Practicing Nocturne 4

Ahahahahahahaha omg I missed my baby sooo muchhh. <333 Is he starting to turn grey? <3_<3 Haha regardless he will forever stay my baby. ( – 3 -)

My baby is back so my meal was extra yayed. I’m also happy I’ve been given some legal insights I would not have gotten on my own. (A problem that cannot occur in Fangyism, but regarding mob rule in the context of challenging electoral college votes.) Also, though I’m not a movie person (I only used to watch movies with friends and/or family (the times I’ve watched a movie by myself can literally be counted on one hand)), I was very happy to see a preview of a movie not filled with repulsive propaganda, challenging the new mainstream.

The Timcast IRL stream was also fun. Especially the timeless concept of sharing thoughts on spirituality and/or religion I consider something that can be appropriately discussed at any time. (I’ve always been interested in natural psychedelics, but feel there are things I need to have taken care of before I can try such a thing, because I want my fundamental underlying emotions to be good. I.e. ensuring myself economic stability and being in a safe and loving environment, which is not in order yet.) As for Trump’s protest, I have absolutely zero idea what to expect. (But I’d say it’s a good moment for an alien invasion. :p )

And I’m still killin’ it.

And also:

Ahahahahahaha I love a man who’s principled.

In an attempt to renormalize my sleep schedule, I will take my nap now instead of later. I need to be awake because if I’m correct I’ll receive at least one package today, being my lamp. Hopefully my days of darkness will be over. 😀 So I’ll be napping x

Also, yes, fucc this style of parenting. (opens in new tab)

06:07 (AM) CET

Ahahahahahaha why don’t the Dutch want to vaccinate their people? I’m not saying they should, but what (the bureaucracy) is taking them so long? (opens in new tab)

Haha I’ve been playing cards instead of napping… My killstreak is 63 now.

07:35 (AM) CET

The inflation is real?

08:02 (AM) CET

Sweeettt. Lamp (and some other stuff like an oven dish that better suits meals for one, a sheet for my mattress in black and a can opener that is not a scam (like this other can opener I bought doesn’t open cans)) is hereee yay.

Virrmo gaat in de herkansinggg.

10:20 (AM) CET

Haha okay funny story…

Firstly, I’m extremely yayed to have a working living room lamp now. Finally, after two months of darkness.

Now, chances are that the first lamp was actually also working properly. (That doesn’t have to be so, though, because I’ve tried to assemble the wires in so many different ways that it’s quite likely that I fried the circuit.) The LED spots are installed with a suction cup (zuignap), which was quite the hassle for me (I’m just never lucky with suction cups). Previous times I managed to get the lamp in – like the two electricity contact points of the lamp have to be aimed into diagonal holes and then be twisted to secure them.

I always managed to get the lamps in the holes and twist it, but they were always wobbly. The first time when installing a LED spot today, though, I twisted it in firmly and the spot did not wobble anymore. (That I found out that it can be installed firmly was just me having luck with the suction cup today. (Though I did dare to put a little more faith in praying today, ngl.))

So the problem was definitely not the terminal block, because that was the exact same on this new lamp. (Haha I suddenly thought “Ey shxt what if this lamp also doesn’t work?” then I’d be helplessly stuck in darkness even longer spending even more. Which is when I started praying haha…) But since today was the first time I figured out that the LED spots could be installed more firmly, chances are that I bought this lamp for no reason and spent two months in darkness for no reason… (The joke is that it isn’t funny ahahahaha. </3)

So, ehm, now I have lamp to give someone as a birthday present? If it works, that is. The effort I need to put into printing a return form without a printer with cartridges here is just not worth it, for starters… (And the post office is closed because of corona?) Not that I have any parties to attend or whatever. 🙁

Speaking of parties: where my aliens at? If the man whose last name I have is not my biological father, then my biological father is definitely an alien. Look at the interior style of my lil crib I find far too satisfying.

I’m half joking about the alien stuff, by the way. Collectively seriously believing in alien is “such an American thing to do” (not saying that that is what all Americans do and not saying that I despise it, but when people are casually openly convincedly saying that aliens exist, they are often American). Openly expressing belief in aliens in the Netherlands is a request for a one-way ticket to the insane asylum.

