Practicing Nocturne 6

Haha it’s quite funny how these posts are called “Practicing Nocturne” and I haven’t touched the piano in 2 days. With studying it’s similar for me, I often say that I’m studying but then spend a lot of time doing other tasks. I’ve spent like 30 minutes on Nocturne in full focus this far. When Bert is settled I’ll have time to practice again. Maybe I’ll have some time today, but I think I’ll be tired.

I can ensure you that I’ll take practicing the piano seriously though and that the Talmud is a sort of telephone tree passing of roles in the project and emigrate and be surrounded by people who are not in charge of the mashed potatoes cool and stored it in the oven with self-made garlic oil with mint condition of the African Americans have to go grocery shopping either way eating something sweet isn’t really an option. That was my phone making a sentence. I’ve been busy. So I’ll get to all the things I wanted to write yesterday later today (I often share my timeless wisdom based on whatever topics come up with my liefjes) and the same goes for all the “impactful anecdote” stuff *sigh*.

So for now, here are some random images:

It’s funny how in India this is a side dish and for me this is a full meal. Because I’ve made a lot, though, today I’ll prepare some veggies to eat with it for dinner.
I guess Christmas came late last year haha.
Not ironed, but my new fitted sheet yay.
Look at the difference between my Summer shade and my Winter shade. Now my Winter shade is my all-year-round shade eh who’s going to treat me like I treat Bert. πŸ™
Haha yes. Doesn’t it suit the narrative extremely well?
Y’all ready?
Haha boomers are taking over, man. DISPERSE.

So I decided to outsource the annual check-up of my water meters. I mean sure I could figure out how to dismantle my shower cabinet myself. And I used to be that person who when someone lets me go first when at a shop entrance or offers me the last slice of pizza or whatever, used to say “No you go first,” or “No, it’s yours.” But now I’m basically like “Ha, ohwkheuyyy.” Because I love it. (Outsourcing tasks of mine to trustworthy individuals.)

Last night when I decided to go to bed instead of type stuff I did that taking into consideration that I like my house as decent as I can make it whenever I have a visitor. Even when it’s just for one minute. So I had to do laundry, clean the kitchen, take out the trash (ye I was saving up boxes so I could throw everything away at once (but one package has been delayed)) and empty and clean my shower cabinet. That was my plan for the day, but then I spontaneously decided to upgrade Bert’s crib et cetera.

I was laughing earlier. I built up the habit of washing some dishes every time before I start cooking and then wash some “non-essential” dirty dishes along with it, but there was still quite a stack I never got to. So yesterday after for me quite a long time I was doing like an hour of washing dishes again. And I also “de-calced” my taps and stuff. I was laughing because it was like I was using an unusual amount of water exactly the day before I’m getting my meters checked. (Not that it matters that much, given that what isn’t registered for this year will be registered for next year. (Also, I’ve gone quite some days without showering in comparison to my lifestyle before last year’s check-up.))

But now I have that habit of not being comfortable at all when getting underneath clean sheets unshowered, so the laughing continues (internally). (And I haven’t even filled up the fish tank yet haha… I’ll be doing that today.) I’m also the type of person to whom a morning/before event shower is like a morning coffee: my day is a lot less pleasant without it. (Like for coming Saturday, which I look forward to. Seeing my catjeee. <333 And having useful paperwork to study yay. I promise you I won’t be like last time haha…)

Anyway nighty x

03:39 (AM) CET

I really hope the check-up won’t take place before 11 AM.. (Like seriously I want to make sure that I have clothes on.) I can’t seem to fall asleep. And I’m exhausted. My muscles are sore from walking home with Bert’s crib.

05:07 (AM) CET

I snackeddd. My stomach was making the noises of hunger. (The aquarium is there because I want to clean it before I start installing.)
My kitchen is as decent as it can be…
This is where Bert’s home will be. (Angle chosen in such a way that you don’t see the puzzle I haven’t spent a second on anymore since that one time I was working on it. Who wants to puzzle with meeeee?)

I can’t sleep. I’m very excited to start on the idea I have for the interior. (Though I need waaaayyy more plants. I’ll get to that.) Cleaning it, then putting it where it should be, then installing the setup as far as I can with what I have right now, then filling it with water (I’ll be walking from the tap to the table with a maatbeker (largest comfortably portable water vessle I have) also add some “soft” bottled water) and then switching on the thermostat. I’ve never used any water influencing tablets (I’m so uncomfortable with the artificially natural things) and hope I won’t need them.

Mirrored demo.

