Things That Don’t Suck

For the sake of my sanity, let me devote this post to the tiny bit of yays that are available to me and/or I can think of. As far as those things are not banned or demonized (yet), though. I mean the clothing industry clearly only favors the leftist crowd. (Before you know it it’s banned in the name of anti-racism. *sigh*) The clothing I have is selected based on “Not absolutely terrible.” I said that I don’t have tie-dyed clothes, by the way.

But I do have this (if I’ve not donated it yet¿). (R.I.P. my tan. Also the thickness of my braids gives alien effect haha…)

I’d say it’s more “cloud dye” than tie dye, but it’s definitely not the t-shirt dress I’d buy if I had more options. Like I prefer something fitted (getailleerd) and a more neutral/abstract print. But I do think that shirt dress is not excessive.

In memoriam ahahahaha.

What I think really wouldn’t suck, in reference to the brown/beige cat suit I mentioned yesterday, would be a soft fabric turtle neck cat suit in my skin tone, with a black leather jacket and smooth black leather block heels mid cut boots.

Another thing that doesn’t suck is eating in peace whenever you feel like it because of living alone. (The downside, though, is the preparation of it. Haha I’m not in the mood. 🙁 But hungryyy.) I’ll be cooking… x

00:36 (12:36 AM) CET

By “smooth black leather block heels mid cut boots”, I, by the way…

I mean something like the shoe on the left. But then leather and a bit higher.

Do you also see the tiny bit of yay among the hobo hippie (Cyberpunk) shxt?

00:41 (12:41 AM) CET

Honestly trends are the main reason why I don’t want children. You can cram a child full of broad-minded philosophy, but as soon as he/she starts going to school and starts to become part of the hive mind it’s all over. Like you don’t even recognize your own child anymore. Some make it out of the school system with a conscience left, but most of them don’t.

I never want to hear: “Mama may I have *insert thing all the kids have*?” Though after internally complaining about how severely people lack originality (because all trends are a reinvention of a previous trend), I would give him/her the thing, after a long and serious conversation about group behavior and that I’m only giving in to it because I don’t want him/her to be bullied. I’d get him/her the most unique version of the thing, so that he/she still won’t be that much of a sheep.

Unlike my parents, I would just give the thing and not hold a long ass “do you think the money grows on my back” monologue and raise my voice and ground him/her, because I’d want my child to be happy. That is if I, parallelling the situation to that of my parents, can afford it. If I couldn’t afford it I’d say let’s save up for it together.

I say I don’t want children but of course, I have my baby. And my baeby. Et alia. (*whispers* Don’t tell them that I said that I don’t have children.)

In case you’re wondering why I’m not giving Hunter a main nickname: that is because his name already sounds like a male stripper’s stage name. And I love it.


It took a bit longer because I washed some dishes again. (But from the random dough roller and dirty stove you can see that there are still dishes to wash.) I’ll be eating. x

02:32 (AM) CET

My pasta was very tasty. Usually I don’t make this dish with green pesto in it but because I have so much I’ve now, aside from using it for my supplí, used it for the beef mince on my pizza yesterday (along with some red wine and chilli flakes) and my pasta today.

Also because I unfortunately have this “deep down everyone dislikes me” literally socially distanced PTSD and I apologize to whomever I fanged in the comment section the other day, I usually abstain from commenting.

But I could not keep myself from saying this.

Also, I saw sexy Hunter say “Me 2024” in the Timcast IRL comment section, saying *insert name* 2024 is this *sigh* thing people do as if anyone would want to run in a presidential race that will never be as spectacular as the previous ones a.k.a. there will be no 2024 elections, so I, the comment section groupie that I am, was like “Hunter 2024 yay”. Then I saw this:

Ahahahaha he better be joking.

Ahahahahaha seriously, if he is not joking, I will have to revoke my job offer. Don’t make me do it man ahahahahah please.

I will be washing my hair. Alone. 🙁 (ahahahahahaha) x

05:09 (AM) CET

Snacked. (Using my earlier dinner plate…)

Given the fact that Hunter also said “amazeballs”, which is amazeballs (this cannot be serious ahahahahaha), with a heart eyes emoji (omg <3_<3), I think I’ve found my soulmate. I couldn’t even screenshot it because I was just too amazed. I’m in love.

Nighty x

06:43 (AM) CET

Heyy I’m awakeee. But am going to nap. :$ Without eating yogurt meow I’m out of yogurt and currently too tired/lazy to prepare my alternative.