I’m a geocentrist, in a Cosmic Turtle kind of way, so I’m generally sceptical about extraterrestrial life (life specifically from other planets, that is). (Though any belief that is not: “Earth is round. NASA does groundbreaking things,” is insane asylum material (in the Netherlands).) But if there are different species of humans – including immortals – that would not surprise me.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the world is “focused around” the most “inflated strength” (using power tools, the individual not having invented it, or created anything in general) type of human – homo sapiens that is, then. (Like homo sapiens would think they stand a chance against “the aliens”.) “The aliens” then being the immortals (and other types of beings¿) – I’d say homo economicus.

Having the world “focused around” unsuspecting homo sapiens and their internet drama is of quite the advantage to the aliens. Technologically, too, they wouldn’t stand a chance and the aliens clearly don’t want to risk ending up in some gossipy CNN news cycle (for their alien identity).

Maybe it’s different, but I’m just looking for a reliable customer base with a comparable agenda. I do think they want these kusjes. ( – 3 -)

Late lunch time x

13:09 (01:09 PM) CET

After my endless seeming complaints about loneliness, I have finally invested in some companionship… I bought a fish. A fish, a fish tank, some plants and some stones. I’m extremely yayed. 😀

Of course, in my future days of extreme pimping I will invest in a giant fish tank that seamlessly fits into a wall. But for now I’ve bought a little fish tank that fits on my coffee table. Hold on, I already feel extremely bad for buying just one fish, but I don’t want the fish to reproduce because the tank is mini. So I’ll buy a different kind of fish and then also male. And a snail. Do you think they’ll be gaying each other?

Never mind. The aquarium is very small and I’d only buy the other fishes just to keep that one fish happy. But I read that as long as there are enough plants, the fish doesn’t mind being alone. (Gosh, that sounds like me.) I bought a betta. 😀

I considered buying some neon tetras to not have it be alone, but neon tetras prefer to be in a gang, especially with an intimidating betta around.

When I was really young I had a gold fish. Who, (to me) impressively enough became 8 years old. I had it from birth. It was kept in a large glass fish bowl with a plant and some rocks. One day he comitted suicide by jumping, out of the bowl, likely the water was an uncomfortable temperature/oxygen level. I was devastated and held a little funeral ceremony for him in our garden.

Not long after, I got a more serious aquarium with different shades of light, an air pump and filter spunges, with guppies in it and snails. We started off with like 10 guppies but at some point there were sooo many that when there were babies we didn’t even take them apart anymore (because they can mistake their babies for food (or just see their babies as food)). And then at some point the maintenance had become too exhausting for me: taking all the fish out(!), cleaning the glass, cleaning the stones, cleaning the filter spunges, changing the water (using a long tube you need to suck on to get the water to flow through it, which at some point I did wrongly and ended up having dirty fish water against my lips ewww)… The fxcked up part was always taking the dozens of fish out.

So now I’ll have one fish I’ll invest all my love and attention into. I’m in doubt whether I should call him Bert, Benoît or Fangs. I think I’ll call him Bert. Bert I. (Then King Bert a.k.a. Sir Pantsless is Bert II hehe.) May he live long. (Like seriously I don’t want to have this fellow die in the first week.)

My next door neighbor, with whom I got the guppies and who taught me how to maintain my fish, had this hella advanced aquarium with exotic fish. Goals asf. I hope to be moving Bert I to it whenever I move.

What I used to do with my guppies is have them adjust to the water by putting the travel bag in the aquarium for a while. I’ve never used special water adjustment tablets.

Meanwhile Felix is being alien asf. How do you mean TikTok is not the most enlightening platform ever? :p Ahahahaha we should make oneee.

I’m about to say something very nooby, but I really hope my aquarium is here before my fish is here… Otherwise I’ll have to keep Bert (who will come with plants and food) in a temporary location.

Anyway, I’m going to make myself useful. x

17:19 (05:19 PM) CET

A painting from Pinterest via Google Images

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