Practicing Nocturne 5

Haha I already want to buy Bert a bigger house and he’s not even here yet. </3 The tiny fish tank I bought is sold as a tank for bettas, but there’s not even enough room for him to do a lil fish sprint, you know. 🙁

A long time ago, I already mentioned that I wanted pet fishes for in my apartment. Seeing I’m financially doing quite good this month and thinking: “What’s missing here…?” after finally having light in the living room after 2 months (I’ve never appreciated having light in the living room so much meow my heart is yayed), I impulsively decided to invest in getting a fish. (And then getting a large house plant is the final thing.) But with a very small budget…

I’d like to get a large aquarium with cabinets underneath, so I can also fix the floor situation next to my book case. But that is then a project for next month. I hope Bert will survive for that long. The current tank is 2 litres fam… </3

Character wise, I shouldn’t be too worried about Bert. He prefers being alone over being around quite the list of fish types. And biologically, he is designed to survive uncomfortable circumstances. It pains me that his house will be an uncomfortable circumstance, though. </3

But who knows, maybe it won’t be that hard on him. I did select the smallest kind of red crowntail betta I could find. (That’s not a good argument haha. </3) He’s much like me: I also prefer being alone over a lot of types of social situations. (And I’m also best placed around multiple men otherwise I end up being too kuddle.* :p)

So I could also say that as long as I’m not living in a larger home, he won’t be living in a larger home…? (Like how much will I still invest in this place…?) You should really relocate with me. Don’t do it for me. Do it for Bert…

The plants I bought for him are elodea densa (which my goldfish and guppies also used to have) and java moss. And I bought some large black rocks and… Purple pebbles. Haha I’m certain it will look pretty. (His instincts might make him think he’s outer space though. Hopefully he’ll like when I play the piano for him.) And I’ll place everything in such a way that he can have little hideout spots for when he feels like retreating into his man cave.

Meanwhile, Timothy and his fellows are here and I’m going to eat super late dinner because I near-collapsed from fatigue around 7 PM yesterday.

02:07 (AM) CET

Heys <3

After watching the stream last night and “eating dinner” (ramen noodles with a fried egg with okra… I love it but I consider it more a snack than I consider it dinner… Anyway…) I continued my slumber. I figured it’s better to just go to sleep than share my thoughts right after the stream because then I’d end up going to sleep even later.

Now, I see the creepy pastor ended up the first candidate to win the Georgia senate race. It’s surprising to me that there are people who exist who genuinely want to vote for him. Especially after seeing how emotionally affected his ex wife was because of him. (In disagreements both parties claim the other is bad, but here it’s clear his ex wife was broken because he’s a crazy narcissist. She showed the emotions of someone who stayed with him far longer than she should have.) I mean it doesn’t surprise me that people endorse crazy leftism, and being disappointed once again does not surprise me either. That all truths that have been revealed by the circumstances have left the general public not a single bit different than before, though, is somewhat surprising. Like to most people it will be clear that there is only one general subset of political values that can merit a decent society when it’s too late (every single time)? Okay.

And now whether the Republicans will remain able to defend their values depends on which other candidate wins. Because in an overall sense people vote for most things depending on which party they’re part of. As for vision, I’d say none of the candidates is any special, but in an overall sense I’d say – if the political system as a whole (not through the insider leftist takeover, that is) does not change – stick with the Republicans because at least they’re not pushing any crazy agenda.

Meanwhile the stones for Bert’s lil crib are here yay. <333
And my mother has spoiled me. <3_<3

Next up is – very important and crucial haha – the arrival of Bert’s crib itself. Hopefully later today… I made some notes during the IRL livestream, which I will share, but first I’m going to thoroughly clean these rocks. (Likely I won’t be able to fit all of the large ones into the tiny aquarium. 🙁 They were delivered in a bag, by the way haha, but through it they weren’t visible, so…) I’ll be back. *Arnie voice* x

13:20 (01:20 PM) CET

Okay funny story…

I’ll be back in 30 minutes.

17:13 (05:13 PM) CET

So I was taking care of the rocks and pebbles for Bert’s crib earlier today.

Trying to minimize what these rocks shed.

Apparently the rocks shed something that can influence I believe the PH values of the water. So first I rinsed them, then left them in hot tap water for a while, then scrubbed them with green soap and then poured boiling hot water over them. The pebbles I just rinsed with hot tap water. (I was almost worried they would melt if I’d pour boiling hot water over them.)

Then I saw that the delivery of my little fish tank was delayed. Still having mixed feelings about the size of it, I looked up images of the product in use. I mean I bought it because I was just looking for the cheapest possible fish tank to start with and I assumed that the products that are sold are of a decent standard for the animal it is sold for. But that little tank is so small it’s animal abuse.

On top of that, for my gold fish I just had some plants, but for my guppies I had an aquarium with a water filter for cleanliness, an oxygen system and a thermostat. Yesterday already I was thinking of ways to keep the water on a decent temperature without having to order a thermostat online that takes a week to be delivered. Because that could be a crucial week, given that my Bert was made for warmer weather.

I want my Bert to live like a King. That when he comes home to me, he considers his new home an upgrade. In animal shops they stay in these small aquariums, right. His home with me he should consider better than where he came from. And I don’t want him to be in survival mode in the aquarium, so I looked for the nearest pet shop to look for an aquarium heater. Pet shops are open during the pandemic, of course, given that they are as essential as supermarkets. (Or are we in loosened lockdown? I don’t even know anymore.)

My face is like ” -.- “
But internally I’m like “AAAAAAHHH BERTTT”

Given that I want him to be really comfortable, my objective was to either get a fully equipped aquarium like I had for my guppies, or just get a container and a thermostat. I ended up going for the container and a thermostat. A very nice and knowledgeable girl helped me out (I couldn’t find the thermostat and wasn’t sure if another tank was meant for reptilians and if the thermostat would influence a plastic container). I find it a very decent size for him to have all to himself.

I’m going to cook x

18:37 (06:37 PM) CET

Also, am I the only one who thinks “betta splendens” sounds like a rapper name?

I almost feel like I’m the only one who ever does this.

Also, I mentioned buying a new can opener recently.

This is my new can opener. From Ikea.
This is a piece of trash I bought online when I moved here.

Haha wtf.

19:38 (07:38 PM) CET

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