Practicing Nocturne 3

Good morning liefjeee <3

Overnight, I’ve given my late fits of bitterness some more thought. Within this decade, a lot of cities across the globe will be destroyed because of the way the Earth evolves. Having a full-time job or 6 million followers on Instagram are absolutely meaningless (as far as those things aren’t meaningless already) when that happens. If people, instead of taking precautions*, prefer to live to die basically, be locked down, watch movies with their friends and other same shxt different day things until nature ends it all, I’m at peace with that.

Instead of “live to die basically” and “same shxt different day” I should work on saying “doing what makes them happy with the people they love”. I’m sorry. I’m still working on that. I’m all about people doing what makes them happy. It’s so unfortunate that what makes them happy makes me cringe. (And vice versa?)


* Driving a Tesla and going vegan are not taking precautions. As in those things neither change fate nor ensure any form of societal stability “post apocalypse”. Nature cannot be controlled. It can only be adapted to. Nothing is more powerful and intelligent than nature. Only a fool tries to control that. Just like the coronavirus can’t be controlled, the climate (the evolution of the Earth) can’t be controlled.


I wish I had friends like that, you know. To just hang out with people wherever whenever and agree with each other on things and stuff. Maybe “the aliens” will want to be friends with me? Maybe they’ll be interested in these kusjes? I hope they’ll be interested in my kissy hot tub party. ( – 3 -)

Y’all be missing out. :p And I don’t even have a hot tub. I really wonder where my aliens are at thooo. Hopefully they’re coming here just to beam me up and dash. Do you think they’ll be sexy? I think yes. I hope they’ll just be here soon and just go wild because when was the last time the world was a place without conflict?

Meanwhile by playing taxi missions (like 75 fares (about 3 rounds of 25, going past my properties in between)) and in the meantime collecting revenue from my properties, I managed to have enough cash to buy the Malibu Club. That’s what I spent quite some time doing. Then I tried the mission but couldn’t find the guy I was supposed to “bail out” after dying three times so (especially after all those taxi missions) I called it a day.

Then I played some piano, did a mini workout, washed my hair and wig, ate yogurt…

And kept killing shxt ayyeee…

Now I’m about to eat een broodje x

10:55 (AM) CET

Now I’m, ehm, about to rest my eyes for a bit…

11:21 (AM) CET


😀 😀 😀

I haven’t watched the video yet. I just wanted to share my yays. I thought he said that he was returning on the 5th.

My sleep schedule is basically me going to sleep in the morning, then waking up around 4 in the afternoon thinking “neh”, going back to sleep again, waking up around 8, then staying in bed until at least 9. Then washing a few dishes and cooking. (Then playing the piano, doing exercises and other forms of midnight entertainment until sunrise. And then the same thing all over again. It’s all right, I guess. (Though there are things coming up that will make me have to flip this sleep schedule.))

Also, I’d like to clarify the autistic hitting-of-self when saying “Metro Boomin” in last viddyay. First of all, it just sounds so mismatching when I say it. But I didn’t want to go on that tangent where I say that my articulation (no idea where it comes from) makes it sound weird. While don’t ask me how to label it is my absolute favorite genre of music to listen to (while my favorite genre to play on the piano is classical music *sigh* it all sounds so mismatched but it’s all 100% me 🙁 ).

So I was already like “okay just play it” and on top of that I’m in exile potato mode and someone doing anything I like comes with attraction (I was next level trying to hide but could not suppress). And then I always end up doing something very cringy. Haha for the sake of making myself sound less like mismatched gangster queen, I should just stick to government names/first names…

I’ll be cooking x

22:28 (10:28 PM) CET

A painting from Pinterest via Google Images

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