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Let’s get wild and kissyyy. #KissingforCorona That’s what the first mission of the Fangyist cult is. When the numbers were unknown to me, I was against group immunity. But now I’d say let’s speed up the process. :p

Meanwhile there is Timcast IRL. When it’s about a topic that is directly related to Hunter’s life I usually don’t see him type in the chat, though. (Likely he knows way more about the situation.) This episode is about China, so unfortunately… 🙁

As far as China is concerned, I’d say the situation is just controversial. China is a severely overpopulated country (a lenient government is just not possible like that) which became great on the world stage with mass production by human labor (I blame the British :p (I’m kidding…)).

Mass production human labor is terrible, but Western countries pulling out of China is not solving the problem either. It is the unfortunate purpose of the Chinese people, currently.

What D.O.C.I.S. International would do is gradually transition countries to 100% self-sufficiency. No more of this “cheap” but actually far more expensive than strengthening the national economy globalist bullshxt. This is only possible with less people, though.

Trash talking about China is such a hype in the west, while simultaneously nearly all basic consumerism is run by China. I agree with that plenty of practices are immoral, but in this capitalist globalist system, if the country wishes to continue to move forward instead of collapse, unfortunately they gotta do what they gotta do.


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As for Africa, by the way: what China is doing in Africa is a side-effect of what China is doing for the West. (And I’m not expecting them to have a broad idea about people of color, just like white people.) It’s all unfortunate, but that’s what you get with globalist capitalism.

It almost seems like in the end all countries need severe physical warfare for life to get back to normal. And by normal I mean no more wage slavery, no more consumerism, no more genetically modified foods et cetera.

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Here is my latest stalker proviand:

So cuteee. <3_<3
Me being low-key stalker.

I still eat junk food when I’m in these cheeky moods where I feel like gambling with my life. Also spontaneous car rides and hangouts for food are the best. <3_<3 I can’t tell if he’s serious though.

Hunter said it. :p
The prophet hath spoken!

Talking shxt about China is not making the world a better place. If the country were to aspire growing prosperity with a closed economy, its population would have to be downsized severely and with that its government would have to take less radical measures to sustain order. (They do know how to keep their citizens in check.)

Unfortunately I apparently forgot to screenshot, but at some point I commented “Bring back rural China,” (that’s the kind of China I’d genuinely gladly want to see with my own eyes) and someone responded that he/she agreed with me, but that a great part of rural China has been flooded for dams. Same thing with Suriname. I’d say when the population is downsized enough, we could have some time to explore rural Atlantis. <3_<3 Or maybe we could downsize the population by exploring rural Atlantis.

By the way, it is not about the quantity of people. It’s about the reflexiveness of people.

Nighty x

Ahahaha this wildcatje <3_<3

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“*gasp*” 😮

There is yogurt in my system. (A while I had this habit with pancakes. Now I haven’t made pancakes in weeks. Also yogurt with granola, but lately (which is quite a long time) I prefer it just with honey. (Somehow I’m not sick of it yet.)) The oven is getting warmed up. I’ve been living like this for months now basically.

#KissingforCorona would be the perfect way to transition back to having a social life, this time with the perfect amount of revolutionary recklessness. (We’d still create a kissing bubble though.) Actual “normal life” (as in regular 9 – 5 kind of things and clubbing in the weekends (though that was my thing age 16 – 19)) is never coming back anyway, with the current establishment. So… what do you say? *looks smooth kissy with one foot on a higher surface but clumsily on purpose*

I mean if this ends with the world at war, then at least let it be a kissy one, right? I’m just throwing another one of my masked ideas out there. It has the perfect amount of unappealing weirdly random “vibe” for it to actually work the way I want to. Which is the way that ends with successfully completed missions. It is really the only way. You will have to sacrifice yourself…

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Hoping that all goes well next week, I must say that I’m surprised to have gotten through the 7 most mind-numbingly boring weeks of my life. The weeks before that were also boring as hell, but it becomes more insufferable when there is something to (potentially) look forward to.

Maybe it will be cancelled, maybe it will break because it can’t be put on its side in an elevator, maybe it’s just to get me excited about something and then I get “We have piano at home”, maybe it will explode at first use… I don’t know. Maybe it will all be fine. Maybe I’ll have some more enjoyment in my days.

For how long I don’t know. Maybe they want to turn me into a piano slave so I can pay back my illegal debt, and that’s what I’ll get for Christmas. Or after a month. Or not even after a day. If I’d spend the rest of my life here playing the piano, I’d be fine with that.

I’d be fine with whatever happens next, honestly. Things I thought I wouldn’t survive, such as the psychiatric ward and getting on an airplane without a plan, I’ve come out alive. Nothing phases me anymore. I do what I have to do to keep my stress levels as low as possible.

You know what would get my stress levels even lower? Kissing for Corona. :p

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I’m parallelling my wealthy baby’s weekend wisdom, by the way. #KissingforCorona We should create kissy bubbles. ( – 3 -) You know, local ones, provincial ones, national ones and so on.

Look at my floating baby :p

There should be special schools for children who identify as animals and that they could then get surgery to transition into the animal they wish to be. Ah, not “they wish to be” but “they actually are”, of course. The purpose of life is to find what blasphemous box suits you best.

Also we really need to stand up for the rights of those who identify as Fangsexual. This is, of course, an entirely independent sexual orientation, because we don’t fxck with humanity. One day this baby will come out of the closet as my Fangsexual baby ahahahaha yesss. On a cloud.

The second round is always the best. :p

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