Practicing La Valse d’Amelie

I’ll be practicing La Valse d’Amelie today. As for “freshing up” basic techniques and compositions I used to know, I think it’s crucial. I said I was going to learn something completely new, but I guess I’ll postpone that. “What I don’t know” (or at some point knew only the first 10 seconds of) will be Chopin’s 20th Nocturne:

After La Valse d’Amelie, that is.

But firsttt I will be making hamburgers. Haha yeah sike, you thought I was going to do that at the end of my previous post, but I never left my bed. Ha, gotcha.

Ahahaha with my eating habits I sound like someone with severe obesity. If I were still cycling, I wouldn’t even be chinning right now okay. ๐Ÿ™ I find it uncomfortable to go cycling or jogging now with the judgmental stares towards non-maskers. *sigh* I guess I should just try cycling maybe some moment this week. Or maybe walk a longer distance, given that I don’t want to go cycling if things are slippery because of winter weather. I’ll figure something out…

Anyway, cooking timeee…

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Some background yays for while I’m cooking.

It’s really nice they’re really going in depth about policy now.

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My meal was extremely tasty.

The IRL conversation was even more fun than yesterday. I’ve been making notes.

There’s this great controversy between freedom and centralization. I’d say “one size fits all” centralization is always bad. In that sense the US and the EU are creating the same problems for its people. In the enforcement of their policies, their subjective ideology dominates also those who don’t want to be dominated by that. Whether it’s trade agreements, immigration, taxation or health care policy. Or being exposed to LGBTQ+ things. Different states/cities/countries have different political needs.

But simultaneously when certain things are centralized into one entity, certain things, such as rights and guarantees, can be ensured. At least it is hypothetically more certain if overall more people say they want/need/have the right to that. (Like name one constitutional right you have which you can exercise 100% freely right now. (I’ll wait.))

So, of course, my solution here would be to create an alternative to the “one size fits all do you want the red one or the blue one” democracy that gets the world nowhere* with a Fangyist government. Here, basic rights are ensured to all Fangyists** by a tiny handful of supra-federalists who act based on reason and principle. They are responsible for ensuring that people can have acces to universal needs. (Also responsible for fixed formulas, such as “for a city of x people we need x space of farm land”, filled in by local governments.) Most power is then in the hands of local authorities, given that they are responsible for region-specific political needs.

* It is individuals who create innovation. It has nothing to do with an entire government or an entire race. That certain innovations were created under certain governments does not mean that those innovations wouldn’t have been there if a different system, let’s say a more free market system (given that less free market is more common), were in place. Wouldn’t there, for example, be better games and gaming consoles if people weren’t all waiting for (and dependent on) the Playstation 34?

** Those who think that they know better/that they can come up with something better, I’d say go ahead. You stay out of our way and we’ll stay out of yours. I don’t negotiate change of my own ideology with anyone (with the exception of my advisors).

Here, though, for the value of money I think it’s far better to focus solely on the availability of resources instead of on money as a medium itself. Because in a real sense, money as a medium is absolutely worthless. That’s why I think cryptocurrencies are absolute nonsense. To determine the real value of a product its availability in nature (minus genetic modification) and how many people want/need it are the main determining factors of price, in a real sense (in contrast to “it’s better to produce that 1000km away from here because that’s cheaper”. It’s absurd that that costs less). So some things could be cheaper and some could be more expensive, and in the end this is how the Earth is not exhausted (because at the point of exhaustion things become unaffordable). (Sustainability is #1 priority, because without sustainability, there is nothing. Real sustainability, not “green crony propaganda”.)

Certain things everyone needs access to, such as clean water, should be free until certain quotum (to ensure responsible behavior and basic needs met for all Fangyists). Other things can be priced based on Fangyist calculation algorithms. The value of someone’s labor should be based on the value of someone’s contribution. So no minimum wage (all basic needs are met regardless, but no fun things can be bought without labor) and labor has to be of a certain level. I don’t know how to determine this yet, but I want local farming to be worth way more and lighting people’s farts on fire on YouTube to be worth nothing (like it should).

As for the discussions about monopolization and rape, I’d say made up “what if” scenarios often suit the defended argument better than the actual scenario. For one single person to monopolize the railroads is already something uncommon and to then have that be used for revenge is even more uncommon, so to use that as an argument against all power in the hands of one through capitalism (though I understand the controversy) is insufficient.

I’d rather have the railroads in the hands of 1 person than of 10 people with the same level of authority. If the 1 person misbehaves, thus does something that violates their responsibility, he/she can simply be replaced by someone else. (In a Fangyist system. Replacement = selective assassination.) With 10 people, there is no specific accountability and every time there’s controversy about misbehavior they can say “well let’s just vote about it” “the vote says “no”” and continue misbehaving.

About the thing with rape and going into a dangerous alley, I think all rational people agree that the agressor is always responsible for rape and not the victim. So if someone decides to rape a woman who’s wearing a short skirt, or is even naked, the person should have held control of him/herself. I think in that context, saying “Just don’t wear that” is just as wrong and the same as saying “Just don’t go into that alleyway”. Though both the for and against are well-intended.

