Switching Praesenses

I have important announcement to makeee. In the shower just now I realized: it is better if I switch Praesenses. So Tishe will become Financial Reserve Praesens and Hunter will become Council Praesens.

Insurance is in certain philosophies extremely close to the relationship of the value of money and the availability of resources. Also, I strongly depend on the insight of an expert to get insight in the Financial Reserve myself, so it is better run by the expert who is thoroughly educated and experienced in that. Like Tishe can make perfect business decisions in 0.1 second, so this is a perfect task for him. Tishe is now my money guy.

Hunter is also experienced in leadership, also has the eagle eye when it comes to the way organizations and politics and the functioning of society are linked together and would likely more easily translate the needs of the Fangyist people into new policy. Especially because of his political experience. He is now officially Lord International.

Also, I think that for the Iustis department, there should be a Iustis for every department of the Council. So a Praesens Iustis, an Economicus Iustis and so on. My baby being our Praesens Iustis. This especially because in the founding of the organization there is a lot more to do in comparison to when the legal body of the organization has been shaped, after which the Iustis becomes more a legal advisor than a policymaker.

We really should vergaderen. Stupid corona fascism. 🙁

It is now officially over?

Someone seriously has to tell me that foreskin banana is not real. That it is not grown or manufactured.

02:37 (AM) CET

Somehow I just managed to watch all of this:

I don’t understand what people like about these “non-controversial” popular internet people. Alex Jones is annoying and barbaric as hell my god (maybe that’s why). And I don’t believe that his anecdotes are actually real.

The United States are falling apart and this man keeps seriously saying: “I’m a gorilla. Kill yourself,” and people in the chat were saying that he’s a god and shxt. I really hope the aliens get pissed off and make humanity go extinct. Because they will not unify. Better said: I wish them best of luck.

Also eh… I can’t control myself when I see Hunter come across in the chat. It is the actual 1/2 of what is my future husband. <3_<3

This cannot be not Hunter.

I will now try to go to sleep. Byeee liefjeee x

05:15 (AM) CET

I can’t control myself as in I can’t keep myself from telling him that he is sexy and sweet. Literally I cannot fight the urge every time. With Tishe I nearly lost that self-control in real life. Mijn liefjeeees. <3

Haha you know what time it isss. If this post weren’t based on my latest amazing shower idea, this post would have been called “pasta leftovers”. But firsttt it’s time for yogurt. Every day I wake up between 7 and 9 AM regardless of what time I went to sleep. This time I chose to go back to sleep again after waking up. R.I.P. steady-ish sleep schedule. Today will be a bed dayyy.

By the way new political consensus should just be decided on sodomy is fxcking disgusting versus sodomy is not fxcking disgusting. I bet we are a minority.

15:25 (03:25 PM) CET

Petjeee <3

15:27 (03:27 PM) CET

Ah smashing a mirror is something positive. I didn’t know that. Guess I’ve learned something new. (I’m being sarcastic.)

*sigh* If I didn’t love my Petje I definitely would not be watching this bullshxt game.

15:33 (03:33 PM) CET

Ahahahhahaha Chuckie haircut.

16:03 (04:03 PM) CET

No it does not bother me at all that you cut her dialogue. For me it’s less about talking and more about playing.

17:03 (05:03 PM) CET

Ahahahahaha that bike ride.

17:16 (05:16 PM) CET

Round oneee yayyy.
Noo not the beans. </3

17:21 (05:21 PM) CET

Omg so much disrespect on the Almighty Keanu Reeves.

17:40 (05:40 PM) CET

*sigh* Why the fxck are there buttplugs in this game? Was it announced beforehand that this game was going to be literally full of shxt? Or are there minors playing this?

Sometimes I wonder if Kabouter Buttplug is still coloring the streets of Rotterdam.

18:21 (06:21 PM) CET

I can’t watch this anymore. This is seriously making me cry. I hope all of humanity will be wiped off the face of the Earth.

18:25 (06:25 PM) CET

Why can’t I just shut off my brain? 🙁 I’ve never felt so frustrated, powerless and alone. Ik wil een kusje. 🙁

19:21 (07:21 PM) CET

Rounddd twooo

A fun fact about being my baby is that it includes mandatory hand holding when we walkkk.

21:00 (09:00 PM) CET

Gettt vaccinateddd

23:11 (11:11 PM) CET

I deed ittt
Round threeeeee ayyyy

My baby is hereee yay

23:40 (11:40 PM) CET

Haha you should react to me reacting to you nexttt.

Baby is gone now I’m boreddd. I think I’m going to play some GTA. Of course in GTA there are also things that I find immoral. In Vice City more than in GTA V. Especially because Tommy is such a next level puppet helping whoever while living in a mansion ahahaha. In contrast to my favourite character Franklin, whose moral compass I like. Dressing him up in a suit makes me emotional. Unlike in GTA, in Cyberpunk the controversiality is an element of shock.

23:59 (11:59 PM) CET

HunTishe <3_<3

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