Fangs’s Lonelymeals Part 2 – Day 2

Goood morning <3

A sudden wave of inspiration has gotten me very energized. There are so many options for me when it comes to picking up a project in this process of musical reacquaintance, I didn’t know where to start. But now I guess I’ll divide this into three branches of projects: “classical technique”, “jazz chords” and “hearing”.

Though for classical technique, in regard to my “uncommon” style of playing, I’m limited without being one with the mechanics of hammers and snares, but my brain keeps being tricked as if it’s possible. I’ll keep working on Gnossienne 3 until I can play it flawlessly, especially in terms of dynamics, from start to finish. I’ll also pick up Sonatina.

For jazz chords the long term strategy is to just follow chords tutorials on YouTube until I can lay down any chord I can think of.

For hearing I’ll continue to play along with my playlists on Spotify. But instead of, what I used to do, just playing the entire playlist and improvising along, I will focus on a specific piece. I couldn’t decide on which one, and the end goal is Anderson .Paak’s “Waterfall”, but as a start of really mastering something that matches the chord level I’m at right now, I think I’ll start with Metro Boomin’s “Don’t Come Out The House”. The dramatique in the chords in the beginning is so amazing and is my favorite part. <3_<3

Also, I want to turn Dribble2much’s “Ankle Bully” into something polyphone. (Which I sort of “accidentally” started on when I was trying out the other sounds the piano has, then I pressed a key (an E, I believe but I’m not sure (yet) because I’m in bed) and thought “wow this sounds just like the instrument used for Ankle Bully’s instrumental melody”. So I look forward to further developing that also.) Soon black people will dominate in every single field. :p

I’ll be yogurting and playing some. Without recording though because the process of finding the right keys is quite uneventful to record and I want to spend this day chilling instead of the (for me) mind-numbingly boring process of putting together a video. But I’ll give you written updates, though. And maybe somehow I can explain how I intend to play this.

Usually I don’t like quotes. But this… <3_<3

06:22 (AM) CET

As for “Don’t Come Out The House”, by the way, I’m going to try to play all layers of music by myself, but chances are that I’ll end up needing an extra pair of hands.

06:31 (AM) CET

In regard to today’s meal: I’ll divide the courses over the entire day. So for lunch I’ll be eating soup, for example. Appetizer and dessert are snacks. The only things I’ll cook today are cranberry sauce and juice base because I need to make juice with the fruit I have.

06:50 (AM) CET

Wanting to play and practice with the ideas for approaches to the layers of the music is one thing, but exposing my body to the cold of not being underneath the sheets anymore is another. That’s the main downside of Winter. It would be easier if Hunter would keep me warm. :p

08:11 (AM) CET

Are these the crucial keys?

09:17 (AM) CET

Though it’s also nice in this key.

On the piano it sounds very much like something in composed in major (as in happy), while I personally strongly prefer playing things in minor.

I have somethinggg.

09:28 (AM) CET

I have this now:

09:48 (AM) CET

For the effect of the sound of een secunde I can’t seem to find, it seems like I need an assistant for an extra pair of hands and an extra piano.

I’m back in beddd.


10:07 (AM) CET

Kusje? 🙁

12:53 (PM) CET

I heard someone do fake evil laugh outside earlier and it was very kuddle.

Meanwhile I’m taking back-to-back (I’m using this out of context¿) great amazing naps. They’re so yayed they make me want to skip out on the duties I have for today. Currently, they’re winning. Nappp x

15:15 (03:15 PM) CET

It is almost holy skull oil hour?

15:53 (03:53 PM) CET

Petje is hereee

17:44 (05:44 PM) CET

Ahahahaha muppets canceleddd.

18:04 (06:04 PM) CET

At some point I passed out and then woke up when Felix ended his stream. (What he said about school was very relatable and we also used to do “what did you think about” meditation (and I also thought wth am I supposed to say (like it’s none of their business anyway haha).*) Then I washed some dishes and now I’m warming up soup. After soup I’ll do some quick 10 minutes of cardio and then wash my hair.

21:10 (09:10 PM) CET

* And I think people who do school work collectively instead of individually get higher grades but don’t memorize the knowledge for a lifetime because they haven’t made the material their own.

I’m about to make juice. Then cranberry sauce while warming up my left overs.

23:23 (11:23 PM) CET

Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

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