Practicing Gnossienne No. 3

Good morning. <3

We’ll be jamming out today yay. As in practicing my favorite jam, in this context. Before that, I’ll be eating yogurt, doing some chores (I’m fighting an internal battle to not just play the piano all day long. Sleeping, cooking and cleaning are things I am inclined to not do anymore but with my energy fading because of that I have no choice but to still do these things. I’d rather outsource them, though…), then rushing through the daily stilstaan bij politics and then playing the piano all day long yay.

So, let’s yogurt.

09:19 (AM) CET


I really wonder if there’s another kind of breakfast as simple but nicely flavored as ripping open this cup of yogurt and pouring some honey on it. There is bread, of course, but that goes bad so quickly… I wish I could consult my favorite scientist on this.

Also, Ye was hereยฟ (opens in new tab)

& I was thinking of putting viddyay on my other websites, but then I thought: if you’re not here, on this web domain, right now, what are you even doing?

10:05 (AM) CET

Also, last night I figured out what that one poku was called.

I guess I played it correctly. :p

10:15 (AM) CET

After collecting the laundry coins I purchased earlier, I did a drugstore run to get some soaps and hair products (because I was out) and vitamin D (because y’all lackin’ :p). Then I went to the toko for some snacks, thyme because Lidl doesn’t sell that anymore(?), (yellow) madame jeanette peppers (I bought a stack and froze it because its supply is very on and off) and some plantain.

For the second day of Fangs’s Lonelymeals, maybe I’ll fry some plantain. I might today also eat some… (I bought two. Might freeze some.)

And I restacked my little ration.

When there is ridiculous government spending done in Europe, I’m not baffled by that. Its system is basically designed like that. It has been like that for ages. But never in my life have I heard of practices like that from the United States.

All countries depend on each other in this dumb world economy. If people in the US suddenly get money to buy 6 pairs of Jordans for no reason, and the only reason why Europe is still standing is because with all EU countries forming one monetary economy, it’s as if they can compete with the rest of the world.

You know me, I am very much in favor of having all people’s basic needs met. But by giving people fixed goods to optionally choose from and not just giving them money they potentially don’t know how to spend wisely. Have I understood well that both someone who works at McDonalds and Jeff Bezos will get at least $2000 from the US government?

Regardless, to make a long story short, I have stacked some in case of hyperinflation. I can’t imagine life after Christmas. Or life in 2021. We’re such government puppets and they’re running this shxt into the ground.

I’ll be making lunch. x

13:16 (01:16 PM) CET

Joe Biden is hilarious by the way. He’s like: “How do you mean trying to make the best of it? No, you should be stressing out. YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEEEE. Unity. ๐Ÿ™‚ ” Still, his son is hot as hell. I want the cuddles. 3:

13:22 (01:22 PM) CET

I’ll be filming. x

Give me the cuddles. 3:

14:10 (02:10 PM) CET

I’m done filming. I stopped early because I’m very tired. I haven’t slept. ๐Ÿ™

Three things I need to elaborate on that I haven’t clarified in the video:

1) A better metaphor for the composition actually, instead of looking for an answer, is looking for your glasses in different rooms and then finding out that your glasses are on your nose. (A very silly example.)

2) About Schindler’s List: I can explain. A former classmate of mine who is a violinist asked me to do her piano begeleiding for a performance. (Had I told this story yet?) She wanted to perform Schindler’s List’s movie theme song. The piano begeleiding of it was a very beautiful piece, but I only mastered the beginning part and didn’t know it well enough to play that as a solid piano base, so I ended up playing plain chords (and even that didn’t go flawlessly at the second performance (at school) x_x).

And at the first performance (it was at a different location of the same government funded music school) there were multiple people performing, among which kids who played so extremely flat that it got my father crying of laughter in a performance room way too small for that. (Unfortunately that moment as a whole was fxcking hilarious.)

So that’s why I need redemption for Schindler’s List and that is why I mentioned that I need my baby for this. Haha I’m not a racist okay. ๐Ÿ™

3) There is a point where the left, dimming pedal is supposed to be used in the composition (Gnossienne no. 3), I forgot to mention. Two points, even. Once when repeating “the second wave of hypnotization” and at way at the end “when for the last time repeating the first question”. It is indicated with “u.c.” which means “una corda”.

In performance pianos, one key is three snares, and when it is dimmed by the left pedal that becomes one snare, “una corda”. (In simple pianos, the left pedal brings the hammer closer to the snares, which makes the maximum sound less because of less distance.) “Tre corde”, “at the first time when you find the answer” (is what the sheet music says, but I’d say it should be “at the last time when you think you’ve found the answer but haven’t”), basically means to let go of the left pedal and return to three snares.

Nappp x

16:20 (04:20 PM) CET

New viddyay is uplayding.

I’ve nap prepped and will now actually be napping after some more prep.

17:47 (05:47 PM) CET

This is a reproduction of “The Waltz” by Anders Zorn (by searching “waltz painting” on Google Images)

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