Fangs’s Lonelymeals Part 2 – Day 1

AWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAHHH! We’re back with the Lonelymeals ayyeee!!!

My nap turned into some serious hibernation, after which I ended up watching recent short videos of my baby, after which I ended up watching my entire viddyay. I think it’s yayed.

Make sure to check it out. Also my other viddyay.

Meanwhile I haven’t had dinner yet and am hungry, but don’t want to prepare a meal that will leave me with left overs that are not on my Lonelymeals(TM) (ahahahaha) menu. So, aside from frying some fish sticks and cooking some spinach, I’ll be making a huge load of mashed potatoes. Enough mashed potatoes for three days.

Sooo give me a minute, as I drag myself out of bed.

00:57 (12:57 AM) CET

That was a long a$$ minute.

But I think this is enough to not end up having to make more and not having to throw it out either.

Also, I think I’ve found an even better metaphor for Gnossienne 3: you’ve hid a thumb drive somewhere and you have no clue where it is. First you’re in the living room, searching through everything. Then you look at your giant book case and decide to empty it entirely, the hypnotizing pattern of the music illustrating the *insert Yayence word* fashion in which you do that.

Then you go to your bedroom and think: did I hide it inside my mattress? So you cut it open and completely dissect it. The thumb drive is not there either. Then you find out that it’s in your pocket and look at the mess you’ve made.

I’ll be washing some pans while my potatoes cook. x

03:03 (AM) CET

The holy dress code for our religious Fangyist Lonelymeals is a bathrobe, by the way.

I believe this will suffice.

I’m using milk, butter and creme fraîche (Philadelphia), because I like my mashed potatoes firm and with an accent of buttery flavor. For further flavoring I’ve used salt, black pepper and nutmeg.

As for how much I’ve used, I’d say start off with the least but effect on texture having amount of milk possible, because, speaking from past experiences, once your mashed potatoes are turning into soup there is no way back (so then I decided to throw the rest of my meal – like my vegetables – in it which made it relatively solid and edible as not a soup again).

The Lonelymeals are all about experimenting with cooking and letting yourself be guided by your intuition. If you, for example, don’t have dairy products at home, try something like apple juice and cinnamon? Or use almond milk?

I’ll be with my baby. x

03:50 (AM) CET

I let the rest of the mashed potatoes cool and stored it in a container in the fridge.

Letting food cool off before optionally (though fridge air sometimes impacts flavor, which I very strongly dislike, so I always) putting it in a container or in aluminum foil (with cling film underneath the foil) is very important for two reasons:

1) Hot food in the fridge can influence the average temperature in the fridge and/or cause other foods in the fridge to spoil (quicker).

2) Putting hot food in a container or in foil can severely affect the quality of the food. The condensation ends up making the material you’re storing your food in sweat – which leaves an awful taste for those with sensitive tastebuds like mine – and foods that are crispy or hard in texture can become permanently soggy from not letting it cool off before storing it.

Meanwhile I’m babyless now. </3 I don’t know how I would survive this if I didn’t have this piano. (It’s unfortunate the budget planning that has gone very well this year has not allowed me to buy any Christmas presents.)

But as for the culture war: living in exile is such a relieving experience of life. It’s like swimming naked. Which is another thing I highly recommend. Like now I can tell people: “Just die you fxcking pathetic fxck,” and no one can do anything about that. It’s great. 🙂

Today, before cooking, we will do some serious house cleaning. Before that, I’ll be napping. x

05:36 (AM) CET

Doing some serious hibernation*. I woke up early but then decided to continue sleeping. Then woke up around 1 and simmered myself in the heat of my sheets.

Anyway, I’ll be yogurting and afterwards we’re doing our holy vacuum cleaning.

14:20 (02:20 PM) CET

Meanwhile I did this.

I’ll really be eating yogurt now. x

14:40 (02:40 PM) CET

HAHA SIKEEE. I’m still in bed. But I have no choice but to leave it now because I need to take my sausages out of the freezer and I want to start cooking in about an hour.

Intended order of events: while chicken is in oven start on soup. Then when soup base is cooking start cutting veggies. Then veggies in oven and soup is done. Then meat super softtt.

15:26 (03:26 PM) CET

Oh then not when the base is cooking but when the soup is cooking with the potatoes and asparaguses, by the way. First time I’ll be cooking for myself while eating starter and main course is in the oven? I feel like a pro. Likely I’ll eat my appetizer while cooking. Or before.