I should rest some more first, though. But wanting to work on my aquarium is one reason why that is difficult. The other reason is that I’m nervous for the water check up. I don’t know if it’ll be the handsome guy (they’re both handsome, don’t get me wrong & the other guy from when I moved here is gone). We are so awkward man ahahahahah. I usually don’t find people who I can severely dislike attractive, so I think he could be a potential Fangyist, but I can’t read him at all. Like next level impossible. Does he think I’m weird? Does he find me as attractive as I find him attractive? I have 0 clue.

If I can get him to talk about anything – like from the other guy I know in which city he lives and what he has studied and his living situation and their water usage and how much they pay for it, but about this guy I know ab-so-lute-ly nothing. (Oh wait I know his first and last name, which are yayed and interesting. There’s something with Belgians and x’es (and ck and ae) in last names.) I want to ask him Surinamese question. Like he seems half Indonesian? I was also thinking of making cupcakes and then offering him one, but I wanted to use cola essence for that. Not cola like coca cola essence but like Surinamese cola which I guess is more like kool-aid. (Though for now, if I had time I could have used pineapple essence. But that isn’t as yayed (as in 100% guaranteed likeable (doesn’t matter if you do or don’t like cake if you have picky taste or not you’ll like cola essence cupcake (making it in cupcake form is my personal invention I’ve thought of but haven’t tried yet))) as cola essence.) In taste it would be similar to cherry bouquet Fernandes flavored cupcake. (But aside from Surinamese and Dutch people, who knows the divine Fernandes?) (I could actually make that.) But chances are that I’ll get a protocol “no thank you (may not accept food)”. </3

Oh in case you’re wondering why I drank cola for dinner and not the Fernandes my mother sent me: that’s because I’m saving it up. I’ll drink one today when I’ll be casually gaming, clothed, which is the least awkward thing to do during awkward visit, right? Like at least I don’t have to be clumsy washing dishes or anything else that requires movement.

Ceiling gaming would also be weird. (Especially clothed because that just sucks.) Playing the piano I’d find a gay thing to do during random visit. Like that’s way too High School Musical. (I fvcking hated that shxt. Also, I love 99% of Chris Brown’s music, but “With You” is fxcking awful.) So either I’ll be working on Bert’s crib, or I’ll be playing Vice City.

Ye I have to think things like that through because I tend to freeze up when I can’t calculate. (For FvD’s online general meeting on Saturday, just like with the other event, I have 0 idea what to expect. So I’ll be awkward again, but at least I’ll be read in (and I want to say and ask things, I’ll get to that later today I hope).) If there are hidden cameras in my apartment and you know about it, I’d say that would he a great ice breaker. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I’ll be resting until 10:30 and guaranteedly dressed after 11 AM. I really hope I won’t have to answer the door in a bathrobe because that (though with that police visit I just did it but that’s because I didn’t know) feels like a shocking thing to do. (Like I wouldn’t care, but it’s not “normal” rightΒΏ)

07:41 (AM) CET

I couldn’t sleep. πŸ™

Will this
Be the end
Of my kill streak?

I’m not giving Hunter a main nickname for you to facilitate a comfortable life for its citizens flood to yours to get immigration money to get a mortgage but unable to kick off anything. That was my phone making a sentence. I’m not giving up (yet) but I guess I should de-nude myself. Should I also hide the fact that I have not slept…? Also I thought of wearing a crewneck sweater but suddenly I don’t know anymore. Meh. I should opt just staying in bed but my door is double locked. πŸ™

11:03 (AM) CET

I feel so potatoed I don’t want to leave my bed. πŸ™ All day. πŸ™ The greater issue, though, is that I have to – like really have to have to – do grocery shopping. My fridge is basically empty. πŸ™ Including being out of yogurt. </3

Part of me says I should get dressed and open the blinds and stuff, but a part of me reallyyy doesn’t. Like I’m tired of faking this shxt. But I feel like I’m traumatizing this man like last time I already wasn’t wearing a wig and now I don’t even want to get dressed and open the curtains. But I need to do grocery shopping (and Bert’s when-I’m-cleaning-his-main-crib-I’ll-let-him-chill-here secondary crib I first wanted to use as his crib is expected to be delivered today, for which I need to put on clothes anyway). *sigh* I’ll just get up and stuff.

11:35 (AM) CET

*sigh* I hope he – if it’s even him eh maybe it’ll be someone else – can just teleport himself through my front door. It’s very unusual for me to be so severely unable to read someone, so maybe he’s A-*insert name* *giggles*.

I’ll get up eventually. It’s lunch hour now so I assume I can stay undressed with my curtains in severe depression mode at least an hour longer.

11:50 (AM) CET

As for politics, by the way, I think it’ll be good if I just don’t talk about it at all anymore. It’s a well-known waste of energy. 100% worthless anecdotes.

