiary¿) and amend the party’s standpoint about Suriname. I can’t support him if he allows himself to be screwed over by NPCs once again and I can’t support him if he has serious intentions of instigating the destruction of my heritage. Tell your people to keep their filthy white fxcking claws out of my country. Everywhere they go, they ruin everything. (It’s seriously the most hypocritical shxt I’ve ever read. Always the whining about accepting the culture and then doing the same shit exactly in the only country in the world that still has pure potential.)

Now, my and-a-half addition to this one point about Dutch politics, is that I am freaking out about Suriname and I have semi-reconciled with my family members and my network is far too limited in this regard to say that Suriname must be ready to retaliate.

The one thing the circle unanimously agrees on is that Suriname and its great potential are always at risk of neo-colonialism by the West and/or the Chinese. So, after having nothing to talk about given that they are (apparently) brainwashed (far) leftists (though with my mother and my sister I can still talk), I brought up this subject to the man whose last name I have, and what he said was: “If the Dutch don’t do it, then the Chinese will.” WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS THAT?????????

After he stated that it’s better to side with the left because they are more sympathetic. After he stated that if the protest at the Capitol consisted of black people more people would have been arrested (while the police were severely outnumbered so it’s impossible to arrest more people regardless of the race of the people who were present there). After he sent me some video of some barbaric fxcking hippie saying that people shouldn’t mourn that woman that got shot because she had it coming and then just threw a “what about justice for George Floyd [the domestic terrorist fxcking drug addict]” dog whistle out there. And after he stated that because of the slave mentality Suriname is still 100% rural, he says the most deeprooted slave mentality shxt ever. Like there’s seriously nothing that can out-slave-mentality this.

I already stated that it’s ridiculous that slave mentality people these days want validation from white people. But to be completely spineless against the complete destruction of your heritage baffles me. I said that I was going to stop bringing up personal disagreements on my blogs, but I need this logged:

On Instagram, my caption under a video of us was “hij mag dood” in all caps. I’d now like to amend this and say: hij MOET dood. All the man does is watch god damn Netflix and get paid for your fiat currency Bitcoin transactions. Always threatening people and having strong opinions and shxt. And then when it’s time to fight, he does this??? If you’re not willing to fight for it, then it should not be your heritage either.

(Oh and I sent him a video of my baby. But still he stays anti-Trump extremist in favor of repercussions to those who have supported him.) Okay so that was my one-and-a-half about politics. My second and last point is that now, for the safeguarding of your wealth and a break from all those political bullshxt anecdotes, is a great time to invest in Fangia. 🙂

Unfortunately for you, the value of money and purchasing power have gotten a lot worse since February 14th, 2019. What the value of the Fangia is right now? You do the math. 🙂 The more Fangia you buy (the more money you send into my personal bank account, that is), the more I become responsible for your present and future yays. 🙂

I’m going to do some ceiling gaming, which I haven’t done in quite some time. 🙂

05:50 (AM) CET

By freaking out, I just mean that mentally I’m not at peace right now, because I am ready for suicide if I live to see Wakanda turn into SoDoPa (South Park reference). I need to stop this. For that, I do think I’m in the best place in the world right now? Like if there’s one country that could relate to my preferred distance, it’s Belgium, right?

Don’t ask me how to get the ball rolling, though. 🙁 And it’s not like the awful process hasn’t started yet. I’m against the looting and burning of businesses, but I do consider businesses of non-citizens who don’t even stay in the country and thus do nothing but exploit an exception. I have that opinion for Suriname and also for Belgium. And basically every country anywhere.

Meanwhile I’m just continuing the enjoyment of my exile. Last night, Bert was great audience. He seemed to enjoy himself, since he swam up to the corner closest to me every time I started playing. (But then when I tried to film it he was hiding. 🙁 )

He is
so cuteee. ( – 3 -)
I did this.
It’s been sooo long. (Have a new bunch of programmers been hired? Because how is there a glitch in the very first Syndicate mission?)
I freeze the smelly block of bloodworms in aluminum foil. First I froze it in plastic foil but that got wet and sticky and then my hands touched the shxt when opening it every time, so now aluminum it is.
Mijn liefje had breakfast.
I wanted to say, “Look, I’m fine. I’m peacefully melting butter in a pan (that has those spots there because I let it air dry and then I didn’t feel like rinsing it again),” but that needed some introduction.

Now I’m going to continue working on Bert’s fence.

11:15 (AM) CET

By the way, where is het Wildcatje¿

12:10 (PM) CET

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