Haha I am adjusting myself to the idea that the highest position of Praesens is now appointed to someone else. After how long…? Before that I knew no one for the position at all. But I have seen that Hunter is made for this. He is actually the only person I’ve ever seen who has the same vision-based aspirations as I. So about his position I am 100% certain.

The other one I don’t know if I should appoint to anything at all. Given that this is all just text and nothing officially official (yet), there are things that I can tolerate. But this would be very unacceptable were we in official formation. So eh… This is quite the 180, but you know what happens when there is no place for someone in D.O.C.I.S. International, right? Of course I don’t make a decision like this on this level without one having been able to defend oneself.

Also, okay look, since we as an organization (will) al-ways move(s) in formation, including its colloquialness, the role of Council Praesens is a very all encompassing one. Namely it includes spooning me to sleep. I might have been blinded by lust in the making of this decision. 🙁 In my defense, I made this decision a very long time ago, when I was in a different place and names that are prominent here now were not known to me yet.

Having made the former decision could have been a serious blunder that could have led to an authority related clash of attitudes. I mean aside from doing what you’re put there for (which includes being responsible for the assemblage, if you’re main Praesens) it is important to have faith in the mission and respect my role as Regentesse. So it’s unfortunate that so much time has passed, but things are falling into place now better than ever, so still no regrets.

A tainted past means nothing to me. Circumstances could have led to someone living a pattern that would not have been there if circumstances were different. As long as one is true to oneself in the end, that does not matter to me. I’ve lived through that myself. Now lack of kusjes is the only thing that has to be solved… :p

Three more things before I yogurt:

Firstly, in the roles I appoint I aim for a sufficient workload. I could be underestimating, for which I would gladly apologize, and have to merge roles. Define what suits your capacity?

Secondly, as for the Netherlands, Thierry is the only person I’m 100% certain of.

Thirdly, I was playing Saints Row last night because in Vice City I was running out of missions and then, because I was a couple of thousands short to buy the Malibu Club, I bought the Paper Works, the dock and a strip club, only afterwards realizing that I’d never earn enough to buy the club again, unless I’d spend a lot of time cashing in but then I have nothing to do in the game.

Finally owning a printing press haha yay.

So I was playing Gat Out Of Hell:

And Shakespeare was a DJ from Hell who was planning revenge on Satan ahahahahaha.

I see we’re in the clash between those who believe we’re living in the last days (the majority (doing that “oh well since we’re the last people on Earth type of shxt)) and those who don’t believe that:

I see my mother is getting what she wants.

13:50 (01:50 PM) CET

By the way, I made pineapple iced tea last night.

Because my freezer had trouble closing (because I froze some beef) I had to get rid of the pineapple peels in it. Now I have iced tea while still having fruit juice left. I’ve never felt so wealthy in my entire life. All these tastyays.

Awww yeaaah.

Also, by the way, though I had much to say, my heart did not allow me to respond to my baby’s weekend wisdom because it was too confrontational for me hahaha. What I don’t look forward to is Christmas break. </3 No more dinner yays. </3 Isn’t it odd that there will be a Christmas break while we’re in the midst of a severe economic crisis? The *sigh* will be having Christmas dinner while others are like… “You have money to celebrate Christmas???”

I’ll be washing dishes. x

14:24 (02:24 PM) CET

I could also make Catthierry Iustis Europiyayentis and Tishe Praesens Europiyayentis? Aarghhh I need some pitches if I ever want to stop contemplating this. 🙁 Also for life safety I can’t give direct instructions in this state so one has to read (but Tishe is alien to that¿ like pure philosophy¿) so no hard feelings I guess.

I need massageee.

15:22 (03:22 PM) CET

Unless I appoint Selin Iustis Europiyayentis, by the way…

15:29 (03:29 PM) CET

She can also instead have a more assistant-like role. Tell me someee.

15:45 (03:45 PM) CET

Yes I’m starting to become certain that Victor would make a very good Praesens Europiyayentis, given that he has a clearer idea of what has to happen in Europe specifically, like Thierry. He has that next level eagle-eye business decision making vision. That he better knows how to run an operation, while Thierry better knows how to define policy. And that they both have a vital philosophy to push forward, but that I think that the framework is better defined by Hunter and Ben, thus that Victor and Thierry still have a legal body to answer to, namely the Council.

