My Deal 2

My pizza was very tasty. 🙂 I ate half of it. The rest is in the fridge. It will likely become my lunch.

So now, given that the electoral college votes have been counted and confirmed, I’m conveying accurate information when I say that Joseph Biden is extremely likely to be considered the next president of the United States. (Though it’s only officially official after he is inaugurated. The people who want to see this play out differently have not given up their battle yet. And Kamala Harris hasn’t slipped anything in his tea yet haha… (He already mentioned that he could say that he is sick and has to step down…?))

So the individual I want to appoint as my Praesens is not just the fast life son of the former vice president of the United States (I only knew that from the democratic primary). He is the son of the extremely likely next president of the United States.

This would have been easier if Trump had won, given that he would have then been more of a private citizen and my business could then more easily stay underground. I’m not changing my mind, though. But eh congratulations or something…?

I’m going to win Shakespeare’s loyalty. x

00:50 (12:50 AM) CET

Omg it’s himmm
Hellblazing meh
Salvation mehhh

I’m terrible with the wings…

Vlad is nexttt.

01:17 (AM) CET

I suddenly had to save all my allies.
But I did the thing yay.
And I maxed out two of my weapons ayyy.

Now I’ll be doing the same as I did when I started my post last night. Though I’m hoping I won’t become hungry again…

03:27 (AM) CET

During my mini workout and gletsjer melting session, I was thinking… The picture I’m painting shows too much indifference. Though I’m moving blindfolded here so I’m not fully certain about any of my judgments, the limitations that are put on Hunter’s life because of his father’s job are unhealthy. The motivation behind the federal investigation I already find controversial, given that the reason behind it comes from Joe Biden directly offering business opportunities. If he did not do that, then this situation would not have been there.

It feels like there is a storm coming, given that Hunter has stated that he would not be a distraction from his father (for the public), and now there is this odd investigation that has even been mentioned in leftist media. And he (apparently¿) has stated to not do business with people from abroad anymore? (Is that only when his father facilitates it?)

But you know I can’t say any of these things with 100% full certainty. Maybe his reaction to my request for him being my Praesens is “Ewwww nooooo”. 🙁 I think he would be more likely to accept, though, given his own political views (we have the same political views (that is including the fact that the system is being misused more and more extremely and that that causes an increasing need for some serious political intervention hence the Stratagem)) and that we could both help each other out of the shadow of someone else maybe.

Haha I was thinking, though of course not being stabbed in the chest (literally/figuratively) is never fully off the table as long as the blindfold is on, especially now after my experiences of the last couple of years, I gagged at the thought of immersing myself into a plastic(ier) environment. It would be some next level shxt, given the fact that I’m notorious, controversial and alien. But I was made for being smiling arm candy thooo. And subtle displays of affection. <3_<3 I’m also quite bothered by the fact that I have no one to soap in aside from myself. 🙁 And I miss kissing in the shower sooo muchhh.

Given our paths, I think as for the personal side quests that come with being my Praesens, Hunter is a better match than Victor. Also have you seen how cuddly he is? And that his father does not show any affection back? I will show you affection my liefjeee. <3

So I shut down my computer, looked at memes, took my vitamin D, did my mini workout (that is lifting stretched legs for abs followed by butt lifting while laying on the ground with feet on the ground alternately 3 sets of 10 – 15 reps, followed by push ups and lifting one leg on hands and knees the other afterwards 3 sets of 10 reps, then 3 sets of 10 reps squatting with 30kgs and then 5 mins cardio app), showered, ate toast and wrote this.

Star Wars 2077
Next thing the government tries to disown them. 🙁 All countries are on the same track. Some are just in different stages than others.
Haha Sinterklaas baddd

Now I sleeppp (after having brushed my teeth 😀 ). Good night liiefjeee. <3

06:21 (AM) CET

I’d like to quickly add that this can be done plastic free (as in plastic behavior free) if he comes to Belgium. 😀

07:04 (AM) CET

Heys <3

I left my bed more easily because the sun is shining, so I rushed to open the living room curtains. Yoghurt is already in stomach now.

