Practicing L’Orage 2

A video of me practicing L’Orage is online yay. 🙂

Today I’ll be working on that some more, as well as Satie still and maybe I’ll pick up something entirely new. That would be good for my reading skills at least.

Also, I saw this:

I’m officially trapped in Belgium?

I don’t want people to do things to my body just because of some weird government shxt. Like I already feel uncomfortable wearing a mask for something that is not that deadly, not guaranteed to not pass to someone else because of it, having my ability to breathe freely everywhere I go be blocked because of the will of someone else. To then also get some shxt jabbed into my nose also basically for no reason given that corona will always live on, is a step too far for me. They’ll definitely be using that for political purposes.

Anyway, I’m going to sleep. Good night liefjeee. <3

02:00 (AM) CET

Oh waittt… What are they doing to my boy? 😮

Now neither sides are not imposing their own will.

02:09 (AM) CET

My eyes are falling shut. x

02:26 (AM) CET

Heys <3

I ended up watching the entire livestream yesterday. It was a very depthful conversation, very satisfying to hear. Though all my political views vary based on a “with no Fangyist law” or “with Fangyist law” kind of scenario, with welfare, for example, I’d say with no Fangyist law the government should be focusing on making sure there is enough economic opportunity rather than making people dependent on the government. If there is enough economic opportunity, there is no need for welfare if no money is wasted on trying to make weak people strong, if you know what I mean…

While with Fangyist law, there are things people could occupy themselves with that under Fangyist law are worth no money, for example being a student, or that are essential but not a full-time occupation, like being a nurse when hardly anyone is sick and the value of income is not determined by a fixed monthly sum for an occupation. Then I do consider the government responsible to ensure the individual’s basic needs, given that he/she contributes to society regardless. So even though my views are variable in a way no one speaks of, thus it was very relatable but not 100% the same as what I would say, it was of a very satisfying level of “theoretical” depth.

It’s also quite baffling the way in which vice president Pence a.k.a. my Partyboy Pence is getting dragged into this political tribalism. There is no more “I’m following these procedures based on these criteria,” kind of approach left for him anymore. Like whatever he does next will be perceived as “Very pro-Trump” or “Very anti-Trump”, followed by its tribalistic consequences. Erg jammer. (What else can I say? I mean the clash intensity only becomes less when either side has gone extinct. (So having both sides go extinct would leave the most relaxing kind of Earth to ever live on. (Like just shut the fxck up.) Not falling under any tribe but the Fangyist tribe is the absolute best.))

Mike Pence, Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro, Felix Kjellberg and Hunter Biden, for example, have something determinative in common. Something I can’t define. Like being considered part of something is in their hearts not a priority to them, because they act based on individual reason and if that goes along with the ideology of a certain group then there is compatibility. And the scene around them likes them, but (if they even admit that in a heartfelt way) don’t mirror them (because that’s too difficult). (Simultaneously, stupid enough, the first people to be thrown under the bus.)

I’m carefully selecting people mentally qualified for positions in my parallel government. Like now I’m thinking my mother could actually make a good national Praesens and Felix could become the mayor of Cuddle. In the end the only way to know this for certain, though, is by trying it.

So my gut has been saying things about Hunter Biden and I would consider it unjust if his case would suddenly just remain further unaddressed forever. It touches on the inner workings of the political system, it touches on the way the media operate, it touches on family dynamics and it (as a whole, not only the subject specifically) touches on opportunism. (It is such a good medium to end things.)

So, though this is getting old:

This is just a selection of the screenshots I have. I think it about summarizes all “new information” I have.

1) This is just a confirmation of what I already thought. To basically have your views suppressed by default and pretend like that’s not the case could have been a contributing factor to him losing himself.

2) He really seems a nice, funny, likeable person (especially in settings that enhance that). I’m assuming these things are said jokingly.

