Contemplating Kissyfest 2020

Haha yeah I know, 2021 is next week already (haha what). That, though, does not stop me from sharing more yays with you to have you consider Kissyfest 2020. Let’s end 2020 on a high note. The highest note of all time. (You’ll definitely want to experience how my voice will be 2 octaves higher when I’m around my sexy Kissyfest 2020 attendants. :p ) All you need to do is contact me in that one way you know.

Meanwhile I’m chilling here. I’ve basically done all main missions and side quests in Saints Row now.

Better yay.
Ahahaha I found out about this weapon after defeating Satan. 🙁

I have no clue what game to play next. Maybe Tomb Raider? Maybe spin the bottle? :p There is literally nothing more fun than playing spin the bottle with people who would be considered too grown to play that game. With cheek kusjes meow we’re innocent. Have you also played this with cheek kusjes?

It will be teambuilding 20.0. 😀

01:35 (AM) CET

Don’t get me “wrong”, by the way. I’d gladly go full-faced H.A.M. on all of you, and the purpose of Kissyfest is to challenge and strengthen the immune system (which is 2020’s greatest victim). But something tells me I should pose limitations on myself. If intoxicated enough I might think about this differently, though. I don’t know. 😀

01:58 (AM) CET

Ahahahaha otherwise I’d have to throw out this mozzarella and pesto. 🙁

Kissyfest would be kuddle. Bring air mattress. 😀 We can store like 7 people here. And then disperse after we have inaugurated our Antwerp City Base.

The planned delivery date is not today, by the way. I’m keeping it to myself for good luck. When it’s here I will surprise you with my spontaneous yays. And thank my relatives for the amazing gift.

My Mondayays are intensified now, by the way. 😀 And my baby and Tim and Hunter now entertain me after my boring weekends. People I need to keep close for Kissyfest and beyond. A better suited title for Tim, by the way, would be Praesens Informatievoorziening.

04:42 (AM) CET

I did it more neatly for demonstration ((as in throwing away the cracked foil) in the last few days), but…

I am not that extremely disturbed by an organized mess, but when it comes to literally popping these pills and for example eating tiramisu or roti (when eating roti, I divide my food in such a way that my last piece of “pancake” goes with the very last bit of condiment on my plate), I always have to do it with some form of symmetry. When other people don’t do that – I’ve never seen anyone do that and maybe that is why I often finish eating last – I’m not that bothered by it or something, but it would be satisfyingly sexy if I’d see that ever.

Though in my agenda terms it’s like I’ll be having dinner all alone for the rest of my life. Something that is not deadly. Though maybe it’s not deadly because most often when eating this year, I’ve been listening to my baby sharing the contents of his mind. It’s unfortunate I can’t say anything back.

If there would be a worldwide power outage and we’d go into some post-apocalyptic reality (in which my piano would be useless </3 ), then I still think I’d be more sane than others but my loneliness would really be getting to me (given that I’d only team up with another Fangyist). Like on Valentine’s Day, for example (example of 100% loneliness while now it’s like 90% given the fact that I now follow people I agree with better*).

* It’s like with a dance mat or Sing Star, where my views are the song that, in context, should be sung by whomever I’m watching. In the past people used to be wayyyyyyy off but I thought that that was all there was, and now there are still moments of being off key but at least things now end in a positive balance.

I spent most of my weekend dozing off, staring at the ceiling and playing spider solitaire. Which is painfully unproductive but for my sanity still better than any plebian activity that would get me money because a lot of convictions make me the kind of agressive that would make me a felon. So ye my reality is painfully unexciting (looking at this from a timeline perspective, I’m surprised that Genesis and I don’t want to be able to see the doctor after the deadline for my first assessment is in two days ago was cool to see you there now and then because otherwise I will miss you too baby girl and I have not sent them yett I have to be around people who party with that same going-crazy-but-holding-back-the-most-crazy facial expression… My phone making sentence… I’m surprised that I’m still doing the only-getting-out-of-bed-for-warming-up-food-in-the-oven (still happy with the no microwave life but I do miss a dishwasher) – but my bed meals are every time as cuddly as if I do this as some cheeky once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing) but still this is the very best of all my alternatives (given that being Regentesse is not an option). Life has never been better for me personally. Living the Pareto optimum.

I’m feeling tired now so I guess, after the usual haha you know, I’ll be resting my eyes.

Kusjeee x

06:16 (AM) CET

The last time I woke up so energized I think I was 5.

But I did it
Christmas shopping…
Haha exactly today I had to restock on water, potatoes, olive oil and sunflower oil…
My bags have been heavier though. 🙂

I thought I’d have to wrestle someone for a chicken. But they were there in abundance. I bought the regular storebrand ones, but there were also special Christmas edition chickens for sale. Different formats, with a ribbon. I personally prefer to stick to what I know, in this case…

By the way super crazy that like 2 weeks ago I was limping around and now I’m walking on heels. Without visiting a doctor. Isn’t that a little Christmas miracle. ( – 3 -) (Ahahaha cringe.)