Before I do anything else today, I’d like to rest my head once more though. But before that, I’d like to mention that my earlier choice of words makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know what it is that is making me mention the dark side of Hunter’s past along with every time I mention him. But (okay it is factually true¿ also he is razor sharp regardless of what he has been addicted to¿) regardless of what it has been specifically (I still haven’t heard that but given that it is solely used for sensationalism my unknowingness is bearable here (I guess…)), the present is far more important than the past. At some point one moves on, which he has done, and though it is not illegal to mention it (but extremelyyy annoying speaking from experience), in the media it sketches an incorrect idea of who he is as a person.

A clarification of the wildcatty statement I made when I first mentioned that I find him very sexually attractive, is basically that let’s say we met a couple of years ago when all I wanted to do is forget about life, he would be my ultimate no-strings-attached match. One of the things I can unfortunately never know beforehand is if any feelings are mutual.

Anyway, I’m doing my post yogurt laying. We’re getting so much closer to the potential delivery moment of my piano by the way. <3_<3 In a couple of daysss…

12:38 (PM) CET

I also, by the way, still hope to give Victor hugs and cheek kusjes.

12:52 (PM) CET

Ohh and on Hunter “being a distraction” now, it’s not like it was his choice to be federally investigated. I hope they will not prosecute him. 🙁 Does the argument that is parallel to my life hold?


Before I wrote this, I closed my windows because it’s starting to get dark, warmed up the oven, took shrimps out of the freezer and put a slice of pizza in the warmed oven. I’ll be eating pizza. x

Ahahaha I, by the way, dreamt that I forgot to do shopping for Christmas and that I wasn’t allowed to with my Dutch passport in Belgium and that the location of… Was it Dave? GTA’s computer guy with walking stick… Was in a high flat.

16:35 (04:35 PM) CET

By the way, someone explain to me why we would still need herd immunity vaccinations when all vulnerable people have been vaccinated (and with that overpopulation sealed)?

Anyway, where was I…

Monochromatic outfits – I love those. I think they look better when it is a coordinated match of different shades of one color.

Collar under shirt – For me personally it doesn’t work, but I think it looks hot on other people. I remember having a weak spot for that when a friend of mine and I used to be DILF spotting at special events in high school.

Biker shorts – For biker shorts it’s the same philosophy as for yoga pants for me: to wear the piece of clothing for which it was once designed for. Or, given the material, perhaps as loungewear if not used as activewear. But not as something casual…

Corsets – I like corsets. Though much rather underneath clothing than as a top. Most of the time corsets in this century come with this plebeian cosplay-like impression. But who knows maybe in the development of new formal styles corsets can become a thing again. I’d, by the way, rather wear a corset and work on my body than have surgery.

Tie-dye – Tie-dye I used to like when neon was in. (I went HAM on neon styles, with fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink earrings and all that. When I was about 12 this was, I think.) But now I’d never buy a tie-dyed item.

Cheetah print – Though cheetah and leopard print are used for formal occasions as well, I always think it looks ratchet, even when it’s just a subtle accent on a monocolor item. I used to have a grey leopard print Guess watch back in the day, though. But now I do like prints but I don’t like animal prints because I just don’t find it elegant or sexy.

’80s print sweaters – I do like these. When the colors it has are in the same subtle style range, though, so for example all pastel colors or white, purple and burgundy. It looks good on others but not one with the primary colors for me. As for prints on clothing in general, I like prints when they are abstract or antique Middle Eastern (which is basically also abstract), with colors that are not too different from each other. (And sometimes a flower print can be cute.)

Mesh tops – Though I have none, when styled well it can be of sexy elegance, which I like. But I only like this in black monocolor. The Gaultier (pronounced “goatieyay”) style is not for me because the prints are too wild for me personally.

Jordans – I find it impressive that Jordans are still a thing. Like doesn’t at some point everything look the same? Regardless, I used to love Jordans, both the casual kind and the activewear kind. (Like some styles are more fashionable than functional.) Honestly I do think that this brand is then one of the few brands left that still makes actual sneakers. Most shoe brands these days only make running shoes that look like clothing irons and call them sneakers. I really miss the “Adidas Attitude” (Jeremy Scott) line type of shoes (for chill wear).

Big colorful rings – Though I am, of course, certified barones regent pimp, big colorful rings you will never see me wear. Unless I’m about to look into a glass ball to predict the future, it does not suit me under any circumstance. I’m allergic to silver specifically (or just unpure materials) and things such as formaldehyde also, so I rarely wear rings or bracelets, but a small elegant ring I would like if it doesn’t make my hand tingle (from the material, not from the fit).

