Practicing La Valse d’Amelie 2

Happy New Year liefjeee. <3 *sends you kusjes* May this be our year. Like 2020 was my year for sure. I pray for 2021 to be ours. Of permanently taking down the globalist establishment. May 2021 be the year of the Fangyist.

Also, I don’t even want to mention this annoyance honestly but, a moment of silence for those who think 2021 will be better than 2020. As for the end of the establishment, it becomes way worse before it becomes way better. But non-Fangyist plebian life will never get better. Like for them there really is nothing to celebrate here actually.

I’m not saying that it’s better to cry than to cheer here. But it would be foolish to think that 2021 is going to undo “the new normalcy” of 2020. I’m going for an “I’m glad there’s a new chapter in time and I look forward to whatever it brings but I know the government will only make things worse and I won’t let that affect me”-approach.

It’s littt.

I’ll be snuggling x

00:43 (12:43 AM) CET

My snuggle session was yayed. Now I want to make oliebollen. It’s quite a random moment to do this, but fxck ittt. Making oliebollen with raisins, of course. If you prefer your oliebollen without raisins, you suckkk. #Fact

07:00 (AM) CET


Its shapes are kind of trippy because I don’t have an ice scoup spoon. But damn, I’m so happy that I can make these things myself now. Usually I’d always go to an oliebollenkraam (especially in the Emmaus days when traveling by metro). Now I don’t depend on that anymore. (Though next time I should make my oil less hot. It’s my first time echt frituren in een gewone pan (ik heb geen frituur dus normaal gesproken bak ik dingen in de oven of een klein laagje vet). (I still prefer to not frituur when there are alternatives though (like with friet) because recycling frituurvet is such a headache.)) I’ve never felt so powerful.

I’m making hella progresss.

I mentioned wanting to buy a music book for La Valse d’Amelie, but my go-to online store doesn’t have it and there are sooo many pdf versions available, so… The only part I’m very not comfortable playing yet is where the right hand is playing in octaves and the left hand is doing the “elaborate bassline”. I’m still searching for comfortable timing there. All the rest is quite yayed.

For Satie I’m working on flawlessness now. For L’Orage I’m working on memorizing the end and playing all separate chunks as one flowing piece. For alternation I’m going to practice some jazz chords today and for tomorrow I have intentions of beginning with Nocturne. 🙂

10:12 (AM) CET

Café Parisien by Patrick Marie from Artmajeur

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