Reacquainting with my Instrument

Heyyy my dear fellow Fangyist Vulture. <3

Today is intended to be quite yayed. I’ll be showing you a side of myself I don’t think I’ve shown you before. When I was younger, for a short period of time I considered becoming a professional pianist, but ended up not going for it because of market scarcity, my lack of interest in trivia (is basically why I can’t be considered a master in anything within this system. I consider cramming my brain with trivia (wich others would consider important life-defining information) a waste of brain space better occupied by my own expanding philosophy (and esoteric knowledge) but do think my experts are very useful and kuddle), my taste, my greater need for a more elaborate voice and my shaky hands made me choose a more booksy path.

But now playing the piano is just a hobby of mine I’m quite very passionate about. I will be sharing some thoughts and my process/progress of reacquainting with my instrument. (Though in advance mind you I don’t have a fancy microphone. 🙁 (Yet…? (Honestly I don’t even want to try to become a serious youtuber, because I don’t want “fans” (not saying that I’d get fans), so why would I…)))

Before that, though, let me share my politics and other serious things related thoughts now so we got that over with. I’m quite sick and tired of endless conversations about why the system is bad while the actual effort put in actively changing it is basically non-existent. Smashing a store window and yelling your demands really do not fxcking count. That type of behavior should not be rewarded.

Spotted? I wonder what “it” is. 😀

11:00 That, proportionately in regard to economic balance, is quite a lot of money spent by the government as a direct investment into an individual. And that will now be made more? In terms of fairness, I have nothing against the president amending the bill for a greater payment (also what a waste of over 5000 pages (also who write(s) that)), because this is a problem created by government policy, but as for economic value and the value of resources, this should not become a habit.

12:00 Even I think it’s unfortunate that movie theaters will likely disappear the way physical movie rental companies have disappeared. I absolutely love going to movie theaters. I often just don’t like what is on the screen. Generally speaking, even if things ever go back to normal I think in the end life will stay being like quarantine. Unless we fangy it up ofc.

14:00 What does higher education need that money for? Everything is online now, right? I could do that shxt for free?

22:00 My Iustisss. <333 Hopefully you’re yayed about instead of having representatives vote for bills, citizens can vote for amendments (to be applied to them). #ThinkTank By the way I was thinking, my Iustis is basically my architect. My baby will know how to officially design my system. And then Hunter will be like, “Okay here’s the deal guys.” (And then Tishe will be like, “Okay here’s the deal guys.”)

Some more powerful Iustis moments around 28:00 and 41:00 yay.

51:00 Remember when I said that “the kraken” could show something about human nature? It is sensationalism over rationale until the truth is shown. Every single time.

Oh and I too should say that AOC pointing out that not giving people the time to study a document of 5000 pages (and giving them a document of 5000 pages in the first place) is no way to run a government. With that, though, given that she cannot change this unfortunate fact, as the Fangyist doctrine says, the collective of politicians (with no unlimited power) is a bunch of useless people.

Also, though given his lack of (showing of) political vision I still can’t take him seriously, I am amazed and happy to see that Joe Biden has given credit to the Trump administration. I consider that a quite unifying thing to do.

Also, Hunter should be Timothy’s next guesttt.

Ahahaha all that is missing is the giant penis.
Straight factsss.

I’ll be showering and sleeping. Nighty x

04:19 (AM) CET

Okay whoops… I woke up at like 10 and thought “let me sleep just a little longer” and now… I will still record, but you know I have lamp issues, so it’s for as long as daylight allows it. I intend to be brief. Haven’t decided on what language yet…

15:38 (03:38 PM) CET

It seems there is an equal amount of logic in using either Dutch or English. I mean my mother asked me to send a sound demo, so then it would be more logical for me to speak Dutch and I “have no audience at all” so why would I speak English. But I have “switched to the other arm” linguistically and want to be loyal to that. Also, my relatives know English – as basically all Dutch people do in the end – so…

16:45 (04:45 PM) CET

I’ve found a solution for the lighting and have recorded some practicing. All that is left is filming the introduction. Given that this is just a hobby and I’m doing this in my apartment and not like a business complex, and the idea of individualism, I guess I’ll wait until my neighbor is done blasting loud ass afrobeat music through his speakers.

18:12 (06:12 PM) CET

That went a lot quicker than I thought. Appreciate it.

18:15 (06:15 PM) CET


20:15 (08:15 PM) CET

In advance: I’ll be forgetting the name of a piece, and its name is “tarantella”. I remembered it just now haha. And also, tomorrow I’ll make a video about practicing Gnosienne no. 3, reminder to self that I share more about the most important things I’ve learnt from my instructors.

20:48 (08:48 PM) CET

Now that I feel this strong urge to play the piano all the time (and stare into screens less finally yay), my meals are like…

Not in the mood to make fries…
I’m quite yayed about putting this online.

22:10 (10:10 PM) CET

It will be online in like an hour:

23:18 (11:18 PM) CET

My eyes, by the way, are red asf because my sleep schedule is extremely wildcatty.

Tomorrow I intend to film during daytime. Though I think the way I solved my light struggle was quite decent.

Ahaha could be worse…

My new lamp is intended to be delivered in the beginning of 2021 haha…

23:35 (11:35 PM) CET

A photo from Pinterest by searching “piano pinterest” on Google Images

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