16:04 (04:04 PM) CET

In case you’re wondering why I’m not appointing a Viktor Orbán to the Europiyayentices: that is because he’s already the ultimate king locally.

16:07 (04:07 PM) CET

In reference to the framework I mentioned just now: I sketch the idea of the framework, the Council defines it and the Senate, now the Europiyayentices specifically, personalize it to continental needs. Then it becomes further personalized to local needs and so on. As for artificial experience: I’d say that’s a rather pure, unpolluted one in this case.

16:13 (04:13 PM) CET

One of the most unpolluted… 😀 But more people experience is required for the Council, given that a strong “people compass” is required.

16:16 (04:16 PM) CET

Also, though I think electronic cars are pretty gay, I’m still convinced Elon makes the best Technicus. I’m also still certain about Kendrick and am thinking that maybe the positions that consist of two positions should be fused. Also Oso and Ecologicus Department should fuse. For this role I have no appointee.

16:33 (04:33 PM) CET

I don’t know if I’ve ever made this clear, but if I were to ever move to a different home, we have to say goodbye to this apartment with some yays because this place is my fxcking sanctuaryyy. <3 Also I seriously need clothes… And new wig…

16:38 (04:38 PM) CET

The arrangement of this, mission #1, is thus Praesens task.

There is also King Belgium who has to be relocated.

16:43 (04:43 PM) CET

As for Rutte, by the way, I think philosophically he would do very well in the Ab-actis department (because textual administration I still think is best “outsourced” man I don’t see myself writing reports all the time), okay he’s just a mouthpiece with no actual authority which always makes it seem like he’s held at gunpoint and then in between he shares personal philosophy like that guy who blinked “torture”, but this corona fascism is very hard to justify.

Also bring lamp¿ Please liefje¿ 😀

17:17 (05:17 PM) CET

Things like this leave me speechless. Like yeah I want to leave too… (opens in new tab)

17:23 (05:23 PM) CET

I don’t watch Felix’s Cyberpunk streams anymore. 🙁 I get too annoyed from the next level approach to sex agenda they are pushing. It is exactly why I masked my first online blog as a porn site, to make this discutable, but opposing sodomy is homophobia in the eyes of many. And this while I am very much in favor of sex without marriage.

17:54 (05:54 PM) CET


I’m too early for my baby. 🙁

18:43 (06:43 PM) CET

5 weken full lockdown damnnn

19:03 (07:03 PM) CET

Maybe my memory of Tishe’s height is an exaggeration? I hope it is not a liability? In my aspiration for customization for those who have the physical capacity to be self-sufficient, he is quite the ultimate token. I still find it a shame that he is unknown personally. (But then again things like this are not interesting to the general public, so it’s not a surprise unfortunately.) To Europiyayentis or not to Europiyayentis? I’m indecisive until he has defended himself in front of my eyes.

I am dangerously certain about Hunter for Praesens. Logistically, though, he is dragging an even larger ankle bracelet weight of burden controversy with him (in terms of safety maybe a blessing in disguise). That is if we’d become an official alliance. It is quite impossible to parallel such a thing, given my views. Haha with these condemnations on the left they are creating these fixed “if (…) then (…)” rules, now for academic titles, and I too think that that is a joke, in reference to my baby earlier today.

But who cares about US politics anyway at this point? It is clearly all formality, because now that the elections are over no serious policy decisions are being made. It is not that hard to either federally end all corona measures or make sure that everyone who needs it gets financial aid (given that bankruptcy would be directly caused by the government). (And introducing a mask mandate after a year without a mask mandate and much more knowledge on how to treat the thing is ridiculous.) I almost gagged just picturing myself in that circle for a second. Something that will never happen regardless who makes that decision, I’m glad.

21:43 (09:43 PM) CET

Sign ittt ayyeee. (opens in new tab)

22:55 (10:55 PM) CET

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

Very pretty. 🙂

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