Ahahaha also I had such a trippy dream last night. I dreamt that my ex came to visit me at my parents’ house and that we were as friendly with each other as when we first met, but that we had already split up. We were kissing for a little while but it was amicable and more in a “I’m very happy to see you” kind of way.

He told me that he picked up playing basketball (irl he absolutely does not do this) and that he wanted to introduce me to this guy who was 6/7 Jewish and 1/7 Togolese. (I was hella interested.) Then I wanted to walk him back to the metro station, and from the couch my father yelled: “Do NOT come back home intoxicated!!!” So I was like ay okay let me get my stuff I’ll follow you to basketball practice then. Because when walking to the metro station we always, al-waysss smoked up.

Basketball practice was a lot of fun. The guy, though very cute, was extremely short, so, like, unfortunately. Then I read that someone was criticizing me on her blog, so I approached her saying that I genuinely appreciate her very constructive criticism but that the conclusions she was drawing about me were incorrect because of this and that.

Some critique, for example, was that in situations itself I tend to keep things to myself and then write about it later and her conclusion was that I do that because I’m evil. As for the criticism, yes, rightfully so. But I don’t do that with bad intentions. People tend to blurt out their criticism and their conclusions, airing the contents of their hearts on others like it does nothing to them. The conclusions people draw about me are often so far off that I have to be alone quickly afterwards because otherwise I won’t be able to fight the urge I have to strangle them to death. Then if I don’t write about it, people won’t think twice before they blurt out their shxt to me and my heart would be distorted by all the things no one knows about me. I’m doing you people a favor.

In other news, my life’s question have been answered. I didn’t know Belgians said “schijten” as well. Though on the scale of wildness, from “de grote boodschap doen” (doing a big delivery a.k.a. going number two), to “poepen” (a.k.a. taking a dump), to “schijten” (a.k.a. shxtting), “schijten” is at the bottom of the scale. “Kakken” is also said in Dutch Dutch but in different circles (that’s more for the “cool” elitist kids to say). And “kaka doen” is then something you’re more likely to only hear in Flemish Dutch. That gets closer to Latin and Sranan Tongo as well. (Like my father told me that because of the linguistics, they used to not sell the Ford “Ka” in Suriname.)

So I guess aside from inaugurating King Bert as King Bert, I don’t really have a conversation starter anymore. Though I do wonder how to say going number two in a less wild way than previously mentioned. And I wonder what a “Nederlands rekenmodel” (“Dutch calculation model”) is…

The other day I mentioned that I was wondering if “Kabouter Buttplug” was still brightening up the streets of Rotterdam. I don’t know how recent this update is, but…

Google Maps says “yes”.

Ohohoo yesss

Congratulations guys as long as you don’t mandate it, have fun with it. “Do whatever you want (as long as you don’t disturb other people doing whatever they want)” is my life motto.

Also, does this sound familiar? I am eligible to return that one lamp that does not work and thus I’ll have to order a new lamp. But honestly, especially without a car, I really don’t want to submerge myself in the hassle of returning a package, so I’m more inclined to just order the lamp again (given that it’s not thattt expensive) and not return the malfunctioning one. (I might still end up returning the malfunctioning one though.)

For the first time since I’m here I have a serious meal prep to do. Like I need to freeze cassava I need to cut up first and I need to cut up some lamb meat and freeze it as well. And dinner prep and stuff. I wonder why Lidl here doesn’t sell chicken wings anymore, by the way.

15:55 (03:55 PM) CET


17:25 (05:25 PM) CET

Achievement unlockeddd.

Byyy the wayyyyyyyyyyy, of course, the most exciting moment of the year is coming nearer: Fangs’s Lonelymeals PART 2 YEAAAHHH. I’m excited. 😀 If you want to freestyle cook along with me, this year’s menu will be:

Day 1:

~ Appetizer: olives and sausage

~ Starter: asparagus soup

~ Main course: whole chicken from the oven (stuffed with sausage and other stuff like lemon and toast (because I rarely finish a bread)), cranberry sauce (using dried cranberries this time, adding flavor with an orange, some jam and maybe cloves (kruidnagelen)), mashed potatoes, veggies from the oven

~ Dessert: tiramisu (store bought #yolo #gamblingwithlife)

Day 2:

~ Left overs ahahahaha.

Yayyy lessgetittt.

Meanwhile I’ve put some stuff in the freezer and now I’m contemplating whether to warm up my last slice of pizza and make juice or make something more dinner-like… I think I will warm up pizza and make juice. And then make a light dinner for when I’ll be gaming later tonight. I think I’m going to kill time in GTA and attempt to finish the game entirely.

20:15 (08:15 PM) CET

Haha ye

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