3) The style of expression used here is that provocative kind of satire-induced style which people sometimes mistake for 100% seriousness. Not saying that what is said here is not serious at all. I mean I’m certain the twisted family morale is definitely real in an overall sense. (Which Hunter would then, if I’m correct, be more dragged into than having an entirely broken moral compass.)

Though I haven’t been very investigative in this regard: the “family status” here is one that was built up and not born into, right? I’m wondering now because then “McRib” could have been code as well. Like sure those with status wouldn’t consume such a thing, but he has been through all kinds of shxt so maybe he has also been eating McDonalds. (Haha weet ik veel. 🙁 ) Other than that, all kinds of people use drugs so don’t find this something to condemn them for. (What drugs does say something, though.)

4) Listen, man. I’m an open-minded person who has been treated as “one of the guys” in settings with all men. I appreciate when men don’t suppress parts of themselves they would express around others just because of my gender. (Not saying that this was addressed to me, but about this “alpha conviction” in general.)

This shxt, however, has to stop. In its full entirety. For both men and women. (The women who consider themselves of “alpha” status on this are even more ridiculous, having a monthly subscription at the abortion clinic. Like how don’t they see that that is weak as fxck.) Having sex with people willy nilly is a display of emotional weakness (I’m not proud of) and should not be seen as an accomplishment.

On top of that, I really hope that this is a joke. For my heart and stomach I hope it’s a joke. For my brain I hope not, though, because then both the president and vice president can be sacked before they have even started. I consider the crime, then, just as bad as “selling out the country to foreign competitors”. Oh my god can you imagine Kamala Harris, after her cringe worthy video about Chanukah with her husband, having frequently had sex with Hunter on the down low? That sounds worse than the China stuff to me, man, my god.

For the sake of my stomach, I hope it’s not true. My god someone please get this disgusting image out of my mind’s eye. Please. Yuckkk. *sigh* This is making me reconsider things. Like even without the act, the expression already is unacceptable of a Praesens. Now, it can be argued that – if the alliance would be formed eventually – right now we don’t have that role yet.

But as for the side duties my council Praesens would have, *sigh* I don’t know anymore. 🙁 Like this is awful. He has orgasmically beautiful eyes, but this is just unacceptable. Please do not make me want to vomit again.

I’ve been having pasta sessions.

5) Coronavirus, Joe Biden’s senility, this odd Trump rally coming up, the great re(…)… Is it coordinated chaos, I wonder. If there’s anyone who could know, it’s this guy. As for the need of a catalyst for serious revolutionary change, whatever chaos they have planned for that event on the 6th (and not the 5th¿) should definitely happen. (I’m such a vulture.)

6) This type of non-conspiratorial information confirmed by experience is what I do need for the upper layers of my organization. *sigh*

7) What dis¿

You can’t catch meee.

Nappp. x

16:44 (04:44 PM) CET

I napped for quite some time, then stared at the ceiling for a while, then I watched my manz – of course – be yayed about being the most handsome face of 2020, now I’m here writing. Also:

Ahahahahahaha is that saxophone jazz playing in the background? <3_<3 Haha I’m glad I haven’t revoked my membership. (Given that my support goes wherever Catthierry goes. (And I prefer for him to not be snaked nor risk being snaked.))

My sleep schedule is in full reverse now, I believe. Which is not bad, because then I’ll just be practicing the piano until the sun goes up. I had pasta for breakfast and lunch. Now I’m about to make some hamburgers haha… Hamburgers with cranberry sauce instead of whiskey sauce. <3_<3

Ahahahaha “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEE!!!” – Joe Biden

What “crisis” the world is facing is not created by the government? Haha speaking of crises, look at the celebration of the EU now being 100% dependent on China. (opens in new tab) And I think, aside from all coronavirus measures being stupid, that it’s not bad Belgium ensured its signature businesses do not die out. (opens in new tab) Though I think by now even clubs should just reopen.

Anyway, I’ll be making hamburgers. Or cheeseburgers actually, I should say.

23:01 (11:01 PM) CET

A painting from Saatchi Art via Google Images