Practicing Nocturne 2


I guess I should take back saying that my life is uneventful and that it lacks a thrill and stuff. I mean first there was the endless seeming fire alarm yesterday morning, and in the process of making that little dessert/snack I had a power outage twice.

Still not really the kind of thrill I seek, but yes, my heart rate has been influenced by external influences here, so I guess it’s something. Also, my meals make me very happy. I’ve been thinking of making pizza with okra and bacon tomorrow. <3_<3

As for the power outage: I was in the kitchen when it happened the first time. It was pitch dark. Having no idea where my phone was, by carefully shoving my feet across the floor and using my hands to determine my location, I went for the messy drawer in my bed where I keep my flashlight.

I couldn’t find it, so I felt on my night table and on my bed hoping to find my phone. My phone was next to my pillow, where I left it when I got out of bed. Then with the flashlight on my phone (battery like 18%) I sought the flashlight in my bed drawer.

When I found it, I unplugged all electronics and went to the storage closet where the fuse box is. The main switch had gone down, so I flicked it back on. By the time I was back in the kitchen, the power went off again. I still had the flashlight with me and noticed that the pan with fruits was quite far in the process of heating up.

Then I remembered that when I was washing dishes, the pit the fruit was on was all wet for some reason. I dried it off before putting the pan on it, but it could be so that it was the cause of the power outage. So I flicked off the pit, placed the pan on another, flicked the main switch once again and the power has been on since. From now on, I’m keeping my flashlight in my book case.

Scusami, I was playing a couple of games of solitaire.

Got that kill streakkk.

When I first started playing this, a long time ago, my aim was fastest time (but then it’s either a fast time or a loss). Now I go for the longest possible streak, even if I have to retrace my steps a zillion times. (Unless the way the cards are dealt makes it impossible.)

As for thrill, by the way, I guess what I’m missing is the thrill of just doing something wild like speeding or just trying a new activity. I also miss the thrill of – how do I say – getting acquainted with someone when there is mutual sexual attraction. I’m in anti-social piano nerd mode so I say yes the thrill is yayed but in potato terms I am potato and am caught off-guard in literally any situation. But that makes it more fun for you, and with that also still fun for me, right? Also am I the only person in the mood for passing joints in a hot tub??? It damn sure seems like it. 🙁

Anyway, after an entire day of sleep (ye now I don’t know like should I now stay awake for an entire day (24h) or what¿), I will get started on Nocturne no. 20 in C# minor. I do really wonder how the composers have come up with their pieces. Like these days I don’t know anyone able to compose such intelligently assembled pieces of music with just one instrument.

Oh, question: how much of that stimulus check you think will go into cryptocurrency and/or (online) casino visits? Ngl if I’d get that check I’d use it to buy a PS5 and game my brains out. What else is there left to do?

04:48 (AM) CET

Well I’ve practiced the first two lines of Nocturne, aside from playing through the other pieces I’ve been working on. I don’t play trillers often, so requires practice and I need to work on timing it well. Patience… For distraction, I started playing Gnossienne no. 1, which I’m now basically able to play again. It’s a lot easier to memorize than no. 3.

I’m also getting closer to killing my longest kill streak.

Meanwhile I’ve showered (the feeling of warm water flowing over my neck feels sooo goooddd it’s addictiveee) and I’m about to take a nap x

10:05 (AM) CET

I killed my kill streak yayyy.
And my pizza is in the oven. (Which I should clean…)

Haha I guess this is my life now. I’ve been doing some portion control. And my sleep schedule is back in midnight wildcatting mode. Sleeping through the day makes it seem like time passes faster. Not that I’m living forward to anything (though the FvD’s general meeting is an item on my empty agenda which I look forward to anddd my baby will be back in a few days agshxjjfkspqbayayyy). Sleeping through “the most active part of the day” makes my days feel more eventful. 🙁


I love this. <3_<3 The okra has the perfect bite to it. (With a bite I find it far tastier than softtt.) And I flavored the tomato sauce with smoked paprika and basil, which suits the combination of bacon and okra very well. (Thyme also suits them well, I know from previous food experiments.) Other things I added to it were grated cheese (a store bought mix of emmenthaler, mozarella and regato), diced onion and red bell pepper. I think this is the tastiest pizza I’ve ever made. <3_<3

I spontaneously feel like “attempting to earn enough” to finish Vice City. x

23:13 (11:13 PM) CET

A painting from Fresh Night Studio via Google Images

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