Chunky Filas – Chunky Filas I know are very comfortable because this one time when my feet were hurting after North Sea Jazz festival in Curaçao my sister let me borrow her shoes which was one of the sweetest things someone has ever done for me.

Classic Filas make great tennis shoes, and I like big sneakers/shoes, but personally I like big shoes when the bigness is translated to a reverse triangle design instead of a triangle design. Thus with Filas, Buffalo shoes, Doc Martens and such the grotesqueness is in the bottom of the shoes, while my preference goes out to grotesqueness up top. They look great on my sister though. (I don’t know how to say “schoenlip” in English. Where 10 years ago big shoe lips and relatively subtle soles were in, now shoes have tiny lips and giant soles, which don’t suit me. It’s too Cyberpunk for me.)

Shoes that are my style being out of style makes it extremelyyy hard for me to find shoes I feel comfortable in. Like why is everyone making clothing iron shoes what the communism is this? I would love to design sneakers that soothe my Regentesque heart.

Corduroy pants – Just like with collar under shirt I think corduroy pants can look extremely good on other people but on me personally it just does not work. It’s too geitenwollen sokken ofzo. Maybe, though, I could design a style of those pants adjusted to myself to make this work.

Pizza part 2 breakkk x

19:32 (07:32 PM) CET

Haha ye while writing the previous part I warmed up another slice of pizza. It is in my stomach now.

Tennis skirts – When I used to play tennis (until I was about 10 I think), I had a tight double-layered white tennis skirt with a split, which I wore once but felt very uncomfortable in. After that I only wore long bootcut tennis pants when playing tennis (orange, light blue and black I remember having). I felt too exposed wearing short pieces of clothing. Back in the day I wouldn’t even wear spaghetti straps.

But now a knife pleated tennis skirt I would like (though I’d feel inclined to wear knee pads with it because what if I fall but then it doesn’t look as yayed¿). For playing tennis in ye. I think that would look wild on me. I’d like to start wearing shorter skirts in general, next Summer for example, but the non-elastic-tight kind (I used to often wear this tight black tube skirt with tights and leg warmers and a fur collar *cringe*), because otherwise I’d feel too 30-layers-of-make-up-drunk-British-girls-going-clubbing-ish.

Bell bottom pants – Under exceptional circumstances I might feel comfortable wearing bootcut suit trousers. Bell bottom pants are a step too far for me. (I understand reviving styles but this should really just stay in the ’70s or whenever it was honestly.

Now I only feel comfortable wearing slim fit or skinny jeans, but back when skinny jeans were starting to become a thing I used to be like “what the hell is this” because it exposes the body so much. Until I was the only person left wearing bootcut jeans, then I felt like a bag of potatoes. Now I find it hard to go back, but if I’d go back then “the maximum” I’d wear is bootcut.

Flannel – Flannel is comfortable and I used to love it when I used to love scene. I’d say it’s still a comfortable material for casual button-ups, but its classic checkered pattern is now too informal for me. I’d say my preference goes out to a more Burberry type of abstract, then.

Button-ups with patterns on them in general I like when it is symmetrical abstract or “Medieval curly pattern”, when the colors are subtle, when worn casually. Formal I could accept striped (top to bottom) if not monocolor. (When suit jacket and tie do not have a pattern on them (and are matte).)

Brown clothes – I used to wear these brown legging-ish type of pants, to which someone reacted with: “Wow I thought you were naked.” I haven’t worn or purchased brown clothes ever since. I think brown clothes are very casually elegant though. And also in terms of looking naked I think a brown cat suit with corset underneath would look wild on me though.

Meanwhile Petje has a Minecraft play date with some rude guy:

Leg warmers – I used to own black, grey and white leg warmers and wear them during winter in middle school. Now in snuggle mode I’d wear them, but outdoors or casually in any other way absolutely not.

Tracksuits – Tracksuits are the ultimate loungewear. I’d love to have my own, but I never find sweatpants that fit me perfectly.