It is in the end the same argument, because saying “don’t go into that alleyway you’ve been robbed in” and “don’t wear the outfit you’ve been raped in” both don’t hold the agressor accountable. “Just move away from the bad environment” can also be considered a well-intended argument, but this is a band-aid and not a solution. I get that personal responsibility is more valuable than expecting the government to solve your problems. But not everyone can move out of a bad area and no one chooses the environment they are born in. Though, as well as many other things, not lived after, in the end your local government is responsible for ensuring that you live in a safe environment.

I think we can all agree that (if he trims/shaves his beard) Eric should be crowned King of Texas. & Though in more extreme scenarios this could be dangerous, I think that for Tim as “King of News” it’s better that he is more “for the people” and I am more “for the principle”, given that that suits our roles in an optimal way. (Blindly listening to everything the people scream into the aether about can only lead to spineless chaos. Intellectually challenging policy proposals, though, I have absolutely nothing against.)

On my viddyay, by the way, I should have moved my chair like 5 cm forward and it annoys me.

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Can someone explain to me what we need DNA profiles for…?

07:46 (AM) CET

How about this, by the way: instead of D.O.C.I.S. International investment, you buy a highest bidder ticket to a practice session/concert of mine, then we dine together and at the afterparty you dance for me a little? :p

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I have piano lamp now. ๐Ÿ˜€

Honestly I don’t understand why my mother keeps being nice to me, after all my schizophrenia headache related wrath. Usually I’d say don’t send me things, but I really need this. My heart yayed.

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Ahahah everything feels so ” =.=” “. I got some fresh produce. And some drug store items. I’m likely very late with this, but they don’t sell “babylips” lip balm anymore? I ended up buying Labello, which I also haven’t bought in like 10 years. It was a hype to use that at some point and I used to have a wide variety of them.

I got the classic one.

I can start moisturizing my lips again without staining my mask. And I got some fresh produce. It might seem like I spend a lot on groceries, but this is wayyy cheaper than ordering food every day. Cheaper, healthier and I’m not on a rabbit diet. (I just feel I need to enter 2021 with 0 need to buy groceries. Also, I spontaneously decided I’ll be making oliebollen. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Just while typing this I realized that’s tomorrow haha. Like I know we’re entering that warp into 2021 (and corona will magically disappear ahahaha smfh), but the realization that 48 hours from now is 2021 hasn’t really sunk in. Not that it means much. It’s just time. Time passing.))

We seem to have reached that point where the fascistic corona policies don’t contribute anything anymore. People value wearing a mask, but hardly anyone is still strictly keeping 1,5m distance. There’s no point in wearing a mask if people don’t keep their distance. Mandating the use of hand sanitizers and cleaning shopping carts is also quite pointless, given that the coronavirus spreads through the air.

For me personally I don’t mind getting a cold from someone I’m cool with. That’s not the end of the world. What does annoy me personally is getting sick from random people, and I don’t even care about wearing a mask or not. Do keep your distance.

It is extremely unfortunate that this man’s unfortunate passing is used to push false propaganda. Unexpectedly is one of the hardest ways to lose someone, not knowing that your last goodbye to him/her was going to be your final last goodbye. (Even when aware someone’s final day is near, mourning is never easy.) Many people I have attended funerals of passed away by just out of nowhere not waking up the next day. Everyone who dies in 2020 has COVID-19 assigned as a cause of death, which is why the number is inflated. There is always something that contributes to the coronavirus causing a weakness, so, sorry that I’m speculating here, but maybe that he was another one of those instances of someone out of nowhere not waking up the next day, who happened to also have COVID-19.

Statistically, there is always an increase in deaths around December – January, because of the season. In the winter, the body has to work the hardest to burn through physical resources to withstand the cold (and seasonal flu). (Aside from already fighting with pre-existing conditions.) It is no surprise that there are more cases now. Throughout the entire winter season there will likely (given it has spread further than last year and now winter is kicking in for the first time since that) be the most amount of cases we have seen this far.

The government can’t stop this virus from spreading further. No human can stop this virus. (The vaccine does not kill the virus either, right?) Every mortal alive right now will die some day. The key is to make the best of the time you’re alive. Which is quite impossible when the government is shutting everything down all the time. Most people who are in severe danger for death by COVID-19 have had the peaks of their life already. (To keep them alive is almost selfish.) When someone dies, that is their fate. The unfortunate fate that awaits us all. It’s a waste of time trying to play with fate. Just live your life and don’t be scared. Just make the best of it.

Losing someone is never easy. Especially when you’re very accustomed to spending time with him/her. In the end, though, you are the only person breathing your air and seeing your vision, and you must live on. It might be difficult, especially in the beginning, but at some point, regardless of what comes on your path, you must move on. Death is a part of life. The government should not worsen this process. Though likely in a less harsh manner than mine, congressman-elect Letlow stood up for this principle of freedom as well. My condolences to his loved ones.

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French Cafe by Jos Coufreur from Bluethumb

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