Contemplating Kissyfest 2020 2

In case you will be cooking along for Fangs’s Lonelymeals: I think I’ll be using the chicken stock made from pre-cooking spiced up chicken (without fennel/anise) to make fried chicken for the oven chicken somehow. You know:

In other news: where is my baby? Like literally. I really like the ambience. Also whose picture is that in the background? I’m jealous. :p

Wouldn’t it be kind of hilarious now after the zillions in debt, the next level recession/depression we’re living in right now, all the unnecessary drama and deaths and stuff and the quick development of this vaccine which could be considered “society’s freedom ticket” (at least symbolically), to have people with great authority waste it all on some racial justice bullshxt? Ahahahaha I almost choked on my vulture popcorn. We would be sealed into this government-made crisis.

Maybe we’ll be sealed into this regardless. Because now governments are doing to Britain what they should have done when this started in China. (opens in new tab) Is the British coronavirus strain now airborne ebola? Because if not then this is another form of unnecessary economic disruption. With countries already half in lockdown because of the coronavirus and now imposing separate measures to fight coronavirus 2.0 simultaneously… What are these people working towards? Like what is the point of this? Will they forever ban travel from the UK? Because the virus isn’t going anywhere (and it’s not that deadly, so the only way out of this is to rationalize death).

Also my god how the fxck can it take so fxcking long to make a deal? Daaamn and these people (both sides) are professionals?

This is, about the vaccine (which could be a contributing factor to corona 2.0), not the severe life or death situation the left portrays it as, where you save more vital people first because you otherwise risk extinction. I do think, though, I mean if people keep prioritizing the vaccine, it is best to treat it as a sort of last resort medicine for someone who is terminally ill – given that the long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown – and that with that the elderly with pre-existing conditions are the most vulnerable so they should be prioritized and simultaneously (in the light of unknown long-term effects) they are the group of people with the least amount of life left regardless so they should be the first to get the vaccine regardless.

Did you hear my Iustis speak at 33:00? <333

&&& I feel so very bad for AOC’s “Green New Deal” t-shirt now that she lost that anonymous election.

Unfortunately there was no chance for me to stalk Hunter this night, with a nicely hosted conversation in the background, but it did coincidentally get me very excited about seeing my baby in a pink bunny suit.

I just did my exercises and will be melting a tiny gletsjer now, after which I will go to sleep. Welterusten x

Kusjeee <333

03:46 (AM) CET

What will also be an appetizer, by the way, is dates. Dates. The sweet plum kind of thingies. I’m snacking some now, because I’m having random snack cravings (but I have an eat-within-10-days family pack basically so it will be fine for the Lonelymeals) and I can’t sleeeppp. But I have dates in abundance. Dates, however, I do not have in abundance. πŸ™ Maybe that will change, though #Kissyfest2020.

I wonder how Tishe is doing…

06:23 (AM) CET

Though ironically meant, honestly I’m hoping VUI20 wipes out all of humanity.

What the kxnker fxck is this?

I bet even Ben Shapiro would agree it’s better to make music about killing people (like detailed murder and bloodthirst and stuff, sorry but it’s a relief to listen to) than to make this shxt. A few times already somehow this shxt had been recommended to me by ads – the algorithm is clearly broken – but now one of my favorite meme accounts has used this for satire several times. Usually I can phonetically make at least some kind of sense of what people are saying in music. But here, like at some point I just had to look it up. What the fxck is this man saying? Is he talking about gay sex???

Haha gey.

Also, check the facts:

*liberal leftists mind blown*

07:20 (AM) CET

Maybe that all clubs are closed is not that bad after all haha…

Ey I think I’ll just yogurt meow sleep is absenttt.

08:07 (AM) CET

You may have noticed my behavior in the last 48 hours has been more fishy than usual…

Like I didn’t even share what was on my plate last night…

Because I knew the sharp ones would notice… Also, I didn’t say much yesterday because among other things, I was doing this…:

Making room (those brown stripes on the wall are light reflection haha just sayin’ in case the landlord is watching)

And now…

IT IS HEREEE!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

If someone had told me last year that next year there would be a serious piano in my apartment, I’d say that that is crazy talk. But wow. πŸ˜€ Excuse me…

13:10 (01:10 PM) CET

Part of me says I should type more yays…

But excuse me, I’m practicing Gnosienne no. 3.

My favorite piano poku of all time. I’d gladly record it when I’ve mastered it again.

I am so yayeddd. πŸ˜€
2015 me ain’t got nothin’ on…

Haha awwww yeaaahhh.


13:50 (01:50 PM) CET

I don’t want to take a break, but I have to. You know that point where you’re practicing something and progress is being made but then it stagnates e.g. by hitting the wrong bass tone for the following chord at the same point repeatedly?

I’m practicing songs/jams/compositions I once already knew, so like I can already almost play Gnosienne 3 from start to finish (again), but now after I’d say the last wave of impressionism in it, I start to randomly mix things up. Also I couldn’t sleep from excitement (and frustration man what the fxck is a zlata ahahahahahahaha) last night, so I’m going to take a nap.

Tomorrow I’ll record some jams. Two Yann Tiersen ones of which I forgot the name. One of them is that one song people play when they say “Yeah I can play the piano” and then, literally every single one of them, they play this one song I’ll play for you tomorrow. Then there’s another Yann Tiersen piece I always when someone asks me to play something (because it’s a fixed pattern haha… Like no matter how long I haven’t played, I always figure this one out). Hopefully I can also demonstrate me favorite jam. And I could also play some FΓΌr Elise and the intro of Guastavino’s Sonatina for you haha.

Nap timeee x

It’s off now. πŸ™

Haha my piano has on and off buttons isn’t that friggin’ sickkk. πŸ˜€ This is so ideal for in an apartment.

15:43 (03:43 PM) CET

A thought I think is worth sharing.

The mantra.
Fangyism is the one and only way.

Killing both the woke and tunnelvision conservatives (given that they and their contrasting narrow-minded ideals are part of the cause), and then redefining the system is the one and only way to stop governments from making shxtty decisions. Or to simply stop the government from doing what it does.

Meanwhile my nap was great. I want to continue playing the piano, but I have to cook meh. πŸ™

20:04 (08:04 PM) CET

Aside from not being my baby right now, my baby never makes shxtty decisions. #JustSayin’

Am I by the way the only one who feels like there is something very wrong about everyone knowing that Hunter Biden has lived through the lowest point in his life, but no one knowing the cause? I want to know the cause. (And find it unfortunate that my PR business is dead. Though this publishing is indirect (pure propagandist) PR.)

20:43 (08:43 PM) CET

Half a bottle of beer left, so you know what’s for dinner…

Haha I really wonder how Belgian stoofvlees was invented. Do you think King Bert knows?

22:32 (10:32 PM) CET

With tongue? No tongue? We should celebrate Kissyfest. You pick a date. :p

My dinner is almost done haha my meat is extra stewed and my piano pieces for tomorrow are “extra practiced”. I’m not going anywhere, but I gotta close this post (and will be eating and chilling with my baby and then coming back around the time when I’ll be stalking Hunter and Tim. Timothy. :p ). x

23:43 (11:43 PM) CET

Aaahahahaha ouchhh. Motherfxckers.

23:50 (11:50 PM) CET

Photo by Mohit Suthar from Pexels

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