Puffer jackets – North Face puffer jackets and Canada Goose parkas used to be the shxt for the New Balance wearing crowd. Puffer jackets are also very popular in my area. (All I see is either puffer jackets or formal jackets. I think es yayed, though more variation would be nice.) They’re good for casual occasions. A short, tight fitting puffer jacket I could wear casually. But other than that puffer jackets don’t suit my figure.

Fuzzy bags – Unless it’s a clutch with some subtle fuzz, I don’t think I’ll ever feel something for a fuzzy bag. (It seems more for “everything in my room is pink” kind of people.) They seem handy for airplane hand luggage pillows though.

Fingerless gloves – Back when I used to love scene, neon and flannels, I also used to love fingerless gloves. (When I used to have a Nokia 5235 (in black/brown with red accent)*, wearing normal gloves and using a phone used to not be a problem.) Now, though, they don’t suit my formal aspirations.

Zebra pants – No. Just no.

Cowboy boots – Cowboy boots are never subtle. And though I like grotesque sneakers, the patterns on cowboy boots I often just don’t like. I mostly personally don’t like cowboy boots because I prefer boots that fit tight around the ankle and have the soles in the same color as the base color of the shoe. (But if you’d asked me this 15 years ago I would have probably liked it.)

Long skirts – I love long skirts. They are far more comfortable than pants. I don’t have enough long skirts and long dresses honestly. But most of them available in the stores in my current personal price range lack elegance I find.

High boots – I absolutely love high boots when they’re styled as an accent that makes formal sexy. (Ahahaha Emma you don’t like my high boots. </3 )

Oversized glasses – I was starting to feel like I was the only person stuck in 2009 with the previous pair of glasses I had. My new glasses still have some uniqueness to them and are not invisible so I like these ones too though. (Given my aspirations I like them even more.) But oversized glasses in general I do love, perhaps formal styles of glasses should become more oversized. I’d definitely wear that.

Kitten heels – Kitten heels give a beautiful accent of subtle elegance. But personally I feel like if I wear heels that they should be more grotesque. (Even though I’m already quite tall. (I hope Hunter is tall, by the way. He seems tall. 🙂 )) For comfort I love block heels.

Mullets – Yearsss ago when mullets were suddenly starting to become a thing again also, I was seriously considering getting one. Until my parents showed me some movie from the ’80s or something from a woman fighting with a dragon in the woods with an extremely long mullet, saying that if I get a mullet I’d look like her. It looked quite silly. Now I think getting a mullet is quite a tokkie thing to do. Usually I say do whatever you like but here I do want to say: “Please do not get sucked into this trend.”

Fashion these days is really nothing new. Or at least new styles show zero sophistication. It is either some new hobo hippie shxt or the reinvention of an old style. Especially as long as fashion styles and mainstream fabrics suck I will prefer walking around naked over anything. Developing new, sophisticated styles of fashion (sure with some classical elements of course) is still on my bucket list.

Something I do miss from new styles that are now out of style, such as “big lipped” reverse triangle style sneakers, are leggings that are designed like jeans. I don’t mean jeggings. I mean pants that are made of an extremely thick and soft material, with pockets and a zipper. To this day I miss the medium dark grey legging pants with leather pockets I used to wear. Like all my other pants, at some point they just die when my thighs that slide against each other when I walk abrade a hole in them.

As for necks, by the way: in general I like crewnecks for both men and women. V-necks I don’t like on men most of the time. (When very high and small I could consider it an exception.) V-necks I only like on women when they’re on cleavage level. Rather V-necks than U-necks for cleavage. If no cleavage then crewneck.

Okayy late pasta cooking timeee. x

22:07 (10:07 PM) CET

Still in bed ehehe… My deal is that everything sucks and without the right amount of money there is nothing I can do against it. Today’s fashion sucks, today’s music sucks, hell all of today’s entertainment sucks, today’s politics suck (it’s like the worst ever), today’s cars suck, houses suck, the unsteady and soon destructive climate sucks, today’s food sucks, today’s science SUCKS, (…). I’ve been trying to stay positive but that cup is empty now. *sigh*

This is rather positive, though, I guess.

I’m not a big fan of these “big government” non-secular types of interference (just like with corona), but against increasing radicalization, strict measures like these are necessary, I guess. It does not quell the idea, though.

23:03 (11:03 PM) CET

Photo by Giallo from Pexels

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