15:35 (03:35 PM) CET

The holy vacuum has done its job.

I wanted to do some more cleaning today, but my bed wouldn’t let me. I do need to wash some dishes though.

Look at this Christmas miracle.

I want to drink my wine with ice cubes. Finally a moment to make use of the ice cube maker bag I bought at the end of the Summer (after all that making use of a normal freezer bag and a hammer, I found this bargain). You fill the bag with water and then when you turn it upside down it seals itself. What an invention. Finally, something that makes me say that human evolution was worth it. #Science

As for drinking, by the way, I love the buzz but I really don’t like the hangover. And given that I have no weed to kill my potential hangover with, I’ll drink more responsibly, I guess. I guess? At least I’ll make sure I won’t pass out while cooking.

I’ll be washing pans. x

16:25 (04:25 PM) CET

I’ll be making stuffing.
While appetizing.

17:25 (05:25 PM) CET

(I started later than I wanted to, so I’ll be eating later than I wanted to. But it doesn’t matter. I’m having fun.)

It smells fxcking good. <3_<3

I’ve added the juice of half an orange. The other half will be used inside the chicken. This (the picture) is the point where I add the breadcrumbs.

18:02 (06:02 PM) CET

I’ll be cleaning this in water and vinegar. This is the layer of vinegar and then the water, which I will add now, will fill the entire thing. The cocktailprikker is there because I used it to open the thing.

18:21 (06:21 PM) CET

So my chicken stock has these solidified pieces of fat.

Which I will be placing underneath the skin of the chicken. <3_<3

The oven is pre-heated on about 175 degrees Celcius, by the way. For the first like 50 minutes I will leave this in the oven with aluminum foil over it. Then later I will take the foil off and drizzle orange juice over it in an attempt to caramelize the skin.

18:45 (06:45 PM) CET

It is yaying.
Next up is making asparagus soup.

Step one, after sharpening the knife, is (don’t throw it away) cutting off the ends and peeling off the skin, which will then be boiled in water with some vegetable stock (block) to create a soup base.

18:57 (06:57 PM) CET

I’m deciding to add the stock block at a later point. The boiling “asparagus waste” will be strained at a later point.

Also, shout out Peru¿

19:11 (07:11 PM) CET

An important step here ~ the mess is just an illusion ~ is to have wine or stock ready to add quickly after adding some flour to the butter.
It’s boilinggg. (If, in a later stage, you find that it needs more veggie flavor: consider adding some mashed potatoes to it.)
The chicken has just been oranged and the temperature is now set on 200 degrees Celcius. (I hope it will also evaporate some of that soup underneath.)

I’ll be cutting veggies now. I’m almost ready to begin with my starter.

20:05 (08:05 PM) CET

The skin made it look like this chicken was about to jump out of the oven.
Very simple.
Enough for at least 2 days.
I ate some soup while this was in the oven.

I forgot to make cranberry sauce, so I guess I’ll do that tomorrow. I also forgot to warm up mashed potatoes. It’s in the oven now. Meanwhile I’m eating this:

Haha it’s yayed.

21:05 (09:05 PM) CET

More yays.

Wine with ice cubes is also very tasty.

21:20 (09:20 PM) CET

Another game where I end up being stuck, then retrace my steps and correct them. Yayed.

Meanwhile my chicken (the entire tray) has been tetrised into the fridge. On dessert I’ll skip out.

I hope everyone is having a great day celebrating capitalism, materialism and gluttony. May your last fiscal quarters of 2020 be great. That’s definitely what Jesus would have wanted.

Tomorrow is the Fangyist day of less cooking yay. 🙂 (We should have left overs get together. 🙁 ) Aside from missing mijn liefjes a lot, I’m having a great time. Living in exile is so much better than being socially active, because most people are fxcking useless barbarians who think that their opinion matters to anyone. Once you get used to tuning them out, you get addicted to this freedom.

It is absolutely amazeballs. (: (Is it used correctly like that¿)

22:33 (10:33 PM) CET

If I’m not living with my liefjes and only my liefjes, I prefer to live and die alone. I find it disturbing that just because it’s a certain date you’re indirectly socially obligated to be acting cheerfully and socializing and shxt. (And emptying my wallet.) It’s so sheepy. Though onestly a phat bag of weed as a gift would reallyyy make my day. I’ve often considered finding a plug here, out of craving, but I can’t take a risk like that when residing abroad.

Anyway, I’ll be sleeping. Good night liefjeee. <3

23:10 (11:10 PM) CET

Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

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