Maybe I’ll opt bathrobe ceiling gaming? *sigh* I wish I wouldn’t have to leave my apartment today. If I need to get dressed, I might as well be dressed, right? (Wil je alsje-alsje-alsjeblieft boodschappen voor me doen liefje? :'( )

12:00 (PM) CET

But then again I got this mail from UPS(ΒΏ) that Bert will arrive tomorrow and the online pet fish vendor mailing that he will arrive today(ΒΏ) so I guess I’ll take care of the crib in case he does arrive today. I expect him tomorrow, though, hoping he will survive. I did not expect the postal service to be involved in this.

12:07 (PM) CET

Nvm I’m fully dressed, the curtains are open, I even tried to cover up the lack of sleep showing on my face and am ready for grocery shopping after check-up.

12:55 (PM) CET

I did ittt yay.

Also I’m tired. I might just postpone grocery shopping to tomorrow, given that I have enough left overs. So now all that is left is me flexing my yays for a verbal kusje.

13:19 (01:19 PM) CET

Okay so, by the way, I usually don’t use soap and won’t use soap to clean the tank. I poured boiling hot water over the rocks with intentions of fully rinsing off anything soap related. To ensure they don’t shed whatever in the water.

I want to clean the tank because that it looks clean doesn’t mean that it’s clean in a bacterial sense. But I guess I’ll just use hot water then.

13:33 (01:33 PM) CET

Haha my wild writing here will not make my awkward nerves any less awkward. I’m glad I didn’t get out of bed at 11 and I’m glad he didn’t come here when I was considering to make today a closed curtains day. Of course, just like with the piano delivery, by the way, I’ll be wearing a mask.

Haha I reallyyy need plantsss.
Yayed. πŸ˜€

Unfortunately the thermostat isn’t of such a format that it fits above the black triangular rock in the corner. That was my original intention because then that little corner would be a sort of peekaboo and then on the long side of the rock there will be a forest of elodea densa. Then after the forest there is java moss and then there is the “purple beach”.

I am pleased. πŸ™‚

I placed the “sight shutting rock” of his man cave on the bench side, so he can use the cave for when he wants some more privacy. In the process of getting the tank filled up, I’ve tested the wobbliness of the table and the stability of his cave multiple times. I guess it’s GTA time now…?

15:07 (03:07 PM) CET

Ahahaha with Vice City’s “No Escape” mission I kept being shot and dying from the start of the mission. You’re supposed to break some guy out of prison. So a couple of times I ran into the police station armed and couldn’t find the guy and ended up deat every time. But it turns out I’m supposed to break him out peacefully. I’m supposed to walk in unarmed hahaha.

Hey Liam and I have not sent them yett I don’t want to be able to see the doctor after the deadline for my first assessment is in two days ago was cool to see you there now and then because otherwise I will miss you too baby girl and I have not sent them yett I don’t want to be able to see the doctor. That was my phone making a sentence. Hey I’m tired and I’m scared of asking if and how late.

15:30 (03:30 PM) CET


I was sooo happyyy to see him. But then I started freaking out because he was barely moving. Like he was all still and then sometimes in a shock movement he’d quickly move his fins for a few seconds and then be all still again. So I put the travel bag into the aquarium, closed. But seeing him in that small bag was driving me crazy so after less than a few minutes already I cut the bag open and let him free. And I threw the plants in. And I threw in a handful of food flakes. He’s starting to do better already. We’ve almost been playing hide and seek already. As in he follows me around sometimes already. :3

He has lamp now. I’m also adjusting, figuring out wich mode resembles which time of day.
And I fixed the plant sitch. I hope it will grow naturally so I won’t have to buy new one?

He keeps floating upward though. πŸ™ I’ll watch it for a day – given that he’s also adjusting – or so and otherwise I’ll start treating him for swim bladder disease. πŸ™

He keeps freaking me out.
But he’s still alive yay.
Java moss keeps trippin’, but after cleaning my hands and then cleaning off what cleaned my hands, I stuck my hand in to adjust the crib inside the crib that moved when I was moving the plants and I noticed the lower level of the water is cold.

I haven’t seen or heard from handsome facility management guy. πŸ™ He now has to reach out to me for not being here, right..? (That’s low-key quite very yayed.) I mean I wouldn’t mind if no one found out about my water usage in the last 24 hours… And I generally don’t like sending e-mails anymore. πŸ™ And I’m generally just shy and comfortable alone in my bed with the curtains closed. I’d try to ask him to spend some time with Bert, though.

Anyway, I’m going to eat and watch my baby and pass out and stuff see you tomorrow x

18:07 (06:06 PM) CET

The Absinthe Drinker by Edgar Degas via Google Images

I want to drink absinthe with Hunter. <3_<3

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