11:53 (AM) CET

Ahahahahaha what’s next? Are they going to try to make me wear airpods? :p Don’t become a pangolin Jordans wearing seagull. #StayWoke

Though extremely repetitious and restrictive, I think these bed days are quite nice. Every day is like the hangover-ish (ish because I rarely used to have hangovers) day after going clubbing now. The nonchalant type of lazy.

It’s cuddle, but I find it increasingly unfortunate that I’m doing it alone. Like I really miss someone holding my chest when I lay in bed. I mean I’m doing it myself, but it’s one of those things I’d much rather outsource. Cooking I’d also rather outsource. And website maintenance. But mostly chest holding.

I like how the Timcast IRL live chat is now where I can “meet” my potential future bed co-inhabitant. To deschizophreniize that statement: I’m aware that trying to manifest these things by writing them down on this random website is not at all a guarantee that it will ever happen. It doesn’t even make it a guaranteed possibility. But it does make it a way for it to be possible.

It’s not really meeting because I’m too afraid to use “@” and aside from “cuddle meeeeee” I don’t know what light-hearted non-confidential things I could say. Also I’d rather behave like a random groupie than potentially be ignored.

& I like the Timcast IRL conversations. In the sense that I really like how Tim hosts the conversation. The way he allows everyone to speak, asks follow-up questions and keeps things controversial but amicable. He should really have his own TV channel.

I couldn’t nap, by the way, but do hope I can nap now because my eyes are falling shut. x

14:17 (02:17 PM) CET

Rounddd threee

I’m eating to survive the Winter. And training for my Winter sleep. The food looks burnt but it isn’t. And the white crumble is feta cheese. #JustSayin’

Nap. 🙁 x

17:31 (05:31 PM) CET

Scientific studies have shown that this is a fact of life.

18:44 (06:44 PM) CET

Het Catje has spokennn.

Ahahahaha bingo. x_x

18:53 (06:53 PM) CET

Rounddd four ft. babyyy

Am I the only one waiting for the moment when he’s going to advertise a phone subscription with like 5 minutes/texts and 2 GB data per month? :p Hahahaha “Screw those nonsensical conversations. What you need is (…).” Ahahahaha.

19:57 (07:57 PM) CET

“Environmental racism”. Ahahahahaha THOSE DAMN RACIST TREES!!! Ahahaha this is ridiculous. How great a percentage of black people (in the United States) have a slave mentality is something we could consider undefined, but to push a marxist agenda “in the name of black people” is simply unjust.

As if there wasn’t enough racial polarization already. Sure, I wouldn’t vote Democrat so I ain’t black, but still, leave my race out of this. For no fruitful reason black people are used as tokens that justify converting American capitalism into communism. The way it will disrupt economic balance will very likely cause irreparable damage (especially when you see the incompetent fools who will be in charge of this), while I eat my vulture popcorn.

What does concern me, though, is how this “marxist tokenization” will throw off the dumbest on the right even more, who believe that the only way to fruitful politics is with an all-Caucasian ethnostate. As if those (whites) pushing for marxism wouldn’t want the power that comes with that anymore if they couldn’t use black people as “the reason” to pursue their “utopia”. *sigh*

Black traditionalists are culturally trapped among (a majority of) black people who are brainwashed by the left. It’s always an excessively gay person, a transgender, the type of woman who claps their ass cheeks for attention and sleep with anyone for money, a gang banger or a marxist when you see a black person in the media. They NE-VER show traditionalists.

The worst are the slave mentality black people (in my opinion this is a majority) who are convinced by the white people showing them ridiculousness and telling them that that is their culture. It is anything but their culture. It is a culture, though. A despiteful one. Slave mentality minions oppress traditionalists the way Twitter oppresses conservatives. (It has been of influence in my silent banishment.)

But ey given that the left is doing marxist corona sectarianism and on the right there is Trump is Jesus sectarianism, and then there are the mainstream geitenwollen sokken conservatives catching dust as always, we should outdo the sects. We Fangyists should become the loudest and most cohesive sect on the planet. (I’m bored. :p)

The current sects are wack anyway. All that they stand for is easily debunked and their propaganda severely lacks pizzazz. We should definitely start treating me like the one true Goddess and then I will wave my scepter and say some wild things in a gracious manner. At least that is fun. 😀

What is also fun is making brownies. Which I’ll be doing in a few.

21:57 (09:57 PM) CET

As for worshipping the Regentesse Fangyism, I can’t get started without my Jesuses, of course. Where is my Adonis? :p

22:19 (10:19